The Saddest Little Wedding in the World

Remember how Jennifer was so stressed when she was planning this wedding that she was popping pills over it? Maybe she would have felt better if she knew no one was going to show up:

So many empty chairs …


Hope, Steve, Kayla, Joey, JJ (though he did show up eventually), Maggie, Gabi, Rafe … all MIA. I know some of these people were busy with the shootout and kidnapping drama, but it felt wrong to have some of these people actually in the episode, but not at the wedding.

Of course I’m always happy to see Eric, and he was looking extremely fine, by the way:


I liked this little scene — Eric trying to help Jennifer, getting rebuffed, and then backsliding himself. It shows Eric isn’t a saint, he’s struggling himself. It just makes me mad, though, if I think about it too much. This story is good and Greg Vaughan is doing well in it, but it feels like an afterthought. And why doesn’t anyone in his family seem to notice or care what he’s going through? This isn’t right!

Anyway. Back the wedding. The groom was handsome, the bride looked beautiful:


It felt like the scriptwriter, and certainly the actors, were doing their best, even if the overall construction of it felt rushed and anticlimactic. I really appreciated the thought that went into the dialogue. The vows were lovely, and the reading from Jack’s book. (But why was Julie reading it? Why not Adrienne, or, I don’t know, Steve?)

The drama surrounding Ben’s appearances is really good. I like that we don’t know if it’s really Ben or some kind of delusion, with the evidence pointing toward a delusion. Today’s cliffhanger throws that into doubt a bit, but I’m thinking this has to do with Abby’s upcoming exit. I’m afraid that she’s going to end up going to a mental institution. If that’s the case, though, I wish they had held off and given Chabby fans a little more time — just a week or two? a few days? — to just be happy. That doesn’t seem to be too much to ask. But that’s not the way weddings happen now. You always have to have a dramatic interruption, a big reveal, or the bride shoots the groom in the head, or something.





4 thoughts on “The Saddest Little Wedding in the World

  1. As a long-time Jack and Jennifer fan, I really liked Julie reading from his boo. During their heyday, J and J interacted a lot with her and she was the first person Jennifer confided in about being raped. I wish they could have brought up some of that history with Abby, but it still worked for me.

    And yes to this being the most pathetic wedding in a long time. Too bad, since Abby and Chad are the closest thing the show has to a super couple.

    • I always loved the relationship between Jennifer and Julie. They used her really well during the rape storyline. I’d like to see them use Julie more too, but this was great.

  2. I wrote in a previous comment how sad this wedding was. It should have been a big event the couple everyone was rooting for overcomes all obstacles and gets married. Instead it felt rushed and anti climatic. Maybe because Kate mansi is leaving they had to rush it to close out her time on the show? Not sure but what a horrible wedding. The vows were good and I definately like the reading from Jacks book but for the life of me why was no one there? At least JJ popped in to walk her down the aisle the second time. That was a nice touch. I also like Theo standing in as best man, I seriously forgot they were related!

    Just a sad wedding all around and it should have been built up to a big event. Sad that they didn’t execute this better

    • I think it might have had to do with Kate leaving. I’m glad they got their happy ending, it’s more than a lot of couples get. But after the buildup from the fall I agree it feels rushed and anticlimactic. There were good things but it feels like it should have at least been the focus of the episode, and it really wasn’t. The shootout was.

      I liked Theo being there too. I think Chad should have asked him in the first place to be his best man!

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