Cowboy love

Remind me never to get behind again. It’s too hard to get caught up again!

I still haven’t watched today’s show, but how I can I not post about Friday? Really wonderful scenes for Steve’s last night as a free man.


“Take your time.”

The talk was about chili and beer and cornbread, but it was really a chance to let Stephen and Mary Beth do what they do best, show the connection between these two characters with their body language, facial expressions, and the way they play off of one another.

I’m glad there was some serious talk too, about Steve leaving, about what they’ve just gone through with Ava and everything that is unresolved between them. But Steve pointed out that tonight none of that mattered, he just had his last request for chili, beer, and the woman he loves by his side. I loved the undercurrent of pleading in his voice there, even as he tried to keep things light.

One of my favorite little character details from 1980’s Steve was the way he tucked his napkin into his tank top:



Some things never change.

I loved their banter about the “western” conference and getting a little cowboy action. Then, a dance with a real song!

Then … they disappeared because THEY DON’T HAVE A BEDROOM.

But, this was sweet:


Kayla’s last line, that she loved him and always would, was perfect. It didn’t promise forgiveness or say that everything was all right between them. It was just the truth, simply stated.


13 thoughts on “Cowboy love

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed these scenes as well. I loved that they danced- something they did a lot back in the day. i did like the song they chose, too, but I had to laugh at this “memory” since that song was realeased in 1999 long after said memory and when neither of them were on the show. I’m excited to have a real song with a dance so I don’t care! When I think of songs for Steve and Kayla I always think of the song “it’s your Love” by Tim McGraw. It suits them perfectly! I hope we have more scenes like this and that we finally see the bedroom! I have missed you, MP!

    • Ha ha, 1999, 1989, what’s the difference? πŸ˜€

      I never really thought about how much they danced back in the day, but they did. Of course all the couples did more of that stuff. I miss it. I’m glad we got this at least!

  2. I was DAYS and DAYS behind and have just finally got caught up as well! Haven’t commented because I was so behind. These scenes were wonderful, and, yes, gave MBE and Stephen a chance to be Steve and Kayla at their flirty, romantic best. I assume there is something else coming up to separate them, but I truly enjoy these moments between them. The rest of the show is a little all over the place right now, but I’m still enjoying it. Loved the stuff with Chad, Abby, JJ and BEN! So glad he’s back. I missed you you crazy bastard! I see the character of JJ developing into a nice young leading man type. I’m also enjoying the Hernandez family stuff (though my vote is still out on Dario). A Martinez is so fantastic that I can’t help but be happy for any more air-time for him. He’s like Stephen for me, I could watch him do anything. I’m wondering what’s going to be up with Mama Hernandez…The stuff with Summer – eh. I’m kind of fast forwarding through that stuff. I am interested in the Deimos stuff, but I had to roll my eyes over that picture of Nicole that is obviously his LONG LOST LOVE! I was hoping VI would have some scenes with Adrienne – but she has aparently disapeared into the void.

    One thing I am looking forward to is Matt Ashford’s return! Anyone know when his stuff airs?

    Great to be finally caught back up and able to comment!

    You continue to host a fabulous place to come and comment MP (and bitch moan, etc ;)).

    • Hey, Denise, welcome back!!

      I love A Martinez too. I do like the Hernandez family in general.

      I thought the Summer storyline had potential, but they screwed up by making it all about Maggie and Summer and their emotional connection. I’m all about emotional scenes normally, but we weren’t invested in Summer enough yet to care how she feels about meeting her birth mom. They needed to ease into it more, too, instead of giving it so much airtime right off the bat.

      The Chabby/Ben stuff has been GREAT, and I love that JJ is involved too. I really like JJ. I wish they would give him and Gabi a real story together.

      I rolled my eyes at the picture of Helena/Nicole. Funny Victor never noticed the stunning resemblance between them, LOL.

  3. I am also having a hard time keeping up with viewing. I am not one of those people that just fast forwards through the stuff I don’t like but I almost wish I was. I just keep hoping it will get better. I’m up to date right now but probably won’t be able to watch today’s show until later this week.

    As a S&K fan I loved Friday’s show but at the same time I wanted them to discuss the Ava stuff more. I want Kayla to understand what happened and I am a little worried that we won’t really get those scenes if they don’t do it now.

    The “memory” was weird though…Kayla worried about leaving Steve home alone with the baby while she went to a conference? I am assuming they meant baby Stephanie since he said it was a nurses award. Did they just forget that Kayla had Stephanie while in prison and tried to keep the baby with her in prison and then decided it was not safe and sent her home with Steve? He did a great job except for hiring that crazy kidnapper to be the nanny!

