I hate you, I love you

The Joey/Steve scenes were the highlight for me today. I really appreciated seeing a little complexity there. I liked that Steve asked Joey if he felt betrayed by Ava, and Joey didn’t say much but James showed that Steve hit a nerve. The focus has rightly been on Kayla and her betrayal, but Joey must be reeling at the revelation of Ava’s true character, and I’m glad that was mentioned.

Both men did really well in the scene were Joey screamed “Is this what you want?” and shoved Steve, and then Steve grabbed him and hugged him while Joey cried. Great stuff.


I liked seeing a quieter, more reflective Kayla today too. I liked how she thought through what to do about Ava, and decided letting her go was the best of the bad options. I especially liked her conversation with Roman at the station, when she admitted that she knows Steve didn’t really have a choice, but she can’t look at him without seeing Ava’s hands all over him. Again, some nuance (and insight into what she’s feeling) was very welcome.

And JJ, rookie cop, proves he’s a rookie. Sigh.

I won’t be posting again until the weekend. I’m going to Chicago — someone has to check out those fabric stores. Jeez, Nicole.


12 thoughts on “I hate you, I love you

  1. LOL about the fabric stores. Enjoy Chicago!

    I thought it was asinine that JJ couldn’t catch Ava. What is she, the Road Runner? He was down for about three seconds while she fled.

  2. I think this is interesting, and I wonder if this was on purpose as a nod to 30 years ago…

    On 2/24/16, there was a brief scene between Steve and Roman. It really, really reminded me of a time in 1986 when Josh Taylor (then as Chris Cosicheck) came down on Steve for potentially hurting Kayla. Here is the episode:

    Wow, 30 years. Anyway, here is the episode from yesterday, Josh Taylor once again showing displeasure that Steve is in Kayla’s life:

    Its very reminiscent of the scenes these two actors did back then, don’tcha think? If this was on purpose for die hard fans to notice, I love stuff like that!

    I’ve taken it upon myself to throw together this picture to illustrate this little tidbit:

    • Awesome! I always thought Chris was really overstepping his bounds back then considering he had been the one that was unable to commit to her a few years earlier.

      • I’m probably considered an older fan, but I was 19 when that 1986 ep aired, I didn’t know any better – I actually thought the show was going to pair up Kayla with Chris and that Steve didn’t stand a chance. Its funny to look back and realize it was a super couple in the making. Had no idea at the time. Not once was the MBE Kayla supposed to be with anyone other than Steve. Just didn’t know it then.

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