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I’m back from Chicago (the fabric stores were a bust), and am now all caught up on my Days watching.

I liked the way they shot the scenes of Ciara, obviously doing all she could to forget Chase, and yet there he was, always in the background (I couldn’t decide if that was a manifestation of her thoughts or the real Chase, but it works either way). Claire having a crush on Chase is a good complication, because I feel that it might be the one thing that will get Ciara to fess up. But, overall, I feel the teen storylines are still a mess, and not likely to be improved by the introduction of Jade — though good for Joey that he now has someone in town he’s not related to.

Belle’s story is a mess, too. Not because she keeps screwing up with Claire, but because I can’t see how anyone could be so dense. Claire was disgusted by Belle keeping the Dimera money, so naturally Belle tries to impress Claire by throwing around some cash and purchasing her a nightclub. And Belle breaking up with Phillip and then sleeping with him anyway is getting really, really old. I do like where they seem to be going with Phillip, however.


When he was weaseling his way into Deimos’s good graces, we thought he was just following Victor’s orders. But then he actually tells Deimos that Victor asked him to do it – so is that just an elaborate double bluff, or is he really turning on Victor? I hope they keep us guessing for a little while.

I love the revelation that Deimos was probably the one to shoot Seth Malcolm. By the way, watching the Oscars last night made me realize who Dr. Malcolm reminds me of — Louis C.K.!


I love that Caroline had a vision of Deimos with Malcolm, though I wish she had been a little smarter about coming out and accusing him. But I love that they are bringing her into this, and that her vision of him connects to the serum he’s dying to get his hands on. Deimos being the one behind Bo’s kidnapping is a great way to give Hope something to think about. Now, I’m sure Rafe — and now Roman! — will bend over backwards to tell her she’s justified, justified, justified no matter what she does. (Roman’s “no biggie” reaction to Hope killing Stefano was the very worst thing that happened this week. If the good guys don’t even care about murder and framing an innocent man, what the heck makes them good guys?) But this at least complicated things a little bit.

Finally, of course, we have Ava’s death and its aftermath. This is good stuff.


I knew Ava was going to die, but they did a good job making me think Kayla would be the one wrongfully accused. This is quite a twist. I wish there had been an element of self-defense or something accidental to Joey killing Ava, but I love, love, love Steve giving himself up and taking the rap. It is very Steve, shades of how he gave himself up for Adrienne when she killed Duke. Of course, Adrienne blocked out the memory of what happened, which made it easier for Steve to take the blame. I have a hard time believing Joey will really let his father go off to prison for something he did, but for now, while he’s still in shock, I believe it.

Earlier, I loved the layers in the scenes where Steve was touching Ava while she was unconscious. Kayla looking at that, and then flashing back to the video, was a great way to show how much that bothers her, and gave weight to what she told Roman earlier — that she can’t look at Steve without seeing Ava’s hands all over him. I really loved the scene where she told Steve he could say, but on the couch. Stephen and Mary Beth did really well with the subtleties in that scene — Kayla seeming almost apologetic at certain points, like when she said she’s slept on the couch before. And Steve looking at her with a kind of hopelessness, unsure of how they will ever be able to bridge this gap. That scene, showing his desperation and hopelessness, laid the groundwork for his self-sacrifice — we know exactly where he’s coming from.

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12 thoughts on “Catch up

  1. Being an ex of Steve’s you don’t stand much of a chance to live to an old age. Ava (happily) joins the ranks of Bad news Britta and Marina. I really hope that somehow Joey didn’t really do it. Someone else slipped into her room before him etc, He is to young for that burden, I read that someone behind the scenes is helping Steve. Please let it be Adrienne, then they could have an on screen conversation.

    What do you think about Kayla being referred to an Dr. Johnson and Steve being called her husband?

    • I didn’t catch that — a writer’s mistake, or something more?

      I hope there is something more too, that they find a way to take Joey off the hook a little. I like this for Steve’s side, but for Joey to kill someone in cold blood …

      And yes, let’s give Steve and Adrienne a conversation!

  2. Life has been interrupting my Days viewing lately so I have been behind for a couple of weeks now. I am almost caught up now…I started watching the first few minutes of Friday’s show last night but it will probably be mid-week before I get a chance to watch again. I am still in that weird place where I do not like the storylines I am seeing and I don’t like the direction that anything seems to be headed but I still enjoy a good percentage of what I actually see on the screen. I don’t really recall feeling like this for more than a week or two in the past but this has now been going on for a couple of months so I am not sure where this takes me as far as continuing to put in the effort to keep watching the show.

