Sex, lies, and videotape

Yesterday’s show was really good.

I’m mildly intrigued by this story with Summer.


I’m fully prepared for this to be really cheesy and a big letdown, but I always like a little mystery. And I think Nicole’s growing attachment to Brady has been played in a fairly natural way. Theresa’s insecurity was overplayed, but at least they brought it to life in a vivid way, with those two nightmare fantasy sequences. I was tickled they made a reference to Daniel’s heart letting him make love to Nicole, because I joked about that last week.

Similarly, I really like the idea of Phillip pretending to work for Deimos. First, it gives Phillip a chance to show he has a brain (fingers crossed), and creates some complications for Deimos as he pursues his plans – which I’m guessing are a lot more complicated than just getting revenge on Victor.


Belle finally showed a little introspection, though they are not using her history nearly as much as they could. Her explanation that she is sick of always having to be the mature one would have been better if they had connected it to the fact that she found her “soulmate” and got married and had a baby so young. Or rather … she got pregnant, got married, had a baby, had an affair, got a divorce, got married again, and had another affair … actually, two affairs.


Okay, so maybe her claim to being the “mature” one doesn’t bear too much scrutiny, but I won’t quibble.

Of course the standouts of the show were Steve and Kayla. I have a suspicion that this reveal is happening sooner than was planned. Just a guess, but usually soap secrets last longer than this. But, I’m not complaining. I’m glad they showed Steve with John, deciding to come clean, just as Kayla was getting the video from Ava. Typical soap gambit there, deciding to tell the truth just when it’s too late, but effective. (And nice to see Steve and John share a scene. Aren’t they supposed to be running a business together?) Some really great lines in this scene. Steve “I didn’t want to hurt you.” Kayla: “It’s too late.” Stephen and Mary Beth added some great touches, like when Kayla was twisting her ring like she was going to take it off, maybe throw it in his face, but she didn’t.



I also really liked Kayla’s line that she spend so many years being angry with him, he came back into her life and pushed and pushed, and said things will be different, and look what happened. It wasn’t exactly fair, but it was a perfect way to use the fact that Kayla did take him back on faith, and maybe he didn’t have to earn his way back quite as much as we — or at least I — would have liked. Since we just saw a story where Steve earned back Kayla’s trust, and now he has to do again, I hope we’ll see this play out differently somehow. I’m not sure how to reinvent it, but I hope they mix it up. Silent Bob, where are you? 🙂

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20 thoughts on “Sex, lies, and videotape

  1. Some nice acting with SN and MBE, as you said, some nice touches they added. I especially liked the moment when SN first saw the video on the phone, and turned around and almost went down on his knees. Pure regret, anger and shame. Its kind of a tough thing to come to terms with – how can she be mad at him when he saw no other way to get her found. However, as I said before, I think there are other things he could have done, none the least is informing Roman without Ava having to know at all. Or how about this – she told Steve Kayla has no food or water and will die. Why not turn that back on her? I would have kept Ave locked up in handcuffs and not given her any food or water either, and buy some time for Roman’s ENTIRE POLICE FORCE to scour Salem and find Kayla. But no. Can’t do that.

    How’s that – is that better than my torture suggestion earlier? 😉

    • I’m struggling with the same issue here. A situation in which someone doesn’t want to give consent for sex but is coerced into doing so is rape. HOWEVER: they took major shortcuts here. Steve didn’t call John or Roman. He didn’t place a tracker on Ava. For a resourceful guy, he gave in to her demands very quickly. It’s still a rape in my mind, because he seemed disgusted both before and after, and he didn’t want to do it, but I don’t think the circumstances were depicted well at all.

    • Much better than torture, LOL.

      I agree that Steve should have considered other options. He also should have realized that as soon as he got on the plane, he was putting himself in her hands. This is one of those things that I’m just trying to kind of go with, because I’m trying to salvage what I can from the story, and the show is presenting it as he had no choice. Now, if Kayla later calls him on all of these things, I’ll be right there with her.

      • This storyline just seems to be going from bad to worse. The writers appear to just keep coming up with ideas in their head while they are writing the intended story itself.

