Goodbye Eric, part 2

I wasn’t going to post more about Eric’s departure, but his final scenes were really very good. I’m glad he got some decent goodbye scenes with (some of) his family. Brady was very busy, as we know, getting Maggie muffins and reassuring Summer about an adoption that happened more than forty years ago — super important stuff.

But I’m grateful Eric didn’t just disappear, with one line of dialogue a week later about him in prison, followed by no one ever mentioning him again. That second part will probably still happen, but at least we got some good farewell scenes first.

And they gave us a glimpse of what we haven’t seen in way too long: Greg Vaughan’s bare chest:


It was only a glimpse, so this was the best screenshot I was able to get. So, let’s refresh our memories, shall we?


Ah, happier times.

I’m very concerned about Jennifer too …


… that she has such blurry memories of hooking up with Eric. Hypnosis might help.

I think it’s dumb that they have to say contrived things like, “I don’t want you in the courtroom. Let’s say our goodbyes now,” because they don’t have a courtroom set. But, all of the goodbyes at the station were very affecting. Of course Brady should have been there. Nicole wouldn’t come say goodbye, but some final scene between them, even just a silent exchange of looks, would have been wonderful (h/t friend of the blog Amber!).

Regardless, I think no other actor can top Greg Vaughan when it comes to crying. I love Stephen’s tears … it’s close! But I give the edge to Greg.




Now I need a hug too. Sniff.

Goodbye, Eric. Come back soon.


10 thoughts on “Goodbye Eric, part 2

  1. Eric takes after his Grandma Caroline and Dad Roman….there are times when he is playing emotional scenes where I can’t understand a word he is saying. It happened in his hospital bed after the car accident and it happened again in the police station. I would have liked to have seen him have one last scene with Father Louis.

    I thought Marlena was out of line with how she spoke to Jennifer and I wish Jennifer would have knocked her ass out. Jennifer is an adult….and so is Eric!

    I am still trying to figure out the point of the Summer storyline because it really just feels like a waste of time….time that could be spent showing me more of the storylines I do want to see. I was really excited about Vincent Irizarry joining Days but so far it just feels like another time sucking storyline.

    • It would have been nice to have a last scene with Father Louis. We really have no idea where Eric is in terms of his faith, and I think that’s unfortunate. But this way they have lots of options for when they bring him back … hint, hint.

      I am still liking Deimos but I have to admit that his hookup with Kate while Victor was having a heart attack downstairs made my skin crawl. I was hopeful that their breakup would stick but it doesn’t look like it.

      I agree the Summer storyline feels like a waste of time right now. I think Marie Wilson is doing a fine job but they are not going at this storyline in a way that makes sense to me.

  2. I was glad, too, that Jennifer stood up for herself. It was obvious though that a lot of scenes have gotten cut in recent months. There was little or no build up to Jen and Eric anymore than there was no buildup to their so-called addictions. Everything was just a plot point and that’s what’s driven me nuts ever since summer 2015. I know there were complaints about the previous writers but at least they spent time establishing a storyline. They made mistakes and dropped the ball several times, especially with the Ericole SL, but at least they didn’t rewrite the characters’ histories. It’s just so sad. Ari Zucker’s pairing with Greg Vaughn was the best since she’s had since James Scott.

    • Jen and Eric really had potential — not (to me) as a permanent pairing, but I really like the idea of two goody goody characters enabling each other. They touched on it just in that one conversation, where Jen talked about always doing the right thing. But we needed much, much more. And I agree about their addictions, too. Just not enough time spent on any part of this story!

      I hope that at some point we’ll get Ericole again. That’s the thing about soaps, things can always come back, and I see Ericole having that kind of support.

  3. Mary Pickford..Thank you for a little more of Eric Brady..I love your blog💛 Greg Vaughan is a tremendous actor who needs exposure to a larger audience than Days is able to muster…He will shine with the great writing, directing and inspiration of #queensugar & OWN. KUDOS👍👍 @greg_vaughan 🌞

  4. I just really fell in love with this character, Eric Brady. It is so depressing to me that he is no longer going to be on DAYS. And like so many others, I just don’t understand their thinking. It doesn’t make any sense. He has so much story left to tell. I tend to think they plan to bring him back, but honestly without Greg in the role I’m not sure I’ll be interested. It’s just a terrible loss for fans. I’m still hoping that somehow a deal can be reached and we get Greg back in this role in a year or two. I’m so happy for him that he has a new acting job so quickly, but I just really want him back at DAYS. I have never, ever been this crazy in love with a character or a couple. I’m a die hard Ericole shipper and don’t plan on changing that. I would welcome the Jennifer and Eric downward spiral because it’s interesting, but I’ll always want Ericole in the end. Thank you MP for your blog because it perfectly represents what so many of us feel I think. I definitely wish Greg the best, but I wholeheartedly want him back at DAYS. Hopefully someday.

    • Me too — I thought Eric and Jen were an interesting idea as a downward spiral, but not as a permanent couple. I’m just comforting myself with the fact that Gabi came back, Nick came back (for a short stint) – Days seems to like bringing characters back from prison. Hope they do it with Greg. I am not interested in having another actor play Eric, so let’s hope they can get Greg back.

  5. Greg Vaughan’s bare chest…please 😉
    Well, not a lot of S&K lately. They are the only storyline I care about. I only watch nowadays because I was an avid S&K fan in the 80s and its nostalgic I guess. If they aren’t on, I don’t watch. At all. I know nothing about the other storylines. Fast foreward, sorry! Does anyone know how long of a contract Nichols has? When I first heard about his return, I thought it was just going to be a brief thing for the 50th anniversary. I guess he signed a regular 5 year contract or what? I don’t know if they still do that, but I believe he originally signed on from 1985-1990.

    • A little respect, please, I’m still in mourning. 🙂

      I don’t know how long anybody’s contracts are. But I don’t think they do the five year contracts anymore, I think one year is more common. I really have no idea, though, and just hope he and MBE are around for a good long time!

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