Great couple of episodes for Steve and Kayla!

At first I was upset that the charges against him were just going to go away. But I suspect the ISA’s “favor” to him will come with strings attached, so it’s really just a turn in the story rather than the story being dropped. And it was really what led to the crisis with Kayla.


I loved the irony of that, that it was Steve getting out of trouble unscathed that brought things to a head. As she told Roman today, Kayla was ready to stand by Steve through the trial and everything that followed. But the fact that everything was dropped, and especially Steve’s reaction to that — that “it couldn’t have worked out any better” — was what really sent her over the edge.

This all works really well as a continuation of their conflict from last fall. They made it clear back then that Kayla was taking a leap of faith to be with Steve again, and he hadn’t necessarily earned his way back. So it would make sense that the issues that were unresolved then, would come back to haunt them now. It broke my heart when she said to him that she loved him and always would, that that wasn’t what this was about. I really appreciated that Kayla told Roman she didn’t enjoy breaking up with Steve — it showed she isn’t doing this out of anger.

I thought the Tina character was clunky, and way too convenient. But I kind of liked double Steve, serving as the voice of what Kayla’s worries, and showing Steve has taken her words to heart.

Overall, this is all a certainly a decently organic conflict for them, and who they are as characters. We remember the Steve we knew back in the 80’s, the tomcat who told her “I got nine lives, baby.” And it fits that Kayla as a grown-up professional, with a son who desperately needs help, would be risk-averse and keenly aware of her responsibilities. I do regret one thing, however. Back then, Steve kept telling her that they were too different to work as a couple, and one of the things he meant was just this difference — he lived on the edge, she was the middle class princess who wanted a settled life. One thing that became clear as their love story unfolded is that Steve wasn’t as drawn to danger as much as he pretended, and Kayla wasn’t as enamored of the settled life as he assumed of course she would be. So I do regret that their current dilemma is more of a stereotype of the bad boy/good girl difference than their original story was, which turned many of those stereotypes on their heads.

I thought the Abby/Chad/Ben scenes today were excellent.


Kate Mansi is doing such a great job showing Abby losing her sanity, and yet not wanting to admit it. I like how she isn’t overplaying the “I’m fine, I’m fine” (too many actors do, to signal they’re not fine, but sometimes that makes it hard for us to believe the other characters don’t pick up on it). The moment when she saw Ben and was able to make him disappear was a perfect lead in to when the real Ben appeared. I love this twist — she’s having visions of him, AND he’s really there. It’s like that old joke:  just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not out to get you.


14 thoughts on “Doubt

  1. Arrrggggghhhhh! Okay, I got it out. No, wait! Arrrgggghhhhh! Don’t break up Steve and Kayla! The only reason I watch the show is to see the two actors skillfully play their parts. Yes, there are some others I like. But I am up on my Steve and Kayla ledge and I am crying, “Why?”

    Having said this, yes, Mary, I agree with your ideas that this conflict is arising out of real issues between them. But it also seems weirdly arbitrary to me, particularly since Kayla suggested running to Steve the night before. Is this really about the major illness that the show obviously has planned for her?


    • Yes, it’s difficult because it was so recently that they had a wonderful night together. But I think it makes sense because now the crisis is over, it’s back to reality. As I said above I kind of love it’s Steve getting out of trouble so easily that set Kayla off. It’s a reversal from what you might expect, but it also makes perfect sense.

      But, yeah, arrrrgh! is right too. 🙂

  2. I understand the issue with changing the dynamic in terms of seeming to make the conflict more stereotypical, but I think this is an issue that has always been there. I think back to the Emily/Gideon storyline and the great scene that they had when Steve was waxing on about Gideon having a cause to fight for and an adventure and how great that must have been. You could see Kayla react to that and she even asked Steve if he could be happy without it. Steve kind of checked himself and said of course he could, but it was clear even then that he had this desire for that kind of life.

