What a great episode.

I loved how we started out with Steve and Kayla cooperating, working to investigate Ava and make a case for her psychosis. Then, inevitably, the tension between them came bubbling up when they tried to talk about Steve and Ava’s trip to Jakarta. I loved how Kayla said defensively that “I’m just gathering evidence” and then immediately asked him if he was drawn to Ava because she was dangerous and exciting.  I didn’t like it when Kayla said she knew she wasn’t edgy, but that was probably more my own bias than not being a believable source of insecurity. At least she didn’t say she knew she wasn’t sexy.


Anyway, it led into the best part of the episode, when Steve said that the most dangerous, exciting moment of his life when she “let” him kiss her (which cracked me up because, mostly, it was the other way around). This is such a great callback to an essential element of their early love story — how afraid Steve was of opening up. I love hearing that acknowledged.

At the brunch with Steve and Mary Beth, Steve said to watch out for a spiral staircase — that these are the stairs from the old loft set:


Well, take my word for it, there really are stairs there.

And what do you know? Those stairs led to my 8th grade bedroom!


This is funny, especially the poems and motivational quotes, like something out of “Chicken Soup for the Stalker’s Soul.” But it was chilling too, especially the pictures of Kayla with “Death” scrawled over her face. I imagine this will go far – ya think? – in establishing that Ava was a threat.

Joey and Kayla’s conversation was also good. It’s still not working for me that Joey is a murderer and he’s letting his dad cover for him, but I liked when Joey challenged Kayla on whether she could forgive Steve, and said that he already had. It was a good way to confirm how Kayla is feeling, that she is still hurt but is starting to forgive him.

Another good conversation was between Abby and Jennifer:


It’s been bugging me how Abby is acquiescing so much to Chad’s wishes, so I thought it was very effective that Jen brought that up, saying Abby could have asserted herself, she could have put her foot down, and said she didn’t want to live in the Dimera mansion. Abby’s worry about Ben made the whole conversation more fraught than it would have been otherwise, and lent credence to Jen’s concerns. But Abby made a good point too, that she has her son and the man she loves, and this is something she can do for Chad. Of course it begs the question of why Chad wants to live there (because we have to use the set, Abby!), and I was glad Jen asked her that.

Good stuff for the Hernandez clan too. I loved how Ariana’s kidnapping forced Eduardo to confide in Rafe about his past, and gave Gabi and JJ some good emotional scenes. Good episode all around!


22 thoughts on “Shrine

  1. I definitely don’t remember Steve and Kayla not being sexy with each other.. It wasn’t wild sexy but now they are trying to change her. I thought he was definitely satisfied with their relationship. Now they want to say he liked Ava due to the wild side of Ava. Never even thought he preferred that to Kayla.

    • I think he made it perfectly clear that she and they are what he’ll always want 🙂 I loved what he said about circus tricks. Yet another sign that he wants what they have together, and nothing else.

  2. I believe That after seeing the video of Steve and Ava, Kayla doesn’t believe Steve is really satisfied with what she and Steve have, even though he said to her what he did. He will definitely have to be more convincing.

    • I hope there is some more of that, too. I liked what Steve said, but with Kayla expressing sexual insecurity, I really needed to hear him reassure her about their sex life, more than his love for her.

      When I see how happy everyone else was with this episode, I feel a little down about it, because I think it was supposed to play a role in resolving this story that just didn’t work for me. The Kayla/Joey scenes rubbed the wrong way, too — it’s a pet peeve of mine when characters are told how to feel — and especially a troubled teen boy telling his mother how to handle her relationship.

      • I think more into the investigating if there s a point where Joey thinks Steve is going to be thought of as guilty he will confess. Whatever I think he will plead that the did kill Ava at some point.

      • Good point that he should have addressed their sex life more, though he did, implicitly, when he referred to kissing her as the more exciting, dangerous moment of his life.

        I know what you mean about teenagers telling their parents about their relationships. I’m so used to it I guess I’m resigned. 🙂

      • I understand the comments about Kayla’s sexual insecurity being a little bit out of character but it’s really probably not for where they are now. I keep thinking about how MB said the writing was reflecting who these characters are now. I guess part of not really knowing how long they were supposed to have been apart is one issue. I think we can all understand how women at certain ages in their lives start to feel insecure about a lot of things and if you imagine that S&K were apart for several years then I think it is understandable that Kayla would have some insecurities especially after having to watch the video of Steve being with someone else. Especially someone younger and with a “better” body. (I personally think Tamara Braun is too damn skinny but what do I know.)

