Goodbye Stefano

I really enjoyed Stefano’s sendoff yesterday.


The character deserved a lot more than what he had gotten so far:  disappearing from the canvas without any reaction from anyone, and serving mostly as a reason for Rafe and Hope to grow closer.

It felt at times like all the actors were saying goodbye to Joe Mascolo, not Stefano, and the affection in their voices was sometimes at odds with what they were saying. I would have liked for Steve and Kayla to have been there, to talk about Benjy and being a pawn for a decade or so. And Jennifer should have been there as well. I’m surprised they didn’t show a Princess Gina flashback; that seems like a no-brainer. I also would have liked more 80’s flashbacks (Tony, Renee, Anna).

But I appreciated the tribute to Stefano’s love for his children, especially Theo, since that seemed to foreshadow that Theo will be the one most genuinely upset by his death (which might drive Lani to find out the truth?) I would have welcomed a reference to Chad in that context as well. The undercurrents between Hope and Roman were a nice addition, and I laughed out loud at Marlena’s line about why Stefano was obsessed with her: “my incredible beauty, rapier wit, and big heart.” Dee played that really well, almost cracking up as she said it. And that final toast: “Checkmate!” followed by the flashback of Stefano conducting opera — perfect.

We’ll miss you, Joe.


4 thoughts on “Goodbye Stefano

  1. I was surprised — pleasantly so — that they took the time to do this. It was lovely, and I think they more or less struck the right tone, which is very difficult to do when, as you point out, the actors’ and the audience’s feelings about the character and actor in question are very different from how the onscreen characters should feel. They navigated it well enough, with Kate being the voice of “Stefano wasn’t always the worst,” and the final shot of him conducting brought me to tears! I’d have been thrilled for more flashbacks, too, but the ones they chose at least worked, and we got lots of discussion.

  2. Kate was a good one to have there, since she married him. I liked her sparring with Marlena about Stefano’s obsession with her. I just love that they took the time to do this, more than a month after his death. You guys are probably all sick of me demonizing Higley and praising Josh, but I’ll give him credit for this!

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