I’m sure it was cathartic for many people, but I was not really a fan of Kayla attacking Ava. It felt a little over the top. I also felt that Ava succeeded in dragging Kayla down to her level. I did like it when she turned stone cold afterwards and succeeded (at least temporarily) in getting her to leave town.


I did pause again today to marvel at how unnecessarily complicated Ava’s plan was. She schemed with Joey to get Steve and Kayla back together … just so she could have the pleasure of breaking them up again? Why did Joey need to be involved at all? He would have been a perfect tool for revenge against Kayla if she had slept with him (he would have), but what, she’s too honorable? She pretended to have leukemia to gain Steve’s sympathy, but then went straight for the crazy kidnapping, blackmail, forced sex, and then rubbing Steve and Kayla’s nose in it and generally cackling with glee. Finding out her child died could have been a reason to go off the deep end, but that only explains the last two things.

Why am I even wasting time thinking about this? Days isn’t going for character development here, except, well, bitches be crazy.

Steve and Hope’s scene were really nice. I love their friendship, and it was nice to have someone in Steve’s corner, who can be more neutral about what he felt forced to do. I also appreciated how she thanked him for bringing Bo home. I’m not sure why Hope was drinking in the middle of the day, but it was a nice scene between the two of them. It also pushed all my nostalgia buttons when he called her “sweet thing.”


I still haven’t reconciled myself to Ciara’s storyline, so I’m not going to comment on it except to say I really didn’t like Chase and Andre’s conversation. I am glad (I guess?) that Chase recognized what he did as rape, but Andre trying to talk him out of it just made my skill crawl. Andre just isn’t the kind of villain who they should use in that way. Ben or Clyde could have had that conversation with Chase and it would have been horrible, but it would have worked because those guys are stone cold evil. Andre is more of a cartoon villain, beloved by viewers, and I just don’t want to hear him be the voice of “it wasn’t rape, she wanted it.” Ugh.

Finally, I was sorry to hear Summer say that Daniel was a wonderful man. I was hoping against hope that they were going to find out he had done something horrible to her.

Screencaps Forever Safe


15 thoughts on “Punched

  1. I was not happy either as to how they used Kayla today. I thought that was completely out of character for Kayla to hit anyone, even Kayla. It only shows how out of her mind she is with Steve’s betrayal as she sees it.. I know she must be kind of going crazy about what Steve did but aren’t we all. How long is Ava supposed to be on this storyline. I’m ready for her to be gone. It is wearing me out. Can’t the writers come up with a more sensical storyline. I think they are shooting at stars trying to come up with what ever they can no matter what it is. crazy, crazy, crazy.

  2. MP, you stated exactly what I’ve been asking all along-why work with Joey to get S&K back together, pretend to be dying, just to do what she did in 2008, kidnap Kayla and demand to sleep with Steve to save Kayla’s life. This was the master plan!!!! I just don’t understand this whole story line. I had such high hopes in the fall with the storylines for the show, then the writing just went to crap. I knew when they said that TB was coming back that they wanted to complete what was started in 2008 and here we are. My rant again!!!

    I was ok with the back hand and the punch, but I would of loved for Kayla to walk away and had Roman arrest Ava. I just hate we are going with the classic that Kayla killed Ava and then we will get the trial. Can anyone say Marine 2.0.

    • I’m not defending the writing of her plan, but I’m guessing that there was a change in direction after introducing it. I think it’s gotta be that there was really supposed to be a child. It was dropped so abruptly. So, if that was Josh coming in and changing Dena’s stories, as has been rumored — thank you, Josh!

  3. Intellectually, I agree that Ava pushing Kayla’s buttons and Kayla responding with violence is probably not a good thing. That it would be better if Kayla didn’t sink to that level. That Kayla’s better than that.

