Ghosts and more ghosts!


I thought Billy Flynn did an excellent job in the scenes with Stefano. “I don’t know who to be …” That was really amazing. And Stefano was channeling Jacob Marley when he essentially said “I wear the chain I forged in life,” and encouraged Chad to turn it around so the same thing didn’t happen to him. I loved seeing Joe Mascolo again, I love that Chad got to say goodbye, but I admit to being a little bit disappointed in the outcome. I think it would have been messier and more interesting if Stefano had asked Chad to avenge him. Telling him it was Hope who killed him would have been too much, but something to make it a little harder for Chad to move on. If Chad is totally unconcerned about Andre, and now he’s been given Stefano’s blessing to move on, where’s the conflict? Partly, I’m just so annoyed by the pitiful fallout from Stefano’s death. Seeing Chad cared about Stefano is a step in the right direction, but I want more.

We also got to see Ava again, of course, haunting Joey, leading to his anguished confession to Kayla.


I was surprised he confessed so soon. I’m glad for the character that he doesn’t want his father taking the blame for what he did, but in terms of the story I think this is playing out too quickly. James Lastovic and Mary Beth did great in those scenes yesterday, but I think a few more days of agonizing and worry about Steve would have upped the ante. A mother could never give up her son, even to save her husband, but I think the “Sophie’s choice” aspect could have had more punch. The “fact” that Steve killed Ava would have been a wonderful beat to play with for a little while — Mary Beth would have been awesome showing the layers there. Kayla can’t be sorry she’s dead, she might even feel a little bit glad that Steve did it, but she feels guilty and ashamed for feeling that way — and maybe even guilty that Steve was possibly driven to do it for her. She’s angry at Steve, but she doesn’t want him to go to jail, but maybe she also feels angry with  him for putting himself in a position to go to jail. Meanwhile Joey could be watching all this and then finally burst out with the truth.

But, this should still be interesting stuff going forward. I’m still holding out a faint hope that something will happen to excuse Joey a little, but for Steve and Kayla this should be interesting. I really like Belle coming in and being the strong defense lawyer. It’s one sure way to get me like Belle again!

I really liked how Eric and Jennifer’s story played out. It was a great twist to have Jennifer, instead of drunk Eric, be the one who didn’t remember their argument and kiss. Missy was genuinely funny in her skepticism about his story: “We kissed, yeah, okay.” You all know I will love Ericole forever, but I am enjoying Jeneric more than I thought I would. I loved seeing Eric’s determination to bring her to a meeting, and when she didn’t show, how he turned to Marlena.


The best part of this scene is when he talked about how he caused the accident, how Jen was addicted to pills because of him, and how he owed it to her to make this right. (Character motivation! Thank you, Josh!) I am devastated that Greg is leaving, but I am glad the character of Eric Brady is getting a good exit.

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11 thoughts on “Apparitions

  1. One of the things I’ve really liked about Josh’s writing is that he is forcing me to rediscover and reevaluate characters. I’ve written here before that Steve and Kayla were never my favorite couple (they were maybe 4th or 5th on my 80s list), but they are one of the best things about Josh’s Days. Ditto for Eric, who I found really boring as a priest, but the past few weeks have made me sad that he’s leaving. I think that last piece you highlighted was the best part of the show for me. I like that they are building in some realistic redemption for Eric and Greg Vaughn is really killing these scenes.

    My second favorite scene was when JJ walked in at the end to tell Chad that Ben escaped. I really wanted these two to team up in the fall to find Abby and I’m hoping that it will happen now. As much as I love Chabby, Billy Flynn has chemistry with everyone (that sweet kiss on Jennifer’s cheek yesterday!) and I love to see him mix it up with other characters.

    • Josh is generally writing really well for Steve and Kayla — glad you are enjoying it too. Regarding Greg, I saw someone on Twitter say that sometimes it’s better to get a big exit story than it is to just hang out in the background for months and months. That seems to be what’s happening with Greg/Eric, so I’m trying to look on the bright side.

