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Sorry I’ve been a bit MIA lately. Work and home have been busy, but I think mostly I’m feeling depressed about the show, ever since the announcement of Josh’s departure and Dena’s return. The show has gotten better over the last month, and I can definitely see Josh’s stamp on things. But I’m having a hard time getting excited about the show, knowing it won’t last. I know Higley’s stuff won’t show up for awhile, but it still feels like a big, looming dead end.

Also, I’m sure many of you have heard the news that Martha Madison, Brandon Beemer, Sal Stowers (Lani), and Marie Wilson (Summer) have all been let go. I can’t say I’m devastated by any of these exits, but I’m kind of exhausted by the revolving door, the constant drumbeat of comings and goings. Is Days ever not in a state of flux?

The darkness that didn’t bother me last fall has been bothering me lately. Joey a murderer, Ciara’s rape, Steve’s rape, Hope’s killing of Stefano, Hope and Rafe framing Andre … and Roman covering up for everyone. He did it again today, when he declined to take Joey’s confession and instead colluded to cover it up and let Steve take the fall. ROMAN IS THE WORST COP IN THE WORLD.

But today was good, for all that. James Lastovic was excellent showing Joey’s desperation to confess, and his frustration at not being allowed to. The Ciara/Hope scene hit a lot of the right notes, especially when Ciara said that she knew she shouldn’t feel ashamed but she did, and when Hope said it would always be with her but it would get better.

But this, of course, was the high note for me:


For all my frustration with Joey the murderer, Stephen and Mary Beth have been doing excellent work with their part of the storyline. I loved Kayla’s line today that she lied to Stephanie: “I’m getting pretty good at it.” Such ruefulness in her tone. I loved Steve’s words to Joey too, when he asked him to let him do this, to make up for being gone all those years.

With everything that has been happening, they haven’t had time to really deal with the fallout of what happened with Ava, but I’m kind of liking that. Sometimes it’s more exciting when these moments can come in between the cracks of the big drama. Don’t get me wrong, I want a big hash-it-out conversation, but these little bits have been surprisingly effective. “You’d better come back.” Yes.


21 thoughts on “Come back

  1. I just don’t know where the show is going and now with more departures why build up these characters to have them leave? The Summer storyline I don’t care for so I am happy to see her character as short lived, however, she is getting a great deal of screen time for someone who will be gone soon. Same goes for Belle she is on the show a lot and now she will be gone. Plus they have given the teen scene a buildup now will Claire be gone since bother her parents will? And I assume chase will be gone also so that kind leaves there with only a few teens. I haven’t really been enjoying the show- it just feels like there is no one to root for? Everyone seems a hot mess and while this can create drama and flawed characters I just feel like everyone is a hot mess with no depth or full character study of why they are a hot mess. There is literally no one I am rooting for – Abby and Chad loved them last fall now ho hum I should love seeing them on scene but well ho hum. Hope and Rafe? Rafe needs to get away from Hope he is so much better in scenes without her. His new family dynamic has potential Gabby and Rafe especially have a wonderful brother sister vibe that has been missing for the show since Bo and Kayla. Let’s see if the additions of Dario will drove some good scenes and family dynamics, that quite frankly has been missing from the show.

    Ciara in a teen rape story, they could really have shown Chase going to the “dark Andre side”. In so many slow compelling ways – it could have been an interesting story in how lost Chase is and Andre’s manipulation but now let’s rush Chase to in 2 days turn into a rapist.

    Jen and Eric have the potential to build up but all we are Jen doing is popping pills with no real consequence yet and Eric is only on intermittently to hover over Jen, give home something to do before he also leaves the show.

    JJ and Gabbi have such nice potential give them a nice story and more screen time.

