One of my my favorite storylines from Steve and Kayla’s first run is the first mini Jack triangle, when Jack was played by this adorable guy:


It was a perfect time to introduce a rival for Steve, after Kayla tells him she loves him and he has rejected her yet again. He changes his mind and rushes over to the loft, only to have this handsome stranger answer the door. Handsome, personable, polite, wealthy – everything Steve is not.  Mr. Simple. And many of us Steve and Kayla fans have been hoping for another Mr. Simple character for Kayla since 2006.

Fynn would definitely not be my first choice in that role. He is such a Ken doll, and I’ve never liked him. But they seem to have toned down his “charming womanizer” side (gag) and are mostly using him as a doctor — which is good because everyone has been in the hospital this year. Although every time he spouts medical terminology I think of that “I’m not a doctor, but I play one on TV” guy. (Remember him?) It’s pretty laughable. But if they show that Steve looks at the young, smooth, brilliant (snort) doctor colleague, and then thinks about all the ways he’s let Kayla down, it could be good.

I reserve the right to take this all back if they muck it up and start treating Fynn as a serious threat, someone Kayla could really fall for. And if she really falls for him, I’ll go light myself on fire in Ken Corday’s office.

But, oh, this is a thing of beauty:



Sexy, angsty Steve longing for Kayla. It doesn’t get any better than that.


19 thoughts on “Shadows

  1. I’ve been waiting for this! Since the Jack triangle, it has always been another woman thrust between Steve and Kayla, making Steve the “prize.” Kayla is such a beautiful, good, sexy woman that I almost cannot believe she has never had another pairing (unless you count the truncated romance with Shane – but I really can’t). She has been upfront and loyal in her love for Steve, even after his death, never really moving on. I think it’s time we finally get to see the shoe on the other foot. Finn wouldn’t have been my first choice for this task either, but seeing it from Steve’s point of view, it just might work. I can’t see Kayla ever falling for Finn, but I can see Steve totally buying into it, and I can actually see Finn having a real crush on Kayla (who wouldn’t – she’s awesome). I certainly don’t see Finn as a real threat, but he is younger, handsome, a doctor, and someone who Kayla is turning to at a frightening and lonely point in her life right now. If it gives Stephen a chance to play jealous Steve, count me in!!!! I wouldn’t even be adverse to Kayla being supremely flattered and going with it for a bit. Steve is the love of her life (obviously), but which one of us wouldn’t have our heads turned just a little by a handsome younger guy digging us.

    The one good thing about Finn is that he is pretty much a blank slate character-wise (aside from his being introduced as somewhat of a lothario). They seem to be playing up an altruistic side (doctor’s without borders) that would appeal to Kayla.

    If anything, I’m glad they are going to give MBE some good stuff to play out, where she is the focus of the pursuit. It will be a refreshing change if nothing else!

    Side question: Did Steve ever know that Kayla and Shane were an item for a bit?

    • Fynn is definitely a blank slate and I think it would be awesome if he developed feelings for Kayla. I don’t like him but he could work in this role, I think. I think it’s a crime too that after Jack, every triangle they’ve had has been with Steve in the middle. So I’m all for some jealous, insecure Steve! I just want them to handle it right. I don’t mind Kayla saying “Hey, this nice uncomplicated guy is nice to be with” but to see her be truly torn I think would be stupid. I’ve seen so many bad triangles on this show, I’m leery even when they seem to have a good idea!

      I don’t know if Steve knows about Shane. Kayla told him there was “someone” but “it didn’t work out” back in their second run, but she didn’t say it was Shane. I would be interested to have it talked about on the show, but there’s probably no reason to bring it up if Kim or Shane aren’t on the canvas.

  2. I actually kind of like Fynn and Kayla, not as a be-all, end-all love story, but to make Steve realize that another man could be / would be interested in Kayla. He was jealous of Jack before he knew Jack was Billy. Then he did show jealously when Jack and Kayla were married (about their sex life), but it wasn’t the same sort of jealously as before, especially once he found out Jack and Kayla had never been together.

    I’ve never understood during all of the years MBE has been on DOOL that Steve was the only man interested in her. Even when SN wasn’t on the show, Kayla never had another relationship, other than the New Year’s Eve date with Bob (was that his name?). Of course I admit I also liked Shane/Kayla — to me it was right for the time. I never wanted them to be long-term, but they were right for the situation of what was happening with the characters (and the show) at the time.

