Not guilty

(Sorry to be late with this. This is about Thursday’s show. Haven’t watched Friday yet!)

Every story has a little more zing to it when they mix up the cast interaction, and I’m very happy we saw so much of that on Thursday. I particularly enjoyed JJ’s scenes with Chad and Abby at the start of the episode.

Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 1.21.54 PM

The undercurrents were delightful in the scene where Chad told JJ to tell Abby the truth (Ben’s escape), and JJ exchanged looks with him and proceeded to lie his ass off — which is, of course, exactly what Chad wanted. JJ’s lie (that he would support their marriage) was sweet, and tied in nicely to the fact that he and Chad are now cooperating to protect Abby.

And … they are keeping secrets from her, which always turns out well.

Steve and Kayla’s scenes were as good as I hoped they would be. Really nice work by Stephen and Mary Beth in the opening scene, as they discussed how best to protect Joey.

Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 1.22.32 PM

I am still upset that Joey is a murderer, and I think Steve and Kayla should have expressed more shock and dismay at the fact that Joey killed someone. What happened to Kayla “murder is wrong” Brady?

(Sigh. Doing my best to get past it.)

I really liked how Joey talked about Ava had succeeded in tearing them apart, and Steve was the one to pipe up and say they weren’t going to let her succeed. It was a nice show of faith on his part. I also appreciate that Steve isn’t determined to throw himself to the wolves, that he’s looking for ways to plead self defense. That makes Joey’s willingness to let Steve take the fall more palatable, and it shows growth for the character of Steve. In times past, when Steve tried to martyr himself, he often acted like the more he suffered, the more he would benefit the person he was trying to help. And this has been a great way to use Belle. More please!

And, for all of us who have been begging and begging for a Steve/Adrienne scene:

Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 1.48.54 PM

Squeee! It was very, very brief, but very, very welcome!

And please, please, please let this turn snake thing turn into something really cool and interesting, that connects to another story on the canvas, and gives Blackpatch a chance to investigate something!

Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 1.20.07 PM

The Summer story was the weakest part of the show, because I’m not particularly invested in Summer being Maggie’s daughter (WHY NOT BRING ON SARAH HORTON, YOU MORONS?) but they managed to intrigue me even here. What does Summer want with Nicole’s sunglasses? Or those heart-shaped earrings? (Were those Theresa’s, by the way? I lost focus for a minute.) Looks like she’s got a hidden agenda, and I just hope to God it’s more complex than “I fell instantly in love with Brady and I will make him mine at all costs.”

Of course, these scenes were drastically improved by the mesmerizing sight of Ari Zucker’s cleavage:

Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 1.21.15 PM

Thank you, costume department!

Screencaps Joanie


7 thoughts on “Not guilty

  1. Dang, I just went and found that clip to check-I was sure they were red shoes as well.

    I must say I find the Summer story intriguing. I don’t say I care for it but I do wonder where it is going.

    Glad to finally see a Steve and Adrienne scene too. I am glad Steve, Kay and Joe have an ongoing story, but I do wish they would mix a bit more with other Salemites.

    • I am intrigued by the mysteries they are setting up with Summer, and also with Deimos, and of course the snake charm. I hope they keep us guessing for a bit.

      Good point that it would be nice to see Steve and Kayla outside of their bubble. We saw Steve with Hope, and then his arrest has led to some good mixing. But it would be nice to see Kayla talk to someone about all this, besides Roman. Hope?

  2. I love that still shot of Steve, Adrienne and Justin. I wish they would have thos two mixed in with Steve & Kayla in the murder case. I’m not a huge fan of J&A as a couple but they do seem like they could be that happy couple who just doesn’t have problems and just have them interact together with other people on the canvass. They look right together.

    In general, one thing I’ve noticed of late is that ….Days feels like a soap is supposed to feel…more than it has for months. I can’t explain it…maybe they’ve slowed it down, I don’t know but it feels better. More cohesive? The bad thing, for me anyway is that the stories aren’t so compelling as they could be. I’m into the Ava murder but like u Mary, I can’t understand why no one on the show, esp Kayla, is bothered that Joey murdered someone, even if it was Ava lol. He’s a murderer! Shouldn’t he have counseling or something?! Unreal! The teen set…the rape story..just, no. I’m a little intrigued by the Summer story and not to get ahead but the return of Ben, looking forward to that. maybe they’ve just gone back to slower developing stories and that is something to get used to and I can if I know there’s a payoff coming one day.

    I read Ken Corday said in an interview that Josh G left on his own. I hope that is the case bc if he was fired it could be bc the writing was bad which means we’re stuck with 5 months of who knows what or you-know-what (crap). I wish the 5 weeks off, they would make it 10 and make the lag even shorter than that.They miss out on fan reaction to storylines even to just have fun with the audience. Just for instance,there’s a Twitter account called ”Chads Ass’ (do y’all remember that?), and they could have fun with that and drive social media to create even more interest. I find it so weird that we are watching what they filmed in what, September?! What did the stars say at DoD’s about upcoming story? Anything about 5 months out? In any event, we’ll be seeing the new head writer material….Next Labor Day 😂. Hopefully he’ll have good fresh ideas.

    • The Chass — of course! 😀

      I’ve heard some speculation that they are going to try to shorten the lead time between shooting and airing, which would be great in one way … I’m just worried that, since it was a cost saving measure, shortening it would force them to cut costs in other ways. And I’m not sure Days was so great about responding to fan reaction even before this shooting schedule. Not talking about the glory days of course (when fan reaction made them keep SN, for example!), but more recently.

      That little Steve/Adrienne moment was so funny just because it was so brief. Here’s what you’ve been asking for, but it’s going to be less than a second! Oh well, I was still excited.

      • The Adrian moment is weird all right. She’s not been on in weeks (months?) and then has a nothing scene with Steve? Why? Modern viewers won’t even know they are related. I would like to see more. All I remember about the last time they were together was in around ’07 when she helped get him out of the mental institution or something. I really hated that whole storyline, with Steve possessed by that stupid card or whatever, forcing Kayla to do some operation or something. Hideous. I barely remember any of of it. I remember not too long ago even MBE stating that SN would never return to the show – ever. I’m glad those 2000s storyline can now no longer be the end of S&K. New stuff is far superior.
        That being said, I thought that this was supposed to be only a short return for SN for the 40th anniversary, the way it was for Bo. Anyone have any idea how long SN’s contract is?

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