Seriously, Days. What did I just watch yesterday? It was like the writers picked up some rantings from a Haiden fan board and dropped it straight into the actors laps without editing. “Wait, remember when Aiden was off camera for a minute when he went downstairs? … what if at that moment Andre came in and replaced him with an exact doppelganger … and it was the doppelganger attacked Hope! … while Aiden was kept alive because, well, because! … and then he escapes, and …


But even a fan board rant wouldn’t have come up with that lousy dead bird. Jesus. If they want to get their ideas from fan boards, I know of a lot of much better places they could look.

The way they packed it all into one episode seems to me the height of laziness. When they brought Bo back in a similar way six months ago, they took some time to set it up. This was like an episode of Retcon of Our Lives.

Hey, maybe Chase will have been replaced by an exact doppelganger too, and it was the doppelganger who raped Ciara!! And Hope was replaced by a doppelganger when she shot Stefano! And Joey when he killed Ava! Let’s just undo everything!

This is what I want to know. Why bring back Aiden in the first place? Was he really that popular? I know he and Haiden have their fans, but my impression was they were never really a frontburner couple. If we are going to the trouble of bringing someone back from the dead with a lousy retcon, why not Jack? If we are going to bring back the other half of a popular couple, why not Eric?

I am honestly completely baffled.


19 thoughts on “W.T.F.

  1. I can’t watch. I started to read Twitter yesterday and the level of vitriol for this episode was unprecedented. Your post today just seals the deal. At least it made me laugh–“let’s just undo everything!”

    So much to dislike about the show right now. The huge gaps in time between appearances by characters. The continued focus on Hope in numerous frontburner storylines. The darkness (literally and figuratively). So many characters I just don’t care about.

    I guess we now know why Josh was fired. I get that he wanted to give the show more of a primetime feel and I can appreciate some of the improved production values. However, this is not primetime. This is a daytime serial with decades of history and rich characters. You can’t just reset the show every few weeks or months.

    • I agree — that Griffith dude has made “Days” his own personal writing playground, and TPTB have let him. It’s so aggravating. I will likely live to regret this, but I am looking forward to the Higley/Quan team taking over. ARRGH!.

    • My annoyance with Hope is reaching Sami level now and Sami was the reason I stopped watching regularly in the late 90s. I seriously need a break from Hope and bringing Aiden back is just one more reason to keep her front and center and I am not sure how much longer I am going to be able to take it.

  2. I don’t watch garbage, so I’ll stay fare fare away from this crap. Where is my one hour SnK episode though? #stillwaiting

  3. I give them credit for trying something new with the structure of the show. It was this structure shift that made me somewhat engaged even though the content was pure garbage. None of what they showed us makes any sense whatsoever.

    First of all the retcon makes no difference. Aiden was still planning to kill Hope. He made the preparations and bought the disguise plus he changed her insurance policy. That fact that he backed out makes no difference at all.

    Secondly I am supposed to believe Aiden was held by Dimera goons for months while the Dimera’s were penniless, Stefano died and Andre went to prison? Who was calling the shots and paying the guy to release the gas and bring in the food? I can overlook a little rewriting of history now and then but this makes no sense.

    Maybe this isn’t Aiden…maybe this is the doppelganger and it is being orchestrated by Deimos after Hope threatened him because I swear that is the only way I can tolerate this garbage.

    I had convinced myself the show would improve when we finally got to the Griffth/Milstein version of the show but this is just ridiculous. Bring on that virus…maybe it will kill off half of the town before this writing kills off what is left of a dying fanbase.

    • This! He was still planning to kill her. If they were going to retcon, it seems like they could have gone back further than just the night of the wedding and totally redeemed Aiden. Not that I liked him before, really, but at least that would have salvaged the character.

      I agree with you–structural changes can bring new life to the show. I enjoyed the Abby/Ben/Chad/JJ thriller episode quite a bit. I’m partial to those characters, but the story they told made a lot of sense, contextually. It sounds like this made no sense.