      It’s great to see Billy Flynn getting some good material again, after the silly brainwashing story. The return of Ben should be some good drama!

  2. One of the things that Josh seems to be doing is building in more of the kinds of reactions you would expect people to have. However, I think all the writers on Days have lost the ability to spin out a story, particularly a romance. Steve and Kayla took years to resolve their differences and that is why their romance had such a big payoff. It seems like they are afraid to spend time developing longer romances because they fear the audience won’t stick around. Heck, if I am invested with the couple, I will stick around. (I came back to Days for Steve and Kayla’s return both times!) Know what makes people invest? Time getting to know the characters. Seeing them in different situations. Watching them react to each other and the world. In other words, getting to know them as layered, interesting people. Watching good actors create wonderful, breathing people that we connect to, root for, and, in some cases, fall in love with continues to be compelling in 2016.

    If you write good stories and good characters, we will watch. Believe it.

    • I agree! I so miss the long stories of old time Days. I like Josh a lot (certainly in comparison with Dena) but the pace is still so fast. I think of something like the Jack is Billy story and how long that played out, and how much mileage they got out of it! I miss that kind of storytelling.

      I really believe if a headwriter went back to those types of stories, it would pay off. It might take awhile, but people would get hooked and tune in.

  3. THANK YOU MARY PICKFORD..Your perspective is always interesting. I am happy that we are seeing our sweet Eric Brady shine through..he is a good man and deserves some support, empathy, and family LOVE as he exits the canvas💛

  4. 8 reasons that I really liked this episode of DAYS

    1 – Chad’s dream of Stefano was beautifully done, expressing his conflicted feelings about his Dimera heritage, allowing him to let go of some of his underlying fear about himself and his own ability to be a decent father, based on his lousy role models. Billy Flynn’s eyes welling up with tears…wow
    2 – Joe’s confession to his mother was powerful. I know what you mean about rushing the story, but this kid is too emotionally raw and guilt ridden to hide what he has done from his mother. I loved the way she kept digging deeper, only to be horrified at what he revealed. Her only focus is on him, assuring him that his dad had a plan and they needed to stick to it.
    3 – John’s concern for Steve and assurance of help was great. I love John and Steve together, and I hope that they really get around to opening BlackPatch someday.
    4 – As a longtime S&K fan I feared Steve was going down the same path as before – pleading guilty to a murder that he did not commit, only to find he was kind of playing with Roman while waiting for Belle.
    5 – I finally had a reason to like Belle. She was sure and snarky, and I liked her confidence. I like MM as an actress and want to like Belle as a character only she is usually written so superficially. What makes her such a crappy mom, why can’t she connect with her daughter, what compels her to sabotage her own relationships? You know – character insight and motivations.
    6 – Greg Vaughn was on. I’m really going to miss him. Since I was never an Ericole fan (sorry) I have really liked his deep concern for Jennifer and wish that TPTB at DAYS had worked harder to give him a real story over the last couple of years.
    7 – There was weather in Salem! The stormy night added depth to the overall feeling of the show, in both the dream sequence with Chad and Joe’s confession.
    8 – He who must not be named was not mentioned. What a relief!

  5. I just wanted to post this again, cuz I thought it was pretty cool!

    Anyway, as in this picture, its amusing how much of the past seems to be repeating itself. Steve “raped” instead of Kayla. Steve taking the fall for someone in his family who did it. What’s next, is Steve gonna be in an explosion and lose his hearing for a while? heh.

    • I love these pictures! Thanks for posting them.

      Days does like to recycle its stories … as long as they are good ones, I don’t mind. It’s when they go back and do the exact same BAD story that drives me crazy!

  6. I thought Joey’s confession was beyond abrupt as well — too abrupt to really take advantage of the opportunities in the story. It’s hugely disappointing that they are rushing this part of the story.

    • Yeah, it really is disappointing. I think that Steve and Kayla teaming up to help Joey will give us some great moments, but there is so much more they could have done with Kayla being worried about Steve despite their estrangement, suspicious that Steve is covering for someone, her dawning horror of who it might be …

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