    On Friday’s episode though I did LOL at Fynn’s expression when he and Kayla walked in and saw Joey and Jade on the couch.

    • Yeah, I hope it’s clear from my post that I am all over this. I looooove jealous Steve with every fiber of my being, and I just think it could be a great turn in their story, one that’s long overdue. I am worried that they’ll screw it up, but I guess that’s always a possibility, so I should just put that aside and look forward to something I’ve wanted to see for a long time.

      As you know, I like Shane/Kayla too. The few, the proud! LOL.

      It was a funny moment when they walked in on Jade and Joey. Joey is bugging me so much right now!

  3. Ok, I have to admit; at first I was “Fynn, back the hell off! DO NOT talk to Steve like that! Who do you think you are?!?!” But now that I have calmed down, I am with you Mary. I like jealous Steve, if these writers play it well. (which is what worries me) I don’t really see Fynn being a big threat, but if it pisses Steve off just a bit, makes him a little insecure and shoots a spark in his ass, then ok. As I’ve stated one billion times since the whole avawitch debacle, Steve needs to man up. I still would like to see some serious groveling from Steve. He needs to woo Kayla, reassure her, and yep, annoy and flirt with her. (ah, remember the old days when everytime she turned around he was hanging out at the Emergency Center!) I want him to step back and realize that yes, other men may be interested in her. She was so loyal to him for so long. I want to see that loyalty reciprocated.
    And sorry, guys I shuddered at “Shayla” Just didn’t do it for me!
    P. S. ; and was I the only one who was disappointed we didn’t get to see Steve and Kayla go on the run again?! Gah, that would have been so much fun. Sigh……..the possibilities!

    • Exactly what you say, she was so loyal to him for so long. She deserves for him to hang in there and worry and wonder a bit.

      I’d love to see them go on the run again sometime!

  4. “Sexy, angsty Steve longing for Kayla.”

    My very favorite thing in the whole world! I am behind in viewing so I haven’t seen the Kayla and Fynn scenes yet but I am totally on board for letting Fynn romance Kayla a bit and have her enjoying the attention as long as they don’t try to sell it to me as a great love story or anything. And I certainly don’t need to see Steve decide to accept defeat and try to move on with anyone else.

    I love Jack #1. I always wondered why he left because Jack #2 was a horrible recast.

    • Mine too!

      I always thought it was when they started to plan the rape storyline that Jack was recast. I really did love Jack #1 (and he looked so much like he could be Steve’s brother!), but he did seem awful nice to play a rapist. And of course I love Matt Ashford. If I had my way, in retrospect, it would be Jack #1 until Steve rescues Kayla from the poisoning, and then Matt Ashford after that. The first Jack was such a good Mr. Simple, and I thought he had just the right kind of chemistry with MBE. I think it would have been more believable that Kayla would marry him, their friendship would have had more weight. Ah, this is a favorite what-if for me!

      Anyway, the Fynn stuff is very early and they might go in a number of different directions. But it’s what it looks like they are setting up.

  5. I’m definitely enjoying this beat, although I can’t help but pick it apart a little — wouldn’t it have made sense to have Kayla and Fynn connect a little more last month before she pushed Steve away? It’s nice to see someone who went on a date with Ava paying a little attention to Kayla, but I wish they had played that out a little more. Fynn was there for a lot of the aftermath of Ava’s death at the hospital, and as far as he knows, Steve killed her in the hospital where he works… is that part of the reason for his “stay away” stance? There really could be something there if they connected some of these dots.

    • Everything you say makes perfect sense, lska. I wish they had thought of some of these things! It would flesh out Fynn as a character to show more where he was coming from regarding Steve. I really liked the moment when he told Steve to stay away, but it would have been even better the way you describe. 🙂

  6. I don’t like Fynn but I like to watch Steve know what he has lost,kayla has always been loyal to steve ,Steve needs to start romancing kayla an fight to get her back, as for Shane an kayla I always wanted to barf when I saw them

  7. “Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it” comes to mind as I have been wanting to see the jealous Steve and then get Fynn as the other guy to bring on the jealousy. Couldn’t we have had a simple guy like Bob?? I mean, I could picture Kayla being on a date and Steve interrupting them, annoying Kayla and building their sexual tension back up. I love jealous Steve and the funny “one liners” Steve. It’s harder to see those scenarios working with a guy like this Fynn character. But I’ll take what I can get and hope we get something good out of it. I just can’t take these one day a week episodes of our faves. They need more air time!! Agree with and love all of the above comments but can I say Mary that I seriously laughed out loud when you said “set myself on fire in Ken Corday’s office!!” Hahahaha I think you’d have many right there with you!