      • Exactly! If you want me to buy a retcon then go back and have the doppelganger take over as soon as Andre came to town instead of letting Aiden actually plan and prepare to kill Hope only to back out and be replaced moments before he attacked her. I also think retcons are easier to swallow when enough time has passed that the audience doesn’t remember every detail that lead up to the part you are changing.

  4. OK, don’t throw tomatoes, but I loved the episode! My feeling about soaps is that implausible retcons just come with the territory. I love Daniel Cosgrove and consider him the most talented actor in the cast (next to SN), so I was happy to see him on my screen however Days made it happen. Do I wish they hadn’t thrown him under the bus last fall to make Bo a hero (only to kill off Bo less than 24 hours later), and instead kept him on Days the whole time? Yes, that would’ve been preferable. But I loved seeing Aiden back and thought he did a fantastic job — I was riveted the whole episode.

    Count me among those who wouldn’t mind seeing Haiden reunited, too. So Aiden was a weasel who planned to kill her — ultimately he didn’t go through with it because he loved her. What relationship doesn’t have a few complications, right? Especially in Salem. And let’s not forget, Hope is a murderer. They belong together! 🙂 Anything to split up snoozeville Rope, I say.

  5. Ugh I don’t know were to start and I am glad Susanna chimed in with a different view of someone who liked it and likes Aiden.

    Retcon’s for the most part don’t make sense, but I am always willing to suspend the WTF moment of the retcon that doesn’t make sense….. IF it moves the story forward and brings us to a compelling new story. Bo’s return and his back story really didn’t make sense either, but I was willing to say OK – if it gets Bo back and gives us a good story that the audience likes, sure why not?

    With Aiden, I agree with Shea if they were going to use a Doppelganger and make Aiden the “good guy” then they need to go back before he took her money gave it to Sefano,, changed her life insurance and planned to kill her! Even if he changed his mind at the last minute about killing Hope – This still makes him a bad guy! I didn’t mind the entire day episode dedicated to him and the way the moved backwards in time – it could have worked if the story had been better (the way the entire day with Abby & Ben was different but kind of worked).

    Rafe and Hope don’t do it for me, and I really like Rafe and I really want to like them together since the show is pushing them on the viewers each time they can! But I just can’t get the overall timeline. Hope marries Aiden, then I think 1 day later sleeps with Bo, then 1 day later Bo dies and what 2 months later is in love with Rafe? To to quick!

    From the Bird to Aiden’s ramblings in the note book, to the crazy Hope look (yet again!) – I just couldn’t take it.

    Plus as a Jack fan if they were going to do a bad retcon, let it be Jack where the audience seems to be really rooting for! Then I could take a bad retcon if it brought us a good story. But is Hope really going to fall for Aiden again after 1. Chase raped Ciarra, so let’s just stay married to him and have one big happy family? and he did lie after lie to her about money and his involvement with Stefano.

    They let Eric go and brought back Aiden and Jack is still dead? I just don’t get where the show is going.

    • Thanks for listening! 🙂 I agree that the number one person I’d love to see brought back is Jack. Not sure why that can’t happen.

      And I agree, I would’ve preferred they replace Aiden with a doppelganger earlier — perhaps back when Stefano and Andre were first twisting his arm to kill Hope. The retconned scenes could’ve shown Aiden putting his foot down and refusing to do such a thing, and then Andre steps in, gives him the shot, and in walks the doppelganger as Andre cackles, “We were afraid you wouldn’t see things our way.” That way all Aiden would be is a guy with gambling debts, not a guy planning to murder his wife.

      • Susanna, I agree that they basically threw Aiden under the bus to make Bo the hero, it the had replaced Aiden with a Doppelganger sooner we would really have a potential love triangle with Hope torn between Aiden who is still a good guy and Rafe who they have been shoving down our throats (but maybe that is why they moved so quick with Rafe and Hope to try and create a love triangle?), but I can’t see Hope forgiving Aiden with all he has done even if he backed out of actually trying to kill her (and yes even in Salem what is a little potential attempted murder).