    Like Denise I am also enjoying the Hernandez family. The actor playing Dario is good but the character development is lacking so far. He had to leave the corporate world to save his soul so he wound up a bartender pulling scams with Summer?

    Monday’s show was good. I am still disgusted they threw Kate in bed with Deimos but that may be over now….fingers crossed. The highlight for me was the really sweet scene with Theresa and Maggie.

    I don’t exactly feel the chemistry between Brady and Theresa but I think they have become a really sweet pairing. I like it when he calls her Jeannie T and I love it when she stands up to Victor. I think I am now on team Thrady…..which probably means they will break up tomorrow.

    I have also decided that I like the new Phillip…and I never liked what I saw of any of the old ones.

    • The Kate/Deimos stuff kind of made me ill too. Can’t they find something else for Kate to do besides bang every new guy on the show? Yuck. I can’t even remember what happened to end her fling with Eduardo – it was just like “let me hop on this new slimy guy no one knows anything about.” Put her back with Roman or something!

      • Eduardo was just secretive and she told him she wouldn’t put up with that. There was that woman that showed up and he wouldn’t explain it to her then she came by and he wouldn’t let her into his room when he was dealing with that guy that was after John so she just told him she was done and the next scene she was flirting with Deimos. Why can’t they just let her smother her sons instead of trying to straddle the rest of the available men in Salem?

    • It seems to me that a lot of this stuff is made up as they go along. I mean the writers.

      I noticed the date of the song did not go with when those things happened. I did love the song and bought it off iTunes. One of the parts I loved most was the very beginning with the string instrumental part.

      And now with the mix up of more characters coming and going, I’m afraid there will be more of the same. Little short stories. I am definitely enjoying the Steve and Kayla parts. My most favorite.

  4. I have been spending so much time FF lately. I watch a few scenes here and there (enjoyed the Theresa and Maggie scenes), but for the sake of my sanity and my blood pressure the FF button on the DVR is overused. However, Friday was WONDERFUL. It’s amazing how SN and MBE’s “little scenes” say so much. After an entire episode of Chabby, can I ask for entire episode of Steve and Kayla. That would be one I wouldn’t use the FF button πŸ™‚ .

    I also had a few issues with the timeline because they were talking about the nurse’s award and she went to Denver in January (I think). Stephanie was born in February and Steve “died” in October, so that didn’t work, but I guess after 26 years, the writers didn’t care.

    I never really thought about how many times they danced until seeing some things online that have had clips of their dances over the years. As much as I would love to see them really hash things out (maybe the entire episode I mentioned above), I’m enjoying this while I can.

    • I think what annoys me most about the “memory” is that fabricating some implausible memory isn’t exactly necessary. These are characters who have years of history together on this show and like you I saw the things online about all of their dancing. All they had to do was put on some music and let them dance and show us a montage of these two dancing together over the years and I would have been in HEAVEN!

      I know so many of us long-time viewers complain about the loss of umbrella stories, sets, music but I honestly think I miss those montages as much as I miss the pier.

      I would love an episode dedicated to just Steve and Kayla! Especially if it is full of flashbacks and Ken Corday can dig up an old cassette of “If your heart comes out tonight”…I think I would DIE!

  5. As far as the lack of bedroom sets….I mean they have 1 office set and they transform it to be EVERY OFFICE in and out of Salem that they need…..I am pretty sure they even transformed it to be the hospital chapel when they needed one so why not have one bedroom set that they transform into whatever bed room we need? I know we would complain about it if they did but after a while we would just accept it and go on. Hell it could even be one of the hotel room sets! Kate straddled Deimos in 3 different sets with beds meanwhile Joey sleeps on a park bench, Chabby sleep on what looks like a very uncomfortable antique sofa and make love outside on the ground with a serial killer possibly lurking around and guards watching their every move and Steve and Kayla just hang out in the living room. I guess it could be worse and we could go back to shoving half the town in that one booth at the pub?

  6. Yes I have noticed how they keep reusing the sets for others. S & K do need a bedroom, but they all do. I definitely agree that S&K do need more air time than just short snip-its here and there, which did happen on this Tuesday show. I think it’s like showing us a little and we will be hungry to see more. It’s like not giving us to much and we would get burned lose. (ha ha). No no we are die-hards when it comes to S&K. Since 1986.

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