On a leash

So, how about that Emmy win, eh?

It was so gratifying as a Mary Beth fan to watch her win the Emmy, after so many years! Back in the 80’s, I always felt her acting, and her character, was overshadowed by Stephen Nichols’ showier Steve. And don’t get me wrong, I love my Stephen and Steve. But I always thought about that old saying about Ginger Rogers: she had to do everything Fred Astaire did, only backwards and in high heels.

So it felt particularly nice to see how happy Stephen was at her win, to the point of weeping openly:



Today was a decent episode. I am delighted at the return of jealous Steve. I loved his “You need to keep a shorter leash on your dingo” when Fynn was being protective. Stephen plays jealous very, very well, and it’s been criminally underused. It was one of my very favorite things about their first run, with Chris, and with Jack. And as I’ve talked about, we really need to see Steve worry and wonder a little bit about Kayla. Fynn is pretty much a nonentity here so far, and it would be nice if they beefed up his character a little … but I’m not holding my breath.


I thought their conversation about Joey was well done. It wasn’t exactly subtle, but it hit some really good points. Steve challenged her for not telling him about Joey’s arrest, and Kayla turned it around — “this is why I didn’t tell you” — when it looked like Steve just wanted to rush to the rescue again. Both of them had good reasons to be frustrated, hurt, and angry, and it felt very real.


I also enjoyed the conversation Steve and Joey, though it would have packed more punch if we had seen Joey agonizing over the fact that he killed Ava. It would be nice for the show to connect the dots and show Joey wanting to leave town because he felt guilty for his role in the Ava mess, feeling his parents would be better off without him. That would connect nicely to Steve’s tendencies in that direction, and would make me more sympathetic to Joey. As it is, his harebrained scheme to take off to LA with Jade feels really stupid. I can’t even tell how much he is supposed to be in love with Jade. I think it’s pretty clear Jade has some secrets, and it feels like the height of idiocy for Joey to be taken in by Jade so soon after being taken in by Ava.

But, jealous Steve!! Kayla in a red dress! Mary Beth an Emmy winner!!

Gifs from the Salem Hourglass Tumblr blog


15 thoughts on “On a leash

  1. I am glad Steve was not cruel when telling Kayla he did not like her not informing him of Joey being in jail. I think that scene went well and still shows his love for Kayla. I liked his remarks about Finn. In both scenes with Joey, Joey shows how much he really loves both of his parents.

    • Yes, they are handling their relationships with some complexity, which is great. They can be at odds without it being suddenly “I hate you” – but Days is sometimes a little black and white on that issue (Claire/Belle). That’s good to see.

    • No, its only Kayla who insults and constantly lays blame. You know Steve really did not bring Ava to Salem! Blaming someone for the actions of an insane person is more than incredible, its just wrong and we know were the tables turned, Kayla would be perceived as the victim!. So much of Steve’s life and losses came from Brady wars not his own! Loss of his eye to Bo, who wrongfully assumed he was in on Britta’s actions with the Bonds (Bonds were Roman John story not Steve). Loss of 16 years of his life was due to Bo being the Riverfront Raider. Steve only learned Bo might walk into a trap and instead Steve did. Steve died as a result of Bo’s war not his own and for which Steve lost his memories, was tortured and yes met Ava when lacking a memory! The war with the DiMera’s and the Allimain family also came from the Brady family. So while Kayla wrongfully blames and insults Steve, he is decent enough never to find fault with her brood. I think that basically stems from Steve’s upbringing and his early on lack of self esteem, also he always placed Kayla on a pedestal.However, right now that pedestal is undeserved and some apologies from the other side might well be in order. A man who tried despite being flawed, who had just confessed to a murder he did not commit really deserves an “ounce” of respect.

      • With their writing they are making Kayla to be someone she is not. Completely out of character. I have said before, they write these scenes as discords so they can supposedly cause conflict. They come out of nowhere, out of the blue. If they knew these characters like we have known them from practically the beginning, there is no way they could write this couple the way they do.

      • I think a lot of Kayla’s action stems from how deeply hurt she is over his actions with Ava. I know everyone says well Kayla should understand because Steve did it to save her life. That may be true but I am sure she can’t get that picture out of her head after seeing the video.

