All in the family

Soaps should be all about family, right? And Days has certainly been all about family this week: the Hernandez family, and Maggie and Summer, mother and (snort) daughter.

I like Maggie just fine, I always have. I was even kind of liking the cheesetastic introduction of Summer, with Brady’s dreams and the beach location shoots. But since she’s been back in Salem, the story has been a big, fat dud.


So we got the long retconned backstory of Maggie’s pregnancy — “it was the most difficult thing that’s ever happened to me,” she said. Yes, that must be why she’s NEVER MENTIONED IT all these years.Ā  And we got to hear it not once, not twice, but three times. Once to Victor, once to Julie, and once to Summer. Sorry, that doesn’t make it seem less than a clunky retcon. And while I appreciated the specific use of history when Maggie mentioned Melissa and Pete (and their double wedding with Mickey/Maggie!), it almost felt like adding insult to injury. Hey, everybody, we’re going to invent a new daughter for Maggie but forget about seeing the ones you already know and care about!

I was intrigued by the idea of Dario and Summer being real con artists, and I’m sure that fact will come up again. But the fact that Summer confessed to Maggie she was a thief means they are likely going to “good” route for her, with Dario possibly blackmailing/coercing her into some scheme against her better judgment. If this sounds familiar, why, yes, it’s exactly how Serena was introduced, with Maggie in the role of Eric and Dario in the role of Xander. When will Days learn to introduce new characters more slowly, instead of putting them front and center in a story no one is invested in yet? Well, put her alongside Jordan, Taylor, Madison, Serena … Marie Wilson is already gone.


I wasn’t any more excited by Mama Hernandez’s introduction, though I like the actress and I liked the Spanish some of the actors were throwing around. I like Rafe, and Eduardo, and Gabi, and I feel prepared to like Dario (so far). I am genuinely glad to see some fresh genes added to the Salem gene pool. But it seems strange to feature them so prominently, especially at the expense of Horton and Brady interactions – who are supposed to be the core of the show.

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7 thoughts on “All in the family

  1. The whole Summer storyline is a dud for me. I just can’t get into it. So much so that by the time the 3rd telling of the story came around I just FF’d my DVR, same goes for Maggie’s and Summer conversations I just FF’d right thru those. The first time I have done that since I started watching again (although I was tempted quite a few times). I just feel that Maggie has 2 daughters why not just bring back one of them? I also feel the same about Mike Horton – where is he can we get some more Horton’s on the show? Wouldn’t Mike be great to recognize and pull Jennifer out of her painkiller dependency?

    I really like that they have the entire Hernandez family. Gabi and Rafe have a GREAT sibling chemistry I just love when they are in scenes together. Rafe definitely has the charm to pull off the patriarch big brother role (except when he is in scenes with Hope, I feel like he loses something, but that is another topic of conversation) . I am curious to see more of the family dynamics.

    MP I agree where are the Brady’s and Horton’s they are sadly missing from the show as the core family center of Salem. I would like to see more interaction with them.

    I did really enjoy just the simply conversation with Julie and Maggie at Brady’s pub, it showed their years of friendship and used the conversation as a way to show how Maggie was feeling. Just a simply conversation in Brady’s pub between friends, but it was warm and believable. This is what the show has been sorely missing the cross dialogue among main characters with past relationships to allow us to see how they are feeling. I hope we see more of this.

    Can someone give me the backstory on the other sibling Arianna? I didn’t watch the show then.

    • I saw some of Arianna’s tenure. She was mostly involved with Brady, as lska says below. She was working undercover in some drug run storyline. I think she was a suspect in the muggings that were really being done by Hope.

      The Julie/Maggie scene was nice, if I could ignore what they were talking about. šŸ™‚

      I would love to see Mike or another Horton come back. Michael T Weiss would be a pipe dream, but I’m sure they could find a strong actor to come in. They’ve been doing well casting actors lately (Vincent Irizarry, A Martinez), so let’s find one for Mike Horton!

  2. I could co-sign this entire post! I’m not set against either of these stories, and I can see hints of good possibilities in them. But the focus they are getting and the execution are so puzzling.

    thirddp, I can’t give exhaustive history on Arianna, but she dated Brady for a while and almost married him, and she was an occasional foil for Sami. My favorite story for her was when she was involved in the Nighttime Hope investigation; she was the least forgiving of Hope’s crimes. Later, she was hit by a car outside the pub and died.

  3. The Maggie/Summer blah and yet so much on the screen. It seems like they think they can just throw anything out there. It’s not giving us enough credit, kind of insulting. I am however interested in the Victor and Damois (spelling?) story. I can’t believe Victor knifing up Demois’s chest *sob* and then Demois with the poison pills for Maggie?! I can’t believe he did that! Theres going to be some fallout from all this which should be good! Hope so anyway.

    • I can see some potential in the Deimos (spelling? also! lol) story but it has been a slow long time coming.

      And why oh why is Kate even involved with Deimos? This could be a good story with Philip as the either prodigal, failure, faithful, or disappointment son. Fill in the bland. I don’t think Kate is needed at all as part of that.

      on another note, Phillip has grown on me, I think he could be interesting as a sort of bad boy but not evil. I hope they do something decent with him. Once Belle is gone his story is wide open.

    • I really like Deimos. I think that’s the right spelling, lol.

      The way he keeps ripping open his shirt to stare at the scar is giving me flashbacks of Steve doing that all the time to show his tattoo during the three knives story. (Good flashbacks!) I want to see more of Deimos. I want a scene with him and Adrienne. šŸ™‚ Just get him away from Kate!

      I like Phillip too. I know some don’t like JPL but to me he is a good fit for the role. And yeah, now without Belle they can take him any direction.

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