        I have had questions about the length of Steve’s absence since he came back. With them making Joey older it’s hard to know if they intended him to have been away for 3 yrs or 13? If it were closer to a decade then I totally understand Kayla’s insecurity especially when we know she was not with anyone else during that time.

        I had this little flashback to the Marina storyline where pregnant Kayla overhears Steve talking to Marcus about Marina and he says something about his feelings of “pure lust” for Marina. I will have to go back and try to find it to remember the details. He was talking about the past but he is also saying that when he is around Marina he still feels it or something like that. I always thought that scene and that conversation were strange and a bit out of the blue. And of course there was no real follow up and don’t think Steve ever knew Kayla heard that conversation.

        I did like what Steve said about kissing Kayla but I also thought he was a bit dismissive with telling her they didn’t have time to deal with all of it right now so I really hope we do eventually have more of this discussion later.

  3. This was one of the better episodes I’ve seen in a while and what I liked best was when he told her about the first time they really kissed. I can see why she wouldn’t totally let him back in her heart just yet but this was a very good start. I also liked the shrine stuff ..that was creepy. I wish the camera could have done a slower pass over all the photos and things Ava had put up. That was interesting about the spiral staircase, Mary. I’m surprised they still had it and since they do, wouldn’t it be great if they could have someone live in the loft? Maybe one of the younger couples or single women.

    • I would love to see the loft set back. Abby and Chad could live there!

      The last time they were using it – Belle and Shawn were living there – it looked so different. They had the rooftop but not the famous door. Very sad.

  4. I do remember when S&K made love for the first time and that is Is when Steve told Kayla he loved her. She then told Steve she loved him. That shows it was a deeper love then any crazy sex. I do wish they would bring some of the old music, this romantic music they are playing just doesn’t cut it, even if just for S&K. I would love that. I haven’t caught who is writing the music now, but it does not give me any vibes.

  5. I think Kayla’s sexual insecurity comes from multiple points. The biggest one is Steve’s abandonment of her and Joey for some unspecified trouble. Perhaps if that story had actually been told… She feels he was looking for a more exciting and adventurous life that she could offer, at least she said so sometime last fall. Her confidence in her own physical attraction has been weakened by time and loneliness. Ava’s physical package was younger and sexier than Kayla’s and she flaunted her sexuality like a flag, whereas Kayla’s style has always been more buttoned up and conservative. The video image that she saw – and that repeats in her head – shows her man engaging in sex in a manner that he never has with her. The words that Ava said – about how much he liked it rough still echo. She doesn’t understand how much he hated the experience, how alien it was to what he was all about. Finally, it must be tough to keep having to meet up with your man’s ex-lovers, especially when they are OBSESSED with him like Marina and Ava, not to mention the non-obsessed Britta, Della and almost Billie. She has seen her man with too many other women by now to truly believe him when he tells her that she is the only one that he wants, at least for now.

    The thing about the shrine that really strikes me is is that it explains Ava’s connection with Joey. She clearly at some point stole his keys and made her own copy so she could have access to their house – like she said – this time she did her research. She had the Polaroid that Steve mooned over for so long! It also answered the questions of how did Ava have a place she could stash Kayla on such short notice, and how did she get into the house that last time before injecting herself. The props department must have had a blast coming up that shrine! And they incorporated the spiral staircase – I really wish they would bring back the Loft. I’d far rather have it than keep the Dimera mansion set.

    • One of the reasons I’ve never thought Ava really worked as a foil for S&K was that they were always such a highly sexual couple. It’s hard to believe that there are sides of Steve that Kayla would feel she doesn’t know. She was always so confident, and a sexual person in spite of presenting herself more conservatively. I’m pretty mad at the writers for taking that away from her and flattening out that complexity.

      • I do agree with you on your point that S&K were a highly sexual couple and the writers are trying to change that maybe because they never saw or understand what the rest of us know from past history. I don’t think they see this couple the way many of us have seen. They are missing the point of this couple. S&K had many levels of learning to love each other deeply and it was beautiful the way the writers then brought this about years ago. These writers just don’t get it or this story would be written differently.