    John’s story is just getting started and well I actually don’t hate it so we have that small slice of “let’s see where they go” but to brainwash Paul how many brainwashing story’s can one soap do? Do we really need another? I can go one and on, there are a few bright spots steve and Kayla are always great together. I think that is more the actors doing a great job and my nostalgia for them rather then the story. Joey / James L has really stepped up his acting which is nice to see. Theo is such a sweetheart but I don’t know if he fully clicks and has chemistry with Ciara. Ok they is all for my rant for now!

      • Yes Stephen and Marybeth are strong just based on their wonderful chemistry and ability. They are always strong even when the story they are in is not so strong.

        Many people have commented that they miss the “family” dynamics. I completely agree. In the heyday of the 80’s early 90’s the family and friends were so strong. That is one of the reasons whey the “umbrella” stories are missed and were so successful in the past. People did not just have independent stories.

        The few interactions they have put together did work but then the show never followed thru on them (the Abby Steve comment about how Steve would be there for Abby since his brother couldn’t that Michelle mentioned is the perfect example).

        There has been little interaction with old friends and relationships. Jen and Hope sort of as Hope is living in Jen’s house but even that is isolated they are hardly ever in a scene together. That is what is so frustrating the potential is there but not executed well. You see a glimmer hear and there and a small handful of scenes and then the show doesn’t follow thru.

      • I agree about the “hot mess” part! I just want to be able to root for these characters, and there are so many things I have to fanwank or try to get past right now. I was really happy with the rescue yesterday, though. That was fun, and it showed everyone in hero mode.

        I like the family interactions we’ve gotten, but it does feel like it isn’t enough. The Hope/Kayla scene was really good, but we need more!

  2. I also dread the upcoming storylines of Dena’s! I was disappointed in the Chabby wedding as well. I mean, I wish there was some follow thru in what the characters say and do. In one episode we see Steve tell his niece that since his brother can’t be there for her he will…except on one of the most important days of her life. The woman had the worst memory of childbirth and deserved a much better wedding. I would rather they had waited for them to marry. I am dying for some family connections that simply aren’t being made. I mean how long did we wait to see Steve and Adrienne finally have a scene! And Hope and Kayla hadn’t had a scene together in quite some time, then I was a bit disappointed when they did. I loved Steve and Hope talking where she reassured him he did what he thought he had to do with Ava. I would have loved to see her defend him to Kayla. After all, back in the 80s, it was Hope who always urged Kayla not to give up on Steve. I am loving the whole gang going after John. That seems more like the “old days.” Eric is doing such a great job, I wish this storyline would stick around a while. And I love any moments I see my favorite couple, S&K, on screen together. I loved the part where Kayla tell him,again, not to call her Sweetness and him responding with ” I can’t call you anything else.” It rang true on both sides as to what they are feeling and these two actors do such a great job with expressions,body language and tone!! Love them!!

    • I totally agree that Steve should have been at Abby’s wedding, after his words the other day about how he was going to try to take Jack’s place. I’d like to see Hope try to talk to Kayla too, she might be able to give a different perspective. I have been liking Roman taking Kayla’s side more, being a little angry with Steve. Hope could offer the other side. She would be better than Joey, who has been playing that role.

      The “Sweetness” line was great!

  3. I was so glad that Hope insisted to Ciara that she get professional help! What a *normal* thing to suggest.

    I still wish they’d had Joey shove Ava, causing her to hit her head and die. Would’ve been way more nuanced than people letting him off the hook for purposely murdering a woman. But you’re right — they’re coming up with good material for him, Steve, and Kayla through this. I also liked that little bit where Roman said to Joey, “This began with your father, and it ends with him.” There was a liiiiiiittle bit of spite and protectiveness there, which I found interesting.

    • LOL at someone suggesting something normal in Salem. Whew!

      That is a great line about how this began with Steve and should end with him. I think I would feel really good about Roman’s role in this if it wasn’t coming on the heels of covering up for Hope. This just feels too similar to that. I also wish we could see him be a little torn about it all. And I agree it would all play better if Joey had accidentally killed Ava. Sigh.

