Friday and Monday featured the stories I’m not as invested in, but they were both really strong episodes. You could argue that today’s episode was a little overstuffed, but after the last few months of people being stranded in their bubbles, I found it refreshing.

I am not invested in Summer as a character (at least not yet), and I’m definitely not invested in her as another long lost child for Maggie, but I’m enjoying what this story is doing for Brady. This is the first time I can remember him actively trying to help another person. It kind of amazes me that Days doesn’t seem to get that — that what makes us admire and root for people is for them to do admirable things. I also like the fact that Theresa’s suspicion of Summer isn’t crazy or unfounded, and they are playing the disagreement about her in a pretty low-key way so far.

There was a big Twitter dust-up over a picture that Vincent Irizarry tweeted of him with Judi Evans (and I really, really hope we will see Deimos and Adrienne share scenes!) In the background of that photo there was someone who looked very much like Freddie Smith. I wasn’t getting too excited about it either way —  though I like Sonny and I want Paul to have a love interest. I figured, even if he was coming back, it was months and months away. But two mentions of Sonny in two weeks? I smell a return!

John and Eduardo are a lot of fun.


There is something about seeing two alpha males who distrust each other, and yet are forced to cooperate, that I just love. It’s what I loved about Steve and RoJohn, and Steve and Bo, back in the 80’s. (If they throw Steve into this mix too, I may faint.) Eduardo’s intense investment in Kate seems a little extreme, and not earned by the non-relationship that we saw onscreen. But, A plays that frustrated attraction so well, I kind of love it anyway. It’s a way of giving him a personal stake in his investigation of Deimos, so it’s a good idea on that score.

And, finally, the Chabby scenes with JJ and Jennifer were brief but very good. Jennifer’s defensiveness about her pills was well done. They seem to be playing her addiction as linked to a being a bit of a perfectionist and a supermom, with all her talk about how she can handle anything Abby throws at her and such. That’s not something we’ve seen, really, but it somehow fits. It plays on her past as the Horton golden girl. I’m liking this. The wedding planning scene with Chad was really subtle in its awkwardness, with Jen trying to be welcoming but maybe trying to hard. That felt very real.

JJ and Chad have great chemistry — I’ve loved all their scenes together lately. JJ had a great line when he said he was sure a few months in a psychology clinic completely cured Ben of his tendency to kill people. Casey Moss was great there. Chad’s rationale for keeping the escape a secret from Abby was a little weak, but it’s what soap men do all the time, so I fully expected him to prevail on JJ.  Abby’s suspicious look, though:


I was very pleasantly surprised when JJ spit out the truth after all. When she then chewed them both out for keeping secrets it was, again, just very classic, old school soap, and I loved it.

All in all, things are looking very, very promising. Can’t wait to see what happens next, and when was the last time I felt this way?

Screenshots Forever Safe.


2 thoughts on “Anticipation

  1. I have been behind on viewing for the last 2 1/2 weeks but finally last night I was able to catch up. I have definitely noticed a shift and an improvement in the show the last few weeks so let’s hope that continues. I kept complaining that everything felt half-assed and I have to say it feels like they are at least trying to develop characters and stories a bit more lately.

    I honestly haven’t given the Summer storyline a lot of thought and I have been tempted to FF through it all but I haven’t. The timeline is absurd for her to be Maggie’s daughter from before Mickey but so does the Victor/Deimos/Helena timeline but I am somehow more willing to overlook that one.

    I realized yesterday that I have started to enjoy the new Phillip. His scenes will Belle were good and it’s glad to see that Phillip call her out a bit.

    I totally agree with you about the John/Eduardo scenes and I am actually excited about this storyline. I hope it’s good old fashioned soapy fun and not another dark, depressing tale. I would love to see some Steve and Eduardo scenes too. I didn’t realize it when I was watching the second run of S&K but it’s interesting how the relationship between Steve and John was played with no mention that John had been Roman and that Steve and Roman had always had that layered, complicated relationship. It’s odd that they totally ignored that history and just let it play out like Steve and John were just old friends.

    I would like some story for Paul but I am not sure I want Paul and Sonny together. I was hoping Dario was coming back as an option for him but after seeing the Dario/Nicole scenes I am afraid the plan is to put those two together.

    I also enjoyed JJ and Chabby and I am glad JJ told Abby about Ben’s escape. I don’t like the Jennifer’s insta-addiction story and I am bothered that the only two people who have noticed she potentially has a problem are Eric and Theresa. Sure Hope has had a lot on her mind but she is living with Jennifer…and JJ and Abby should have realized something is up. Theresa even warned Abby that something seemed off and she just ignored it.

    And I still wish they had not done the rape story for Ciara. I am beyond sick of the flashbacks and unfortunately I don’t think VJ is capable of the complexity of emotions this kind of storyline requires. Watching those scenes with her and Claire I couldn’t help but think that maybe the story would work better if it had been Claire and not Ciara because she seems like a more capable actress.

    • I totally agree about the rape storyline. I’m just trying to ignore it mostly, because I wish they hadn’t done it and I agree about VJ. She is not Paige-level bad but she doesn’t have the chops for this. I agree Claire is better.

      I don’t know why they never seem to show Abby being concerned about Jennifer. It’s always Chad, Chad, Chad with her. Abby did ask her about her back at the beginning of the episode, but she didn’t press it hard enough. Kate Mansi did a good job showing Abby knew it was about more than just her back — which the dialogue didn’t necessarily do.

      I like the new Phillip, but I really hate this back and forth with Belle. I wish he would kick her to curb and stick with it for a little while! Instead he just lets her jerk him around. If they both tried to stay away from each other but were drawn together SLOWLY I could maybe get into them.

      I’d rather have Dario than Fynn for Nicole but that’s just because I really hate Fynn. I was kind of hoping Dario would be a gay character too, but it doesn’t look like it.

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