Diehard Days

What did you guys think of the big shootout at the OK warehouse? I thought it was fun, but it made me laugh too. Eduardo’s leap to take the bullet for Rafe was a great story idea, but the staging of it made me think of the Simpson’s episode where Homer trains to be a bodyguard:



The Chad and Abby scenes with Thomas’s birth certificate were really wonderful.


This isn’t the dress Theresa originally designed, is it?

Such a lovely gesture on Chad’s part, and I loved his explanation for not giving Thomas his last name, that it hasn’t done him any good and he doesn’t want Thomas carrying it around. I also loved that he said Abby represented the best of both of them.

The wedding itself was sad, though. I see we’re back to pathetically attended events. I liked the conversations at the beginning, as Jennifer, Julie, and Adrienne all shared something special with Abby. The “Norm de Plume” poem was an especially nice callback, and I loved having Adrienne there to represent the Johnson family. But only six people watching as Abby walks down the aisle? That is really, really pathetic.

But, what a cliffhanger – two cliffhangers! Between Ben’s (possible) appearance and John’s very, very creepy dad, color me excited for next week.





7 thoughts on “Diehard Days

  1. It is pretty sad that I was surprised that Adrienne was there to help with the wedding and I honestly had to think a minute before I even remembered she is Abby’s aunt.

  2. My first thought at the wedding was where are Steve and Kayla?? I would think Steve would not miss his niece’s wedding and frankly, he is the logical person to walk Abigail down the aisle. He would have wanted to stand in for his brother. I know it was supposed to be a small wedding, but that was a little ridiculous. Come on, Days, you can do better. I also liked the conversations at the beginning where special things were shared with Abigail. Days is so hit and miss lately- so frustrating.

    • The story bubbles are a huge pet peeve of mine! Like I said, I even forgot Adrienne was Abby’s aunt because we NEVER see her. I honestly believe it is a reflection of the budget issues and the way they do block filming but it is so annoying to me. I miss seeing characters interact with each other!

      My first thought on who should walk Abigail down the aisle was JJ -not Steve and I understand why JJ was not there given the other stuff going on but they acted like Doug was always the choice.

    • Steve should definitely have been there, and of course Kayla too. I would have loved to see Steve talk about Jack and maybe walk her down the isle. But JJ would be good too … at least they all should be there! It was just too much.

  3. I love the Homer Simpson picture, MP! While most of the shootout seemed fairly well done, that part made me crack up when I saw it onscreen. I like the character of Eduardo (and I ❤️ A Martinez as an actor) and it was cool to see the guys doing something instead of just talking about the agency or whatever.

    I do wish DAYS would give up having weddings if they are going to be so lame about the guest list. Same for funerals – it is just embarrassing. For “Chabby” it pointed out how they have no friends at all any more, and most of their actual family either did not get invited or chose not to come. I counted nine guests in total. Maggie’s excuse was particularly stupid – she was getting a prescription for Victor, but had all the time in the world to have coffee with Summer. How about sending Henderson out to pick up the meds? Just adding the Johnson family plus Hope, Shawn and Claire would have made things look far less pathetic. And while I am always happy to see Eric, it seemed very strange that he made the list. Has he EVER even had a conversation with Abby or Chad? They could have at least had him there as the photographer instead of relying on cell phone pics to document this “important” day.

    I do understand that there are serious budgeting issues, but this kind of thing is very annoying, and hurts the show. Instead of spreading the wedding out over 2 episodes with a gunfight and kidnapping as the other action of the day they could have had the wedding along with scenes with Nicole and Theresa snarking about the wedding they weren’t invited to and some boring conversation between Brady and Summer (“Bummer”).Then the next day have the kidnapping/shootout. Every episode does not have to be a cliffhanger.

  4. I am a few days late and catching up but what a terrible depressing wedding! This should have been a big buildup to the couple we have been rooting for who against odds are now getting married! This should have been must watch Soap TV. Instead we get just another no big deal feel! And we get 4 people at the wedding- Eric, Lucas and Adrienne well I guess they have to pay them so might as well put them in a scene. No Hope no steve and Kayla no Marlena no Brady’s other then Eric who obviously was only there to point out Jennifer’s drug use – it just feels rushed why have it at the same time as the other story so everyone was kidnapped or being shot at so they couldn’t go LOL!

    They did get a few things right the Theo scene with him as best man and Chad reference to his family. Plus A few Jack references – woo hoo they remembered him. Nice touch to have JJ walk Abby down the aisle the second time around. It was a bit redeemed on the second day but after watching this horrible wedding it is no wonder that Abby is crying all the time! Haha

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