        As for Kayla, that girl can really cry. Her eyes are red and her face is red. I wonder how she does that. I have watched others and they are going thru the motions but not so much the tears.

  2. I’m glad I’m not the only one who is at least a little intrigued by this Summer story. Not sure how long my patience with it will last, but it’s 1) crack-tastically soapy, and 2) a much needed Thrady obstacle, so I’m here for it, for now.

    And of course ITA about the S&K scenes. So, so good. Giving these crazy soap story real impact is what they do best.

    • I’m also enjoying the Brady/Summer story a lot! As long as I don’t dwell too much on the fact that this is all happening because of messages Daniel’s heart is sending to Brady, then I’m really intrigued. They’re building up the mystery pretty well. Now that Nicole’s also flown out to LA, and Theresa seems to be ready to follow right along (they sure have a flexible nanny for Tate!), I’ve become even more interested in what kind of 5-car pile-up might happen in LA, with unstable Summer at the center of things.

  3. I had the same thoughts about Belle. WHEN has this idiot been mature? I don’t know why they aren’t spelling out that she got married and had a child very young (or, the entire laundry list that you included) — it would not only explain her behavior more, but it would also be useful in explaining why she and Shawn don’t look that much older than Claire. One outburst of “I got married and pregnant before I was even finished with college!” would go a long way. In a perfect world, Shelle could’ve come back to Salem, and Belle would’ve attended law school at Salem U, gotten involved with a social cause with her classmates, and been drawn into that (and how all-consuming stuff like that can be when you’re in school) — thereby causing her to regret being married and a mother of a teenager, despite loving both Shawn and Claire. That feels like a real-world rift. I still don’t understand why she cheated on Shawn in Maine.

    The Steve/Kayla material didn’t entirely work for me. I thought the actors handled it very well, but the writing felt off somehow, which was surprising because even when their material has been silly this run, the actual behavior has been incredibly in-character. Steve did a crappy job of explaining himself, and they didn’t address it as a rape either way: on one hand, Steve could’ve said, “I didn’t want to do it, but she coerced me and I had no choice if I wanted you to live,” which I think Kayla would’ve understood as rape, even if she were hurt; or Steve refusing to call it rape because he didn’t want to trivialize Kayla’s experience, and her being the one to name it. Either of those would’ve been interesting character work to me, but instead, it was just typical, “I did a bad thing but I did it for a good reason! Please understand!” Steve isn’t Kristen or Sami begging for forgiveness here. I totally understand Kayla being hurt (and I did appreciate that they called back to his abandonment and their latest reconciliation), but she sounded like someone who didn’t believe this man and never would. I think you might be right that they’re rushing through this to resolve it, which might be for the best, but I can’t help feeling that, in the face of a bad story decision, they missed an opportunity to play some really distinctive and insightful character beats.

    • I know what you mean about the Steve and Kayla scenes. I think you are right that it feels a little rushed — both the setup to the “big event” of Ava raping Steve, and now Kayla finding out within days. I was thinking that Steve would keep the secret for longer, and that would give Kayla more of a reason to be angry. I mean, I don’t blame her for her reaction, but the show is leaving Kayla open for the audience to say “how can you blame him for being raped?” Which is why this story was a bad idea in the first place, but I digress …

      Regarding Belle, I’m glad we’re getting something regarding her motivations, but they are definitely just skating along the surface with what they could do. Shawn is still a blank to me — I mean, I remember how I felt about him last time he was on (I thought he was an idiot and a tool), but I’m totally willing to give him a fresh look if the show would give me something. BB’s acting seems better and i like his vibe with Claire, but I have no idea why he wants Belle back. I mean, is it so hard to show a scene with him confiding in Hope, “I know she cheated on me, but I can see she’s hurting, and it’s hard for me to turn my back on her.” Something!

  4. I love your comment MP about Silent Bob!! As soon as I watched the episode, my mind went crazy with how they could play this out and my first thought was make Steve suffer a little having to watch Kayla date, even if it’s just to make him jealous! Number 1- I love jealous Steve! We haven’t seen much of that since the Jack days, way back in the 80s. And even then, