What happened?

My husband and I have a running joke about how little he knows about soaps, ever since he asked me if “Mick and Laura” were on Days of our Lives in the 80’s. (This is why he calls Steve and Kayla “Mick and McKayla.”) So imagine my surprise when he came in a few weeks ago, saw Deimos on the screen, and said “Is that Lujack?” It turns out he had a girlfriend in college who watched Guiding Light, and he watched it with her! All this time I never knew!

Ari Zucker is such a pro. I’ve seen her in some really bad storylines over the years, and she always tries to sell it and give it her all. But I wouldn’t blame her if she turned to the camera, peered through her black wig, and whispered in a Greek accent, “Please send help.” The faux flashbacks of her with two day players, one with a huge pornstache, shouting at her in subtitles, has been excruciatingly, laughingly bad. The only thing that would make it worse is John Paul Lavoisier and Eric Martsolf played Deimos and Victor. (Imagine Eric Martsolf in a huge Santos-style mustache!) Even worse was Deimos’s dream, where Helena came to him and scolded him for sleeping with Kate — although, admittedly, I do agree with her there.

Would I still rather watch Ari do this than coo over Daniel? A million times yes.

I actually genuinely like the idea of Nicole trying to get the goods on Deimos by romancing him. Has this story been told many times before? Yes, it has. Nicole/Xander comes to mind, which was just last year. But this time, everyone knows — including, so far, Deimos — that her motives are to take him down. I just hope they stretch it out longer than they did when Phillip was in a similar position (minus the seduction part) a few months ago. I can never figure out how Days will set up an intriguing premise (Phillip as a double agent) and then drop it immediately. I hope that doesn’t happen this time. In their clumsy way, they are setting up that Deimos is obsessed and haunted by Helena’s memory, which makes him ripe to be drawn to Nicole against his will. It’s not a terrible idea, Days! Don’t make it terrible!


Yesterday, my husband came in during this scene, watched as Deimos pulled the oxygen tubes out of Victor’s nose, and said sadly, “Lujack, what happened?”

(I’m sorry I haven’t posted much lately, it’s been difficult to get inspired. I think I need to pull out my DVDs and post about Shayla again!)


12 thoughts on “What happened?

  1. So funny about your husband. Mine is somewhat the same. When I took a DOOL break in the late 90s/early 2000s and switched to General Hospital, he became fixated on Sonny Corinthos. He still asks me where Sonny is when I’m watching Days. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I haven’t even been watching the show when Chad/Abby/ Ben are not on. So many good actors in so many terrible storylines. Like you, I love Ari Zucker. I love Vincent Irizarry. I love John Anistom. But right now, I hate their characters. As someone who loved the RoJohn/Diana/Victor triangle, I still can’t accept this history rewrite about Vic’s great love Helena and his long lost brother. Why not just make Deimos Vic’s son? I absolutely could have bought that he had another mystery child out there given what a ladies man he was in the 80s.

    Maybe it’s time to go back to GH. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    • I was trying to watch both Days and GH but gave up on GH in November. In November Days felt like it had some momentum and was really going somewhere and GH felt like they had stalled out. I caught a couple of GH episodes early this month and it was the opposite. Days feels like it stalled out a couple of months ago and GH feels like it has some momentum going again. My problem with GH is that they have kinda ruined my favorite characters and it made me lose my passion for the show. I am still upset that Days isn’t giving me more that I can truly get emotionally invested in but I am still trying.

      • Thanks for the tip. I’ve actually dabbled in GH a few times since their 50th anniversary, but I’m with you–they kinda ruined my favorite characters. ๐Ÿ™‚ Days will always be the soap that I have the most connection to, so I really want it to be good, but man is it tough sometimes.

    • That’s funny about your husband and Sonny. My husband’s and my new running joke is that Deimos is his favorite character, so he kept asking me, “Are you going to blog about Deimos tonight?” The day I wrote this post I was able to say “yes!” Ha ha.

      Deimos as Victor’s son would be much better. People were also saying he could be Xander’s father, which could have tied him to Nicole too. It’s so annoying to have these two major stories involve all this retconned backstory — Maggie and Summer, and Deimos and Victor. It makes it hard to invest.

  2. These last few months it has gotten harder and harder for me to stay motivated to watch. I am not one of those viewers who can just FF through the stuff I don’t find compelling but I kinda wish I was. I guess my longing for an umbrella story compels me to pay attention to everyone in hopes that I can start to see stories intersecting.

    I am sooooooooooooo disappointed with this Deimos story. First of all I am not a Nicole fan but I feel like I have seen her play this role so many times before that I just cringe at the thought of watching again. This is the kind of story that has made me dislike Nicole to start with but I guess this time she is supposed to be doing it all for the right reasons and not just greed and jealousy. But the flashbacks have to stop!

    So May sweeps are starting and I just keep thinking they should have saved Ben’s return and Abby’s breakdown for May sweeps because I don’t see anything near as compelling on the horizon.