  2. I am still so excited for Mary Beth. What a weekend! On Sunday I watched as much of this stuff as I could live on periscope with my laptop and headphones. When they called her name, I let out a big “YES!” and my husband looked at me like I had lost my mind…LOL I can’t even imagine 30+ years of acting with no nominations to winning 2 acting awards in one weekend! (Now Mary Beth has 2 acting Emmys….twice as many as Susan Lucci ;-p and 4 Emmys in 2 years!)

    I agree with what you said about how she was always a little overshadowed but I see that Steve overshadowing Kayla and not really Stephen overshadowing Mary Beth. It is the dynamics of the characters. Unfortunately it is part of why the writers have never known what to do with Kayla when Steve wasn’t around. I seriously doubt they would have the same issue if Steve were on the show without Kayla! I hope that some of the former writers that didn’t give Mary Beth any material are kicking themselves a bit now.

    I am not sure how I feel about any of the storylines this week but I have gotten some scenes that I have really enjoyed this week. I like the Theresa/Brady conflict over his white knight complex and I feel like it is coming across as a natural conflict. In contrast the Steve and Kayla conflict feels contrived to me but part of that is the way they had Kayla appear to do a 180 once Steve wasn’t going to jail. I loved the scenes where Joey was trying to tell them both bye. But I wish that Joey had been coming across with this undertone of emotion since he killed Ava. I like that they had Joey steal Steve’s leather jacket. I believe they cut the scene where Steve saw Kayla and Fynn were spending time together and it makes his jealousy seem a bit petty without that.

    I am still not sure what to think about Jade. There was a moment yesterday where Joey confronted her about almost telling Ciara and Claire about what happened with Ava and her response to being confronted seemed a bit off to me. I am pretty sure there was casting call for her father months ago but I don’t remember if there was one for her mother but I am intrigued enough that I want to see this girl’s parents and I want to know what her deal is.

    I am not sure I like Ciara having so many scenes with Chad. I think it really highlights JV’s weaknesses as an actress to share the screen with BF. I keep hoping she will get better…

    I guess I shouldn’t complain about the Deimos stuff since this is as close to an umbrella story as I could hope for. At least there were a couple of entertaining scenes this week. I was cracking up when Julie and Caroline were there to witness the tension between Maggie and Victor. If I liked Nicole or Kate then I could see myself enjoying some of what is to come but I don’t and I can’t. I was intrigued by what Justin was up to but they didn’t show me enough to really figure that out so I don’t really understand Victor’s plan. I would like to see more of the old suave, calculating, mysterious Victor and less of the grumpy old man Victor we have now.

    • I wish I liked the Deimos story more too. I want to like it because like you say it actually involves multiple characters. I don’t like Kate either and I think her willingness to shack up with Deimos is stupid. I like Nicole but her actions aren’t well motivated to me. I believe she would try to help Maggie, for Daniel’s sake I guess, but I don’t believe she would sell her company or whatever she just did. I like seeing a bit of a return of scheming Nicole, but I’m not sold on her motivations.

      I am starting to like Ciara a little more, VJ is improving a bit, but I think her story is too prominent and she doesn’t have the chops to be front and center like she is. I don’t like how her character has been victimized and she doesn’t have much of an identity beyond that.

      I am trying to get over how much they screwed up by making Joey a straight-up murderer. It doesn’t fit the story they are telling after the fact, though I was glad to hear him finally talking about it. It doesn’t fit with my understanding of his character in general and they are not convincing me with the way they are handling it. I know I need to get over it, but it’s difficult.

  3. I have to agree with you Shea in the fact that we had a Steve and Kayla scene with an argument and jealousy of Fynn cut last week it seemed like something was missing. Steve was really holding back on his anger towards Fynn. If it was 30 years ago I’m sure Steve would have had him by the lapels of his scrubs. Fynn has no idea who he is messing with. The “Shorter leash on your Dingo,” line was fantastic.
    I did like the fact that Joey opened up to Steve about his feelings over killing Ava. It bothered me just a bit when Steve asked him about his relationship with Jade and Joey said she wasn’t as important as he thought. So is he using Jade and her problems with her parents as just a means to flee Salem?
    The conversation Brady and Theresa had about Brady’s “hero complex” made me think that maybe Theresa should have a chat with her Aunt Kayla about their men. Perhaps they can compare notes. Brady may have a complex but his hero tendencies have him avoiding guns and dangerous ex-girlfriends. I’m still so happy that MBE won her Emmy’s. So well deserved after watching her for 30 years.

    • I thought his line about how his relationship with Jade wasn’t as important was to throw Steve off of his plans with her, but who knows? It could signal a change in direction by the show. His whole “plan” is so harebrained I can’t see them getting very far. Then maybe we’ll see if Jade has something to hide. I’d like to see Joey smarten up a bit.

      I would love to see Theresa and Kayla talk about the difficulties of dealing with someone with a hero complex! I also like the idea of Theresa thinking she’s not screwed up enough for Brady anymore, that’s an intriguing conflict.

  4. I thought the S&K scenes worked really well, too. Finally seeing some believable conflict from Joey over killing Ava was the true highlight, but I loved Joey’s scene with Kayla, too. Their relationship has been strangely underdeveloped, and it was nice to see the writers acknowledge those years they spent alone.

    I also enjoyed the S&K argument. Steve is right to want to be in the loop where Joe is concerned, but SN and MBE brought across that there was so much more to it. He’s trying to give her space, but his insecurity can’t handle it. I’m really curious to see whether Kayla confides in Fynn about her relationship with Steve. I’d like to see her get a chance to talk to someone about it who doesn’t have history with them, and see where her head really is.

    I’ve seen so many comments that the conflict is “contrived,” or that Kayla flip-flopped when the ISA got Steve off, but I think that gives the chili episode more weight than everything else that happened since Ava died. We saw Kayla’s conflict through all of March, telling Roman that she couldn’t even think of what was going to happen in their relationship, not wanting Steve to touch her or call her sweetness, etc. I think the chili episode was meant to give us hope that there is something still there between them that can be salvaged in the long run, but not to be taken for the current status of their relationship or that their problems are solved. I was kind of worried in March that they were going to sweep all of this conflict under the rug, so I’m enjoying seeing it play out.

    I’m pretty checked out on the rest of the show right now. Crossing my fingers some of the other stories draw me back soon, because it’s not a very fun way to watch!

    • I think they could have made it clearer during the chili episode that it was a temporary “truce” or whatever you want to call it. But I too was worried that their issues were just going to get swept under the rug — and that Kayla’s point of view would once again be neglected. I was just so happy isn’t happening that any inconsistency doesn’t bother me at all. Easy to fanwank away. 🙂

      I’m having trouble engaging with the rest of the show too. I’m hoping some of this Deimos stuff with grab me. I think it has potential.

    • Iska I understand what you are saying and I think you are right about about the intent of the chili episode but I think for me it would have been more effective if we had seen them enjoy the time together without the declarations of love. I think it feels forced now mainly because of the cuts they have made. In my opinion it doesn’t feel like the anger and the jealousy is truly justified because they didn’t show it properly build. It just feels a bit forced right now based on what they have shown us. I still think S&K are getting better writing than most so I probably shouldn’t complain.

      I will say I enjoyed this week better than the last few mainly because we had more family interactions. It gave it a bit more of a cohesive feel instead of showing everyone stuck in their own story bubbles.

      • The declarations of love have worked for me because it doesn’t seem like love isn’t Kayla’s issue with Steve. (She told him she loved him at the hospital after the John rescue, too.) I guess I like that at this point, that isn’t what the conflict is about, although maybe it should be harder for her to say if she isn’t sure about their future. I really do appreciate it’s being written than Steve loves Kayla, and Kayla love Steve, and those are just facts that neither of them genuinely question.

  5. Anyone else notice they haven’t played “The Rose” for S&K…. Few weeks ago when I was binging old episodes on youtube, they played that All – The – Time…. maybe S&K need to hear their song to remember how they felt (1) all the years S was “dead” and (2) when amnesiac S kissed a dead K .. somethings gotta give. But, too, as much as I hate to admit, the story does need to flesh out only to make the reunion all that much better. To get there, tho, WE NEED MORE S&K air time.

  6. BTW, yes, big congrats to MBE. Well deserved. IMO she should’ve gotten one of those for each year she’s played Kayla 🙂

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