I’ve said here many times that, for me, it’s the execution of the story that matters. I might criticize the thinking behind a story (Ava again? Really?), but I’ll still give the story a chance to win me over.

Well, I’ve found out there are limits to my tolerance, because I am completely unwilling to get on board with Ciara’s rape story.


There have been things they’ve done right. Days doesn’t have the greatest track record in showing the lingering trauma of rape, but they have certainly shown that Ciara is upset and traumatized. We’ve seen her unable to stop thinking about it (that flashback has gotten quite a workout), but unable to tell anyone. When she finally told Claire, there was some good dialogue. When she doubted she would be believed, it was clear it was because she doubted herself. I particularly liked the line when she said she couldn’t stand the thought of telling people and having them “picture it in their minds.” That was a great detail.

But I have the same question for Days that Ciara had for Chase yesterday: why?

Why do this to a legacy character, a recently SORASed teen? I’ve avoided thinking about the fact that this was Ciara’s first time, but Ciara said it herself yesterday. Why would you think that was a good idea? And, of course, it has pretty much ruined the character of Chase. The one teen who isn’t related to everyone in town! I’m not opposed to Chase being evil, but evil in this particular way? It doesn’t resonate with anything else. When everyone was yelling at Chase in yesterday’s episode, “how could you do this?” Chase kept saying, “I don’t know.” And that’s it, there really isn’t a reason. Yes, we saw he was worried about turning into his dad, he was hurt that Ciara accused him of starting the fire. And he’s obviously been attracted to her. But there was no particular trigger that day, or any day, that explained his actions. It makes all the drama yesterday (and some of it was effective) feel cheap and unearned.

I’m guessing that Chase will see Andre again in jail, and they will team up in some way. And before all this happened, I was interested in that, how Andre might use Chase, use his insecurities and resentments to turn him against Hope and the Hortons. But now? Chase just needs to go, and so does this story.


12 thoughts on “Why?

  1. Yeah, I do not get the point or value of this. Chase could’ve done a hundred other things that were creepy or misguided or bad without being this… icky. Him slowly getting pulled into Andre’s web, instead of becoming a deranged rapist in a week because Andre gave him some pastries, could’ve been compelling.

    On the plus side, I actually thought Vivian Jovanni stepped it up during the confrontation scenes. She felt and sounded like a traumatized rape victim. And Jonathan McClendon is doing good work. It’s just a shame this is the content they have.

    • LOL, those must have been some really great pastries.

      I agree Vivian and Jonathon did well. It just didn’t really feel organic. Just big drama that could have been any two characters.

  2. Some stories are just made up to fill the time and have no point within the SL. Several short stories. I wish we could have some of the old writers.

  3. I have said from the beginning that it felt like it was done for shock value and I can’t get behind a rape storyline of a teenager just for shock value. I swear when the teens tied Chase up I had all kind of dark idea about where this was going. With Joey being involved I cringed to think what was going to happen. And when Ciara had that metal bar in her hand I was truly terrified about where this could be going. Thankfully they weren’t going for that much shock value!

    I was thinking that she is going to end up pregnant…mainly because she didn’t seek help or mention a morning after pill. Now I don’t know.

    I am surprised that Hope didn’t open up about her own history or assure Ciara that several women she knows are rape survivors to show her that she will eventually find a way to deal with what has happened to her.

    They needed to do a better job setting this up to show Chase becoming obsessed with her before it happened. He said he couldn’t lose her. He had no one else and could not lose her so then when Andre put that thought in his head about women like a man who takes control (or whatever it was) he twisted those words around and poof we had an instant rapist. It’s just really bad storytelling.

    • Yeah, they really needed to ramp up his obsession, and show him being very possessive, jealous of Theo, and showing Andre playing on that. This just came out of nowhere, and it really undercuts the story.

      I think you’re right that it was done for shock value.

  4. As bad as this story is it got much worse when all the teens got together and kidnapped Chase and tied him to the chair in the warehouse – really? Plus hello Joey just murdered someone lets add kidnapping to the list. then leave Ciara alone with him, don’t even wait outside lets go to the Horton square! And Ciara with the pipe made me think of crazy Hope which I could not stand. The only good thing about this story is how kind Theo is, of Days does it right (which I have my doubts) they could have a nice couple with a slow love story. Let’s see if they can at least get that right

  5. Talking about leaving Ciara alone with Joey, it got me trying to remember if Hope knows that Joey killed Ava? So many things happen In isolation, it wouldn’t surprise if she doesn’t know. Hopefully days saw as this story was in production that it just wasn’t working and move it along quickly out of here. Theo comes out the best in all this. He’s so likable and it’s probably because they aren’t paying him too much thought. Maybe they’re trying too hard with all the different stories?? Is there a mental institution in Salem? They need to send Ciara there and come back a different person. When they cast these young actors it looks like they go more with looks than experience. I’d be happy with a less pretty actor who has experience. They have to be out there. I saw on the FB page of the actor who plays Chase that he was going on an audition the other day. Sounds like he’s gone. I hope this whole story gets dumped soon. It’s sad they did this to a young legacy character as you said just for the shock.

    • I’ve heard rumors that Chase is gone too. I’m glad. He is a good actor, but there’s no way to bring the character back from this IMO. I agree Theo is coming off the best. I’m really starting to love him.

  6. I totally agree with everything you said MP. It was unnecessary and gave a group of teens a story for a week or two but that’s it.

    There is no real way Chase can be redeemed now and if they are going for a Jack Deveraux style redemption then the actors are far too young to pull it off.

    This was the equivilent of a fast food pigout and is insulting.

    Plus seeing Joey indignant over rape when he just murdered domeone was farcical.

    And what’s with Hope’s inability to acknowledge her granddaughter? She treats her like one of the gang.

    • Ha ha, you’re right, it’s like Hope has forgotten Claire is her granddaughter. Shawn feels like kind of like an afterthought on the show now, so maybe that makes sense.

      Joey’s murder of Ava is definitely a problem. I was hoping for something to mitigate what he did – an immediate threat from her, something like that — but it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen.

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