    When I saw they had Anne Marie Johnson playing Abby’s psychiatrist my first thought was why was this not Valerie Grant? I guess they hadn’t decided to bring Valerie Grant back when they cast a known actress, who is African American and in her mid 50s to play a psychiatrist…

    And I don’t even know what to say about the teen crowd…but when I watched Joey and Jade having sex all I could think about was the agony I was going through 30 years ago waiting for Steve and Kayla to FINALLY kiss and FINALLY make love and here was their son losing his virginity to a girl who he barely knows. It’s kinda sad.

    Although I reserve the right to change my mind later….I actually like Rafe and Hope together. I have been kind of dreading it and I do feel like they forced the set up a bit but now that see them actually interacting romantically I like it.

    • Abby’s breakdown has been good, and Steve and Kayla have been good. I guess if this is Josh Griffith writing again (I don’t even know anymore!), he’s confirming that those are the characters he’s good at writing for! But unlike the fall they aren’t practically the only stories going.

      The actress who plays Jade is improving, so I am starting to like her more. But yeah, are we supposed to be rooting for them as a couple? They’ve known each other for like five minutes.

      I don’t mind Rafe and Hope together, actually. I just hate this whole “Hope getting away with murder” thing.

      • I don’t really have a big of a problem with Hope getting away with killing Stefano as I do Joey not having any consequences for killing Ava. Let’s face it,over half of the town has had reasons to kill Stefano over the years so I think I should be more surprised that he lived to be an old man than by the fact that one of them finally killed him. My biggest issue is that Hope was a raving lunatic until she killed Stefano and has been completely calm and sane ever since.

        And even though Ava got what she deserved the manner in which they let Joey kill her bothers me. I wish they had let it be some kind of an “accident” where he pushed her and she hit her head but I guess they were saving that for the Helena story. I want to see Joey having some feelings of guilt, nightmares…something but he really seems like murdering someone didn’t phase him at all! Jade is growing on me too. She seems like a natural actress( as opposed to Vivian Jovanni who feels like she is forcing everything) and it feels like Paige Searcy and James Lastovic have a natural chemistry together. I can’t figure out if she is playing Joey or not but my gut says she is lying about her parents. I can’t believe how naive and clueless Joey comes across.

  3. I haven’t really commented lately because I haven’t really been invested in the show and don’t know what to say, other then how disappointing it is and I wonder why I ever started watching it again!

    I find that they start to pick up a story and then they don’t show the characters again for 5 days (hello Steve and Kayla,, where are you?) I just seems so long between some storylines, it is hard to get really excited about the show. Plus so many storylines I really don’t care about (hello, Summer, Lani/Sean, Brady/Theresa)

    Abby, Ben and Chad story was really the only compelling one right now, but Abby’s story is coming to a quick end. Plush with Kate M leaving I just find myself waiting for her arch to end, so it is tough to really be emotionally invested in Chad and Abby (which is the one couple I really liked when I started watched again last summer) when she is basically gone from the show.

    Even the teen scene which I normally like a cutesy, angsty teen love story, has just been blah……Ciarra is just not that strong an actress to show the emotion that the story could potentially have. Theo is adorable, but I honestly can’t even tell if Ciarra romantically likes Theo at this point or how she feels about him. (Plus where the heck is Chase?) and for the love of Goodness get Ciarra to some therapy!

    • Chase made bail then mugged a lady in the HTS so he could eat and then Rafe caught him after he broke into Jennifer’s house and he went back to jail.

    • Yup, I’m in the same position. Steve and Kayla and Abby’s breakdown are the stories that are working, but since Abby’s story is her exit it feels like a dead end. And Steve and Kayla are hardly on …

      And remember that big thing with John’s dad, and Paul maybe being brainwashed, and Eduardo and John’s past, and Blackpatch? Didn’t that feel like the setup to something bigger? Why did that all get dropped? Aaaah, this show is driving me crazy.

      I feel like VJ is improving but not with the angsty stuff. All the teens are decent to good actors if we could get them some better material. I like Theo a lot too, he’s so sweet! But I can’t tell how Ciara is supposed to feel about him either. I’m willing to get on board with Thiara but they have to give me more.

      • So the last day Steve was on he moved into an apartment that I think was basically the office set and there was a cut scene where he and John should have discussed the this is also going to be the Black Patch office.

  4. Yes Eduardo and the family dynamic, they bring in the Mother and other brother to complete the family and it has been 3 weeks since we have seen them together. I swear I actually forgot the Paul piece of the story and him being potentially brainwashed – yes so frustrating they had some good stuff but I guess it is dropped now for the lets all get Deimos story- One thing I do like is a group working Together. At least we have Brady and Justin plus Nicole this will get people interacting with each other even if I don’t like the Helena story. One other couple is JJ and Gabi, they have some nice chemistry (and yes Shea they already had sex way to soon!). Give them something to do. With Sean as Bo’s son and JJ as jack and Jens son they could be the next leading men for the show, throw in some Rafe as the more experienced cop and it could work. But Sean is gone in what will obviously be belle and Sean reconciling and leaving (where will they leave poor Claire?).

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