      • Yes, I do NOT understand why or how they thought they could get away with the Hope and Joey stories back-to-back. Unless this comes back to bite Roman in such an enormous way that the Salem PD is changed forever (which it won’t), it’s just sloppy writing.

  4. I honestly haven’t had a problem with Ciara’s rape storyline (other than VJ runs hot and cold as an actress for me) because I think they’ve handled the aftermath well. I don’t like rape stories that serve as nothing more than a plot point or redemption (like I feel Jen’s rape was used), but sexual assault is an epidemic in this country and I don’t mind the show using the storyline to hopefully educate some people (and based on some comments at various message boards, people STILL need educating) if they do it well. And, so far, they have, IMO.

    Joey as murderer bugged me and still does in some ways. But I’m resisting passing an ultimate verdict until I see where it fully goes. Roman and Kayla’s conversation today about Joey needing counseling and how this was going to haunt him gives me some hope that it’s not just going to be swept under the rug and it is going to have a lasting impact. If it does, then it might end up being acceptable. If it doesn’t, that’s a different story.

    I’ve also come to terms with Roman as the master of the cover-up. I mean, I’d be fine if it all came out and he ended up facing some consequences for it, but I can actually buy that after decades of watching evil people get away with everything and good, and sometimes innocent, people paying the price that his view of right/wrong is not so black and white anymore. The little bit of dialogue he had about that today actually worked for me. And, specifically as to Joey, I think it makes even more sense. He blames Steve for Ava even being in their lives; he knows Ava was responsible for his father’s death and never paid; and he doesn’t feel like ruining Joey’s life is justice. I can live with that.

    As for Steve and Kayla, I’m actually really enjoyed how the aftermath of Ava’s murder has effectively prevented them from dealing with any of the issues standing between them. It allows SN and MBE to play all the angst they are so good at, while still actually working together. And it’s interesting that they brought this little rescue into the middle of it. We have Kayla already doubting her relationship with Steve and, in the middle of a family crisis, he doesn’t hesitate to run off and put his life (and freedom) at risk. He promised her that his family would come first, but – once again – they don’t.

    And that’s not a criticism of Steve. John’s his friend and it is totally Steve to jump right in and help (although there is nothing that suggest the rescue could not proceed without him). It is who he is. But, I actually hope that it makes Kayla question things even more. Is the man he is also the man she needs him to be?

  5. I forgot one little thing – I loved it when Roman asked Kayla if she and Steve were working on things and she basically said she couldn’t even think about it. It was a great line to show that, while they are working together, it’s not about her and Steve so much as protecting Joe and trying to keep Steve out of jail. I thought it was a great line for explaining that all this working together doesn’t mean they are closer to being back together.

    And I loved that I didn’t feel like the kiss really changed any of that. Steve loves Kayla and Kayla loves Steve. But those facts don’t change the real issues between them right now. I loved her telling him he better come back, but I didn’t feel that was a “you better come back to me” comment. This is the stuff that SN and MBE do so, so well.

    • You’ve made some good points and made me think about this a little more. I can’t say you’re wrong about Roman (that he is just sick of the bad guys always getting away with everything), because I think he said as much to Hope. But it all feels a little too convenient and plot-point-y. I would rather he was genuinely clueless about Hope, or genuinely didn’t believe Joey — at least one of those. Just so it didn’t feel like he’s running a Brady Protection Agency instead of the Salem PD.

      I totally agree that his line asking Kayla if they were working on things was great. It would be easy for us to assume they are working things out, so it’s good that we see that Kayla is still very ambivalent, she’s just pushing it aside while they try to help Joey. And I love that he is a little angry at Steve. That is working really well for me.

  6. This past month I have had hard time staying up to date with the show mainly due to work but I find myself less and less motivated to MAKE time to watch the show and that is concerning to me. In November and December it had become MUST SEE and I couldn’t wait to watch the next episode. Now it is starting to feel more like an obligation.