    But, I’m not gonna lie, I was more than okay with it. Partly because I think everyone has a breaking point and Kayla is well past hers. Partly because anything is better than the Kayla who healed Ava from her pill addiction and had to thank her for pictures of her newborn son. And, yes, partly because Ava just flat deserved it. So, sue me, but I was team Kayla all the way in that one.

    • I have to agree: although I didn’t like Kayla admitting that Ava “pushes her buttons,” and I should want Kayla to rise above Ava’s level, I was delighted when she socked Ava.

      But what I liked even more was when Roman and JJ showed up, and Ava was having a fit about having been attacked by Kayla, and Roman said innocently, “I didn’t see anything like that, did you, officer?” and JJ said, “No, I did not.” Now, maybe I should be shocked by this because it shows police officers bending the rules a little, but I loved how it showed that Kayla has something Ava will never have: family on her side who love her and will stand behind her.

  4. I really enjoyed today’s episode – and it has been a while since I have had that feeling. Friday’s episode was great, but heartbreaking, and I admit to crying along with S&K. Today – well it just felt so good to hear that Kayla did not believe one word of the drivel coming from Ava’s mouth. In fact, it was if every word Ava said reinforced Kayla’s belief in Steve’s version of events. Especially when Kayla pointed out the premeditation involved in setting up the video recording. Even Roman was great, and I loved the way he and JJ came to Kay’s defense and denied any witnessing of assault. Sex tape? Roman barely blinked an eye!

    I disagree that slugging Ava was not in character – how many times have we seen Kayla flat out slap Steve over the years? OK – he always deserved it but it so does Ava. What would it take to goad you into physical violence? What if some bitch killed your father and said “Oops”? Seduced your teenaged son? Raped your lover and laughed about how much he liked it rough? How much crap does Kayla have to take from this woman? I think I would have had less respect for Kay if she had failed to stand up for herself and her family.

    The last time Ava tried to destroy her family, Kayla was physically silenced by a high risk pregnancy – she had to stay calm, to keep her blood pressure down. In fact, she is in the hospital while Hope plays her part in most of the drama. She has very little dialogue in the whole Ava Storyline – it is as if the character is silenced verbally as well. I have only seen some of the story on YT and what I have seen ends soon after Ava is hospitalized. I don’t know what the fallout between Steve and Kayla was from not only seeing him in the same bed with Ava, but being forced to listen to what sure sounded like a cheap retread of their own love story. I saw Kayla shoot Steve a few angry looks and that was it. I hope the rest of the story (if there was one) gets uploaded by some clipping angel soon. Feel free to fill me in if you know what happened.

    Steve and Hope’s conversation was well played and so overdue – of all people Hope has real affection for Steve and insight into Ava and The twisted way she thinks. I liked the way Hope quietly told Steve she might have done something worse than what he did – Steve doesn’t really know all that dark paths Hope has been down in the past. I’m glad that Steve is talking to his friends instead of isolating himself in self-loathing. I get that he hates himself, but at least he is able to talk about what happened to him. Now, why Hope stopped by for a drink in the middle of the day when she has a couple of unsupervised unrelated teenagers at Jennifer’s house is another question entirely. Will she ever notice that her daughter is coming unglued? Will she ever talk to her sister-in-law Kayla about what she just learned from Steve? Have they even had a scene with Kayla and Hope since Bo’s funeral?

    The storyline with Brady just irritates me, from the tiny little scar to the physical impossibility of him being able to play the hero so soon after a freaking heart transplant. Now, if they had showed Summer and Nicole having to come to his rescue after doing something so stupid, well, that might have gotten my interest. I admit, it will take a lot to get me interested in any Brady story – his character was pretty much ruined in my eyes during the whole Kristen fiasco. The constant reference to Saint Dan and his heart is so predictable and annoying. But at least they went on location and that was something.

    Andre and Chase – well that was creepy on all fronts.

    • Hope is driving me crazy. Yesterday she says to Ciara, “I know he hurt your feelings but we can’t deal with that right now.” Obviously Hope doesn’t know what happened, but it was so dismissive. And yeah, I love for Hope to be sharing scenes with Steve but why was she drinking in the middle of the day? Oh, well.