    I still have hope that things are going to turn around but if this is what they gave us for February sweeps then it almost seems like a lost cause. Pair that will all of the behind the scenes stuff and it really feels like a sinking ship to me.

    So they aged all of the teens and instead of 15-16 year olds we now have 17-19 year olds? Why didn’t they just go there to start with? And if Joey was going to kill Ava it makes more sense for them to have actually had a sexual relationship or do we think that it will be revealed later that they actually did?

    • I am really bothered by Joey killing Ava the way he did – smothering her with a pillow, seems so brutal, I also agree with MP that if it was somewhat accidental, I could buy it. But to outright kill her like that doesn’t sit well with me. The aftermath scenes with Joey and Steve were some nice acting, nice to see that Joey has some acting chops, Steve brings out the best in his when he goes full emotion. And who plays torched soul hiding his real feelings better then Steve~ you can’t get a better acting coach then that 🙂

      • I’m not in a good place with any of the teen stories right now. It is hard to go from kids or preteens to teens in a matter of months to full on adult content for their storylines. I feel like the jump to make them all older was ok but then the very first stories they get are all sex and violence. It just feels like the writing is all about shock value and it’s not good storytelling. There were some big jumps and shortcuts to get to where we are and it isn’t really working for me.

      • I’m really not happy with the teen storylines right now. This is one area where Josh’s darker stories don’t work. I hope they can strike a better balance.

  3. MP, I missed your daily write ups, especially on a week where our favorites were on all 5 days with stuff happening.

    I just have to say that I loved all of Steve and Joey’s scenes last week. The way Steve relates to him and talks to him is just great. And my touchy feely Steve is back!!! He’s less hyper, but I’m going to go with that is due to maturity.

    So let’s start with how angry I am that they made Joey into a murderer. I would have loved it more if, like MP said, it was self-defense or accident. There’s still alot of drama in that. But to walk into a room, pull a pillow and smother her is murder. This is not what I want for my favorite couple’s son. It’s hard to root for my good guys when there’s nothing to give me to work with. Trust me, I hate Ava with every fiber of my being, but this is not how I wanted her demise. However, Steve’s reaction is spot on. I flashed back to Adrienne and him in that bed after she shot Duke. He also said basically the same thing. He immediately takes the blame and says arrest me to deflect from Adrienne/Joey. And Kayla’s reaction was quiet, but you could see the wheels turning for her. She knows Steve and knows something’s not right. I did love when Steve said, “Sweetness, that Bi*ch is out of lives for good!”

    Kayla’s reaction to Steve is spot on too. In her head she gets why he did what he did. But in her heart’s it’s another matter. She has to work on getting the two in the same place, which I believe she will. The flash back when he was checking on Ava in their living room really showed us that. It’s one thing to have the knowledge that they slept together, but she actually saw it, just like in 2008. Also, PLEASE STOP SHOWING US THE TAPE!!!! We get it, Steve and Ava slept together. Just had to say that.

    I hope we continue to get some good dialogue about what happen and it’s not just swept under the rug now that Joey killed her. Also, it was interesting that the nurse called her Dr. Johnson and referred to Steve as her husband. Did they get married and not tell us. I sure hope not.

    • Yeah, I’m hoping that they have a plan to show Joey wasn’t just a cold blooded murderer, that Ava had something up her sleeve where she was able to attack him. It’s not looking good right now, but I’m still hoping. Anyway, I agree that Steve and Kayla’s reactions are spot-on and I’m looking forward to seeing this play out.

      Totally agree about the flashbacks. I don’t need to see Steve/Ava or Chase/Ciara ever again, thank you very much. I could take the occasional little flash to show that it is on Kayla’s (or Ciara’s) mind, but it seems like they always go for a longer flashback. Please stop!

      • Joey could have plead temporary insanity, if Steve had not jumped in and admitted he killed her. I don’t like to see this type of crime on a soap where a teenager is involved in murder. On the outside of soaps, crimes involving teenagers killing others happens alot. No respect for life. I hate that the writers seemed to think they haven to resort to this kind of storyline. There is a character that furnished Ava with needle and morphine and other items along the way. Why could he not be the one who killed her for whatever reason. But we saw Joey do it, so when the time comes they are going to have to figure out something. It should be interesting to see how this comes out.

