To catch a Kiriakis

For the last few weeks it’s been difficult to get invested in the show — other than Steve and Kayla, who have had some great stuff! — because it feels like everyone I’m watching is leaving. I’m extremely invested in Eric, so good and bad I was riveted by that, but I knew it was ending. I’m invested in Chad and Abby, and the “Abby going nuts” story has been good TV, but again Abby is leaving, so I’m watching it as something that will end. I’m not inclined to invest in Belle, Summer, Lani, or Shawn, since the announcement that they are all out the door. So what’s left? Brady and Theresa have been wrapped up with Summer. Blah. Ciara’s rape. You guys know how I feel about that. Hope getting away with murder. Rope. Nope.

But it looks like we are finally seeing some setup towards a big story that will involve a lot of the cast. I love the idea of Brady and Justin (and Phillip, I hope) teaming up to take down Deimos. More Justin is always a fabulous thing, and Brady has long needed a story that develops his character outside of his romantic relationships.


I’m guessing Nicole’s astounding resemblance to Helena will inevitably involve her , probably when she decides to use Deimos’s attraction to her to get close to him and help Maggie. (But no more Helena/Victor flashbacks PLEASE THEY ARE TERRIBLE.) I’m guessing that’s what all this Maggie/Nicole bonding has been about. Of course Nicole will do everything she can to help Daniel “the love of her life” Jonas’s mother. Gag — but you know it’s coming.

Hope seems game to go on a murderous rampage again, after she killed the wrong guy last year. Rafe will try to rein her in and inevitably fail and have to clean up after her again. Phillip has something to prove after Deimos made a fool of him last year.  And Kate siding with Deimos — even though it doesn’t make sense and I do not like seeing Deimos with her, to put it mildly — will pit her against her son and might lead to some interesting conflict.

So color me decently intrigued.




2 thoughts on “To catch a Kiriakis

  1. I can’t with Hope crazily pulling a gun on another person. Does she ever learn?!

    I do like this general setup, though. There was a real charge to the scenes of Victor trying to enlist Nicole’s help and Maggie declaring that she wants revenge. Fun, different stuff.

    • I liked the Victor, Maggie, Nicole stuff too. I’m not sure I entirely believe in revenge Maggie, but I like the role reversal. And Nicole setting out to seduce someone to get the goods on them has certainly been done before, but so far I’m decently intrigued by how it’s playing out.

      Hope needs some serious Valium. Can Jen share her pills with her please? 🙂

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