        AND with Chase raping Ciarra I just don’t see Hope ever taking Aiden back because how would that work exactly with your 2 kids on different sides.

        Just don’t see the compelling drama of where Hope would be torn between her 2 “loves”

  6. I guess they wanted Aiden to be legally married to Hope-but that should not really be an obstacle in this day and age. To kidnap Aiden in the minutes before he was planning to kill Hope is ludicrous even for Days. And funny how the Aiden wedding night scenes are filmed in the redecorated after the fire living room too.

    I didn’t mind the episode-to be honest it was the first episode in weeks that I didn’t ff through. But it would have had more credibility if they had a more plausible reason for the kidnapping at the last minute and WHY they kept him alive.

    But this episode was still preferable to the whiny teens, Summer, Dario, Brady, Theresa and even Damos.

  7. Wow, this just confirms the reason I almost never watch current episodes of Days – unless they’re Steve & Kayla. Coming on here to read the latest craziness helps me decide. That means I usually decide to watch episodes from the 80s & 90s on YouTube.Thanks all.
    Any idea when we’ll start seeing Higley episodes? Should be interesting!

    • I don’t think there is exact date out there but I have heard that the Higley/Quan stuff will start sometime in September.

  8. Probably going to make a few Haiden fans mad, but here goes. I am not on board for Haiden, neither am I on board for Rope. I do not like the way Hope is being written in general right now at all. I started watching Days in June of 1984, when Bo kidnapped Hope from her wedding to Larry. So I will admit, I am a solid Bope fan. (prejudice, I know) But this Hope? Ladies & gents, this is not Hope Williams Brady. Not sure who this chick is, but I am rapidly becoming super annoyed with her. One day she is here, the next day she has flipped and is all over the place. Sad to see such a beloved character being written so badly. And I agree, that epi was just full of holes and just dumb, even for a soap.
    Now for my rant: didn’t Corday say just last fall that after September 2015, if a character died THEY STAYED DEAD?!?!?! Guess we can apply that statement to all the other bunk he has said over the years. (then he wonders why fans drop off) And I like you, can think of other characters I would have returned besides that limp fish Aiden.
    Now for my BIGGEST RANT; WHERE ARE STEVE AND KAYLA’S STAND ALONE EPISODE? I don’t get it; here you have a great couple, with an undisputed fan base from 30 years, an Emmy award winning actress, and we might get to see them 2x a week, if we are lucky? I don’t get it. Right now, S&K are the only reasons I bother anymore.

    • I am also a long time Bope fan and I was watching before they got together…I remember back when Hope had a crush on Roman before she fell for Bo. But let me say this, I have always been a bigger Bo than I have a Hope fan. I loved them together but I loved Bo with or without Hope….but I haven’t always loved Hope without Bo. I didn’t necessarily mind Haiden but I thought they were boring. I would rather see Hope playing the roles of Mom, cop, daughter/sister and even grandmother than to keep trying to make her a romantic lead. I don’t mind Rafe and Hope and I think they have a good chemistry together although I think it is more of a friendship than a true romance. I think Lucas and Adrienne have the same kind of chemistry…there is a sweetness and I can enjoy the way they support each other but I don’t see the passion. Haiden always felt forced to me and Rope feels more natural but neither one will ever feel like a great love to me.

      They did go out of their way yesterday to show that Aiden was lying to Hope about when he was kidnapped by Andre so I don’t get the impression that they are trying to totally redeem him now so I will try to just wait and see where it goes. I am still holding out hope that this isn’t really Aiden because I think it makes more sense that way.

      I think we all rolled our eyes when Corday said people who died would stay dead because I am not sure you can really call yourself a soap opera unless someone comes back from the dead a few times.

      I am also hoping we will get an all S&K episode but it makes more sense to wait until the characters are back together than to have one now when they are separated. Maybe that will be their reconciliation episode.

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