  4. MP, I also missed your daily write up, and so this response is way too long.

    I think what we are seeing is that, from Roman’s point of view, neither Andre or Stefano could ever be remotely considered “innocent” and he was sick and tired of watching them make a mockery of the legal system that he would usually be the first to uphold. A quick glance over Andre’s Wiki page list multiple murders, plots and schemes. Salem Slasher and Salem Stalker. How could even Stefano bear to have this monster around him – he murdered 2 of Stefano’s other children! He cut out Benji’s liver and left him to die. Roman was the first in a long line of family members to be targeted by the DiMeras, and he has watched them manipulate and violate his family for years. I think Roman might have had a far different reaction if it had not been the DiMeras that were involved.

    I agree that I had also been led down the path where I was expecting that Kayla was going to be wrongfully accused of Ava’s murder. I think that they played Joey as being inebriated and impulsive, but maybe not premeditating murder until he just did it. Would he have made the same choice if sober? Steve’s move to protect Joey by pleading guilty was so totally in character, and I’m sure Kayla recognized the “Steve Johnson maneuver” when she saw it. I have a feeling that she already knows that Joey killed Ava, based on his reactions at the hospital. Joey left blood evidence on the pillowcase, and in the doorway, so that will no doubt play a part.

    The nuances between Steve and Kayla in these scenes are so impressive. Kayla plays angry and hurt but she also expresses belief that Steve was forced to do this against his will. I hope that she will come to realize that he was forced to participate in his own sexual assault. SN plays Steve’s self loathing and hopelessness so well – he doesn’t try to defend himself from Roman’s comments or Joey’s jab about being surprised that his mom hadn’t kicked him out. Steve being on the couch facilitates the late night conversation with Joe about Ava’s latest tactic, as well as showing that things are not cool with Kayla. (And that we still haven’t seen a bedroom at the Johnson house.)

    As you pointed out, she told Roman that she can’t look at Steve without seeing Ava’s hands all over him. That is different than saying that she can’t look at Steve without seeing his hands all over Ava and I think it is an important difference. I also hope that they will stop with the rape flashbacks, but the thing I think they show is this is an angry and rough Steve, not the tender lover that he has always been with Kayla. When he is blaming himself for letting Ava back into their lives, she emphasizes that they were both to blame – and she is not lashing out in anger at him or keeping any information unshared. In the scene where Ava wakes up, Steve wants to confront her but Kayla is like, no way are YOU talking to her, and it comes off as being very territorial and protective of her man.

    One take on the nurse calling Kayla Dr. Johnson and referring to Steve as her husband, is that maybe she has known her a long time and still thinks of her that way. Or it was way out of sequence due to the craziness behind the scenes lately. Or it was bad writing. Kind of like when Clare picked up Ciara for the ”rave” – who would guess from that interaction that Hope was Claire’s grandmother?

    I’m not sure DAYS ever knows what to do with teenagers. SORAS usually turns the children into alien strangers, especially when they go from 8 to 18 in a few months. I sure am glad real kids don’t grow up that way. Having watched Kimberly McCullough grow up on screen as GH’s Robin Scorpio, and Kristen Alderson from age 6 to to 21 as Starr Manning on OLTL, I can say that it makes real difference in how you feel about the character. They have a history instead of a time warp and the fans feel like they know them and care about them.

    I think they wanted Joey as a teen for a different story than they ended up telling with Ava, and aged the rest of them because they had to, not because they had a plan for them. Theo and Claire should at least be older than Ciara and Joey. I do love JL as Joey and I think he is working beautifully with SN’s Steve as a troubled young person. Who better to understand about murderous impulses than Steve? Anything that keeps S&K on the front burner (other than rape) is usually fine with me.

    • I’ve never really been hooked by any teen storylines I can think of, but I tend to like them more when they are integrated into the adult storylines. Loved Frankie with Steve and Kayla, but didn’t get very excited about Frankie, Jennifer, and Glenn. The show does seem to integrate these teens pretty well, and I think they are lucky in most of the actors they found to play them. But they took a wrong turn with this rape story and also with making Joey a murderer. Apparently murder is the new thing in Salem! Not happy about that.

      I agree about Steve and Kayla, so many good moments (though I think it’s all moving too fast). I like the layers we are seeing, like the moment you point out with Kayla being protective and territorial with Steve. Looks like they are teaming up to protect Joey and that should be interesting, given the rift between them.

      They should bring up Andre’s past, definitely, because at the moment he is the person who has my sympathy in this story!

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