  6. That’s a very cool tidbit with the staircase from the Loft set. I imagine the set is long gone, and re-fabricated for another set entirely. It would be interesting to know which new set is in the same physical location as the Loft, Steve’s place below Shananigins, the Emergency Center and of course the Pier. I miss the pier, why no more scenes at the dang pier?
    Some one out there must have pictures of these sets. I’d love to see the whole set from behind the scenes. There is a big history of days coffee table book that I thumbed through once and found a few familiar 80s sets, but not many.

  7. Ok Mary you made me laugh with the 8th grade bedroom crack! Too funny!

    Tuesday’s episode was one of the best interactions I’ve seen yet with S&K since his return. I understand where Kayla is coming from, questioning him about what happened, what he saw in Ava, and feelings of insecurity. Good grief, the poor woman watched a video of her man doing the deed with her worst enemy (and implied in a way he never was with Kayla herself) I do agree Steve could have done a much better job of reassuring her, and I still think he needs to make some advances to make her feel special. (where the hell are the yellow roses?!?!)
    Their conversation was honest, brutal, and yes, you could feel the vulnerability of both. MBE can say so much with her eyes, that woman is amazing. Steve describing his greatest thrill being the first time she “let” him kiss & hold her was spot on. But her line of “doing this on your own got you into bed with ava in the first place” I cheered! I love my Steve, but he has always had a god complex. My dream would be to see him acknowledge this to Kayla, tell her how disgusted he felt, fall to his knees and yeah, I still want her to whap him upside the head! (childish I know)
    My feelings for Joey are mixed. I DO NOT want to see them blow this off. He needs to admit what he did. Believe me, no one loathed avawitch more than me, but a 16 year old boy smothering someone just makes me uncomfortable. I don’t see how this is going to be reconciled, but I hope it is addressed in a way that promotes honesty and integrity. And of course, proves what a psycho that witch was. May she roast in hell.
    The LOFT staircase!!!!!!!! Even though SN had warned us this was coming, my heart did a little pitter patter when I saw HIM coming down it. The shrine it uncovered just freaked me out. Clearly, that was beyond obsession, and I am so glad Kayla got to see it. I think it gave her (and us) a little taste of what Steve was trying to reason with.
    After the horror of last month, I will take Tuesday’s episode anyday.

    • Her line about how doing things on his own is what made him end up in bed with Ava was spot on! It’s so perfect because he has a history of going off on his own and doing things without confiding in her. And Kayla is right to be mad about that in general, and of course especially now.

      I think the shrine gave Kayla some insight, too. This woman was off her rocker, and was liable to do anything.

  8. So Kayla thinks she’s not edgy? Steve could have given her some examples where she was edgy. The first time they made love was on the roof of the loft. Were there any tall buildings around the loft? Anyone looking down on them could have seen them. They joined the mile high club on their honeymoon. I know it was a private jet with a bedroom and not some stinky cramped airplane washroom but still they had sex on a plane. They had sex behind a tree in South Carolina after a picnic. Anyone could have seen them. There was a storyline where they had possession of 2 million dollars for the night and the next day it had to go back to the bank.The money belonged to Nick Correlli. Kayla took some of the money from the briefcase and spread it over the bed and they made love on it. Girl, you have edgy qualities and don’t you forget it.

  9. I don’t really think the writers have necessarily forgotten about S&K’s edgy stuff. Its there, otherwise it wouldn’t be in the script right now, with her insecurities about it. Its just that nowadays they aren’t very edgy. SN is 65 years old here. MBE is 55. I can’t believe he’ll be 70 in 5 years. Not Patch Johnson! I don’t know if the writers can showcase an “edgy” couple of scenes at that age. I’m afraid the younger cast members are going to get that stuff. But it would have been nice to see Steve give her some examples where she was edgy in them 80s.

  10. I don’t think of Steve and Kayla and 55 and 65 even going together. In my eyes they could pull it off a little more edgy than they have so far.. After all Soap opera is on the fantasy side, so should have something for all ages. The older crowd can dream too, can’t they. Maybe I don’t understand the word edgy.

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