    • Yes, I think there will quite a crowd of us setting ourselves on fire, if they have Kayla fall for Fynn and treat him as an equal to Steve in the triangle. I am okay with her saying “I can’t be with the love of my life, maybe I will try an easier relationship with this attractive man.” And I’m definitely on board with Steve being driven crazy by that.

      Yeah, Fynn would by no means be my first choice, but you have to take the Mr. Simple you have, not the one you wish you had. 🙂

      • Will we ever know what the deal with Fynn will be? Today was the third time in a week that my DVR recap has said there would be some Steve and Kayla moments, but alas there were none. So frustrating! These cut scenes are confusing and ridiculous. Get it together, Days! Ok, I feel better now. Lol!

  8. Okay, I’m beyond annoyed at the lack of S&K scenes. I don’t care about any other part of the show…. so that leaves me what, like 8 minutes a week??? That is not even close to being enough to satisfy my S&K addiction. I don’t even watch the other crapola… don’t care. Fynn can kiss off. Commenting on others’ posts, I think Kayla has only been with S b/c that’s the only one for her and she never made herself available to others (just MHO that’s what I want to believe)… Loved S&K for years. Stopped watching for a while (couldn’t handle possessed Marlena any longer). Glad I did b/c I don’t think I would have recovered emotionally from S’s death until he came back to life, and then that whole year’s worth of amnesia bit was just BS. Only started watching again when flipped thru and saw S&K back (then spent a few nights catching up on history via youtube). Wish there was a way to raise some H E double hockey sticks about the lack of time these two are getting. WE NEED MORE S & K now…. I’ll step off my soap box now that I’ve found a place to get this off my chest

    • I share your frustration — if the rest of the show was better I wouldn’t feel quite so robbed of S&K time. After all, they had plenty of screentime for a long time, and I’m fine with people cycling back and forth from the front burner. But the rest of the show right now …

  9. I am a certified Shayla hater – no, despiser! The worst thing I’ve seen DOOL do that I’ve seen. Horrible in every way and I don’t have anything else to day about it – except it bugged me when in ~2007 Kayla told Steve about her having seen someone in his absence, but not who – and he not asking who. Dumb. Anyone would ask that, and Kayla should especially have told him since Shane he were very close and worked together a LOT.

    I used to get all caught up in the drama of S&K ending up with someone else. I was a naive watcher at first, as I guess we all were in 1986 when it seemed the story was leaning towards Cosicheck being the guy for her, with there not being a chance in hell her and Steve fall in love. But of course, the writers had it all planned out well in advance. Same for Jack – in hindsight we can see that it was never – not once – meant to be a thing. And they can’t trick me anymore; I know Finn is not supposed to be a thing with Kayla, anymore than they were in the 80s. Its just drama, a way to keep them apart and full of angst, and that’s what soaps (and great love stories) do, have couples estranged more than together.

    As far as Kayla never being interesting in anyone else – one caveat. She did show a tiny bit of interest in the late Aiden just before he and Hope got into it. So we need to welcome the Finn “thing” as it creates great drama and keeps us hooked, but for me its not got a lot of suspense because I’m jaded and suffer lately from suspension of disbelief issues with movies. That being said, they sure dropped Bo as being the only man for Hope pretty easily, so maybe anything goes. S&K have a huge following and charisma which I don’t need to tell you, but DOOL can be pretty stupid sometimes so never say never.

  10. I want Steve and Kayla back together. I will have to quit the damn show again….as I have done every time someone screwed them up. Dead Steve….gone! I came back when he arose from the grave. I left again when they left. Then the long distance divorce…..It’s like they want to push me over the edge….Come on, Steve jump into man mode and win your woman back….

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