      I notice the Summer storyline isn’t getting a lot of love on the boards, but I’m intrigued — for now, anyway!

  5. I meant to comment on Ava’s convoluted plan, but ran out of time earlier. I think it’s possible that the complete randomness and nonsensical nature of Ava’s plan is just Dena’s bad writing. But, I also think it’s possible that it’s because the story changed somewhere along the way. Tamara Braun said in an interview that what was pitched to her was not what the story ended up being. She also said, recently, that nobody ever told her that she was going to be kissing Joey and then making a sex tape of Steve. I’ve got no idea what the original story was going to be, but since it was likely Dena’s, I suspect that it was probably going to be even worse (Steve actually being drawn to Ava, a real live child out there, etc.).

    So, I think Ava showing up with the fake leukemia and being all flirty with Joey and helping him get Steve and Kayla back together was the set-up for a different story – or at least a somewhat different one. Then, it all got changed (or at least greatly streamlined) and everything was pushed through to get to the part of the story we are in now.

    The bigger issue to me is less all the things Ava did that don’t make a lot of sense than that I have no idea what her real objective was when she hit town (and yeah, the two things are connected). So, the character rapidly became nothing more than a cartoon doing crazy things for the sake of creating craziness. On one level, that’s okay because at least it made the story about Steve and Kayla instead of Ava. But it also creates this situation where almost nothing she did made any kind of sense.

    • I think you are right about there being a change in plan. The child especially was dropped in just one scene, with that adoption agent guy. I think it’s likely the child was supposed to be alive. I wonder if Ava was supposed to be a little more sympathetic, and even her relationship with Joey was supposed to be more motherly on her side — she sees him and thinks of the child she lost.

      That would have made more sense, but needless to say I’m glad there is no child, and I certainly don’t want to see Steve be “drawn” to her or whatever. So psycho bitch Ava it is!

  6. Just have to add my voice to the “WTF was Ava’s plan?” chorus. I suspect things must have changed along the way. Maybe it was going to be about this child and then they decided not to go there. Very weird. She sure did a TON of work that wound up being pointless. She could’ve marched into town, kidnapped Kayla, bargained with Steve, and been done. And they haven’t bothered to explain why she’s crazy again even though the insanity during the first part of her original run was due to her father drugging her… which was stopped.

    • Yeah, they never explained the “it was the drugs,” though Ava referenced it when she first showed up. Her being more sympathetic when she left last time is why initially I thought she was brought on to be a 30-40 something woman on the canvas, who wasn’t related to everyone in town. I thought “they wouldn’t bring her back just to redo the same story.” Ha ha, I give this show way too much credit sometimes.

      • I had the same thoughts when her return was announced. I figured, “Oh, they like Tamara Braun, and Taylor sucked, so they’re just going to bring Ava back and whitewash her crimes so she can be a Nicole-type.” HA! It’s always the dumbest/worst explanation with Days.

  7. I have to admit I loved seeing Kayla first backhand Ava and then punch her. I missed the Ava storyline in 2008 (I’m grateful for that after seeing it this time).It was rare, but Kayla has been one to hit when she was her breaking point — I always remember the “shore leave” scene. Violence is not her first inclination, but Ava definitely deserved it.

    I think my thing is (like others above me have posted) What Is The Reason For The Ava Story? I’m hoping it starts to make sense but I have a feeling this is going to end with more questions than answers.

    I liked seeing Steve and “Sweet Thing” share a scene. It’s been too long.

    • Kayla definitely has a breaking point, and Ava has surely gone past it. I don’t know, though, somehow it made me think of other “catfights” the show has done and I didn’t like seeing Kayla at that level.

      I think you might be right that we will be left with more questions that answers. What was with her snake tattoo, that was also on the wall of the room that Kayla was locked in?

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