    I was upset by how everything was half-assed. At the beginning of the year the stories seemed OK but the execution seemed lacking. Right now I feel like most of the stories are bad and the execution is only better in a few instances. I really wish they would get it together. Every storyline is not going to be great but the execution can make bad or mediocre story much more palatable.

    I feel like the cast is holding up their end even with a few weaker performers but the writers are way off. I was looking forward to this Josh and Beth time but so far it is a dud. John’s storyline seems like the one exception.

    I was excited about Deimos then they threw him in bed with Kate. I love Steve and Kayla but now their son is a murderer. I have grown to like Brady and Theresa a bit more but then they put Summer into the mix. Everything is just a big mess.

    • I’m really bummed about Deimos/Kate. I’m also bummed about Eduardo/Kate. GET BOTH OF THEM AWAY FROM HER.

      Like I said in the post, I can definitely feel Josh’s stamp on this, it’s not Dena’s stuff. And I can see an improvement from a month or so ago. But I agree, it’s not must see TV for me either. I’ll just hope it will continue to improve from here …

      • Nothing Kate does is interesting to me and now she is mixed in with both Deimos and Eduardo. I don’t know who would be a good match for Vincent Izzary but I’d love to see him in a good romantic pairing to go with all his scheming.

  7. Yes family is missing big time. They are about all gone. They are building a lot of family in the Hernandez family.

    They do need to have a big Horton and Brady party, so we can see just how many are left. I guess they did have some assortment of that during the Honor Stephano party

  8. Lets see Chris Kosicheck return and be Steve’s lawyer. Wouldn’t that be a trip. Who would play him? There are a lot of characters I wonder what happened to because at the time I didn’t see their departure. Mike Horton, April and Emilio, Shane and Kim, Gabby. Did they have/show Jack Deverau’s death(s)? I never saw any of them. Have they ever explained Steve’s mom Jo? A different actress played her when Steve returned in 2008, a very odd thing to have and then never have again. I would have let the character already be dead, as in the real life actress.

    • Jo is still alive. Adrienne talked about her when she had her breast cancer scare story (that was apparently dropped) last fall. I agree that making the character be dead makes more sense. I loved Joy Garrett as Jo!

      I’m not sure about Mike right now. I think he is supposed to be in Israel with Robin? He came back as a (younger) recast in the 90’s and had a romance with Carrie, which is just so wrong to me!

      Emilio died. He was pushed out the window by Melissa when apparently he tried to attack her. Not a very believable thing for him to do, because he was pretty much always a good guy. Not sure about April, I think she just left town.

      For Shane and Kim, it was kind of cool what they did. In the 90’s they left separately, so they were the only supercouple that ended in a split instead of reunion-and-sendoff or one dying. But in 2008 or thereabouts they had them both come back for a funeral (can’t remember if it was Alice or Shawn, senior) and they had a big hash it out conversation that ended with them looking they were going to get together. So now they are together offscreen after all these years. 🙂

  9. I would like to see a return if Chris K. As Steve was always jealous of Chris and Kayla’s friendship. Steve plays jealous really well even when Kayla and Chris were really just old friends. I did not see the story when they were more than friends and I wouldn’t want to see there be a love affair, but just to see Steve be worried about his relationship with Kayla and bring back some of their old feelings about each other.

  10. Well having Chris K return and not be played by Josh T would not work. Especially if Roman had to talk to him. That pushes the suspension of disbelief. Oh well, it ain’t gonna happen. No one remember Chris except us who watched DOOL in the 80s.

    Really, Mike went back to Robin? He was with April the last time I saw him. Robin had left the show years earlier. Wait, he was with Carrie, as it Roman’s daughter? That really sucks that they made Emilio bad, and die. Lame. And Jo Johnson should be allowed to RIP for goodness sake. No one else could and should play her, offscreen or not.

    • I realize that Chris was played by Roman of today. I figure if they can bring back a Chris to play Roman, they could just hire some other actor to play Chris other than Josh Taylor. Granted it wouldn’t be the same, but I hey do a lot of crazy things.

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