    And, to me, it’s one of those things that might have been different had he never “died.” But I can totally see how that changed everything for both of them. For Kayla, a little action and adventure probably seemed find, right until she lost everything. Then she gets him back and goes through hell in the process, only to have him leave her again. I have no problem seeing why she see’s nothing attractive about the high wire act that Steve seems to love. And what happened with Joey just proved that. As she told Roman, those people who think that exciting life is so great need to experience their some confessing to murder.

    For Steve, he’s been fighting one thing or another for so long, I think you can argue he doesn’t know what to do if he’s not. I think you could also make the argument that he never felt he really deserved that kind of family life, so he tends to sabotage himself a bit – or doesn’t fully appreciate the toll that his family pays when he makes decisions that put him/them in danger. As Kayla says, he doesn’t understand what the fallout really does to them.

    So, to me, this isn’t about making the conflict more stereotypical than it was before. It’s more about recognizing that who they are now isn’t necessary who they were then. And it raises the question of whether they can make a life together now. As the old song goes, sometimes love just ain’t enough.

    • I think you’re right and it does make sense. Maybe stereotype isn’t the right word. They’ve established the conflict quite well, going back to when Steve first came back. And really, they even started doing this back in 1988-90. Kayla didn’t really have an adventurous streak back then — totally understandable, of course, given all the crap she went through, ending in Steve’s death. And it makes sense that she wouldn’t have it now. It’s just something I kind of regret is not part of the character anymore.

  3. I loved Steve talking to himself LOL, and turning up with yellow roses! I’m concerned about the storyline for “sick” Kayla. I assume there is some fallout from her getting beaned by Ava? I’m hoping for something other than a rehash of “ill Kayla/concerned Steve” which they have done to death. Maybe Kayla can have a personality change or something due to a bash on the head. it would be fun to give MBE something like that to play with, but we’ll see.

    I loved loved loved the Abby/Ben stuff this week. Kudos to Kate Mansi especially who I think has played this to perfection! When she was jumping around on the bed pouring lighter fluid all over Ben, I admit I laughed, but it was great drama and both actors did a terrific job. I cringed along with Abby as she had to make out and debase herself to Ben. Yuck. I hope Ben sticks around for a little bit and doean’t really get burned to a crisp. He’s a great villian to refer back to on occasion. What a psycho! Maybe they could make Joey’s friend Jade a long lost Weston sib?

    Not as jazzed about Maggie/Summer, etc. I love Suzanne Rogers, and she is doing a great job with the material, but I’m sort of like Ho Hum about it.

    As for Nicole/Deimos – I don’t know. I admit I saw some chemistry there, but I need to see the story play out a little bit more. I’m usually not a fan of the “twin of my long lost love” stuff.

    • The Abby Ben scene were craaaazy. I cringed too at first when she was kissing him and saying she wanted to go upstairs, and if she had slept with him I would have been really upset at more “forced to have sex to save your life” plot points. Totally done with that. But thankfully instead she stabbed him with scissors and tried to set him on fire! I laughed too when she was hopping on the bed. LOL!

      I don’t know about the Deimos/Nicole thing. Anything to get him away from Kate, but yeah, it’s hokey and obviously a retcon (since Victor never mentioned this amazing resemblance). I’m going to see where it goes.

  4. I understood that the night S&K shared wasn’t exactly “real” and I assumed there would be a shift once Steve didn’t go to prison but it was still a bit jarring how absolute the shift seemed. It wasn’t just Kayla having doubts, Kayla seemed pretty sure about not continuing down this road with Steve again. I get it and it is a continuation of the conflict that was already there but I also find it unfortunate that I don’t see them ever really resolving the Ava issue. Kayla seems to be over the sex tape stuff but I wanted to know that she understood the level of coercion it took for Steve to do that because I don’t think it got there in the scenes we had and now they have just turned the page. It also seemed an odd choice to use Roman in the role they did especially given his recent comments to Steve. That role would probably have been better served by Hope of Caroline Hope is in a bubble with Ciara and Rafe and Caroline is trying to save Victor from Deimos so I guess they were both too busy.

    On a lighter note, Jade cracks me up! Her first words to Steve were telling him how he rocks that eye patch and then there was something about the way she grabbed a sandwich on the way out of the house. I guess Joey has a type…skinny and unstable.

    I really enjoyed the Abby/Ben stuff but why did everyone keep leaving her alone when the poor girl was clearly losing her sanity?

    I had such high hopes for Deimos but they are fading fast. This blackmailing Victor into signing over everything he owns is just weak. Oh and he already bedded Kate so of course Nicole is going to be next on the list!

    Although I don’t like all the set up for this summer storyline I am enjoying her scenes with Maggie this past week so I am still trying to keep an open mind. I think knowing it is a limited story arc helps too.

    • It was abrupt. I think whether it worked for you might have depended on whether you thought the issues with the forced sex and Ava were dropped or just put off. Because you could really read it either way — I was just hoping that it wasn’t being dropped, so this was good for me. Kayla was still bothered by everything that happened, she was just putting it aside while they cooperated to help Joey.

      You’re right that Roman has been more of a skeptical voice, so it might have been better to keep him in that role and have Hope be more of a cheerleader. She always was for Steve and Kayla, and she had that conversation with Steve about Ava awhile back, so she would have been perfect.

      I think Maggie and Summer’s scenes are effective, I’m just not invested in that relationship so it’s hard to get too excited about it. I would have been more interested if they had kept her as a con artist (with maybe a suggestion of a soft side) and used her with Brady and Theresa. This is too much about her.

      • I believe the issues with the forced sex have been dropped at this point so I will be pleasantly surprised if it is ever revisited. I felt like this was happening when Steve and Kayla spent the night together after the chili and dancing and I think we are transitioning into a new crisis and it is done.

  5. I just blogged about this and had some similar thoughts. The conflict feels organic, and they don’t have Kayla being some strident nag who’s harshing Steve’s buzz or whatever. Her point-of-view makes complete sense, and she’s being reasonable about it. (I think you’re right about Steve not being as drawn to danger as it first appeared, and Kayla being a little into it — but the distinction, I guess, is that she would do it reactively, to help/save people she cared about, rather than just being moved by the spirit of adventure). The Tina thing didn’t quite work for me because… isn’t Steve a P.I.? Wasn’t she literally attempting to hire him to do the things he (allegedly) does for work? It might’ve been interesting if they had tried to get him involved in the manhunt to catch Ben instead, or something that felt “riskier.”

  6. I definitely feel some of those regrets about flattening out some of the conflict between S&K, as well as agreeing that it does make sense for their history now. I was thinking that maybe it would help to see Kayla drawn back into the action, instead of always having to act as the brake on things.

    I kind of like how they’ve dealt with the Steve/Ava thing the last few weeks, though. Kayla’s not okay with it and it’s still bothering her on some level, but not enough to keep her from being with Steve one last night, and not enough to drive the breakup by itself. I think it’s the kind of hurt that needs to mellow and can’t be “fixed” exactly, so I was glad It didn’t feel completely resolved. But also glad it wasn’t the main obstacle for her, although it may have played a major role in shaking her faith in Steve.

    The Abby/Ben stuff has been pretty good, too! Definitely the strongest story the last few weeks. Looking forward to seeing how it plays out.

  7. I always get taken out of the suspension of disbelief when I remember Josh Taylor then as Chris and now as Roman. Its specifically funny to hear Roman defending Steve and trying to dissuade Kayla from breaking up with him. 30 years ago (exactly), same-actor Chris was doing everything in his power to keep him away from her.

    Also interesting as you bring up about them being too different to be a couple, Steve used to tell her to “get the hell out of here before I screw your life up completely”. She didn’t care. Well, we was kind of right, wasn’t he? I’m surprised they don’t add a blurb in the scripts these days about how he “told her so”.

    OK so why did Kayla pass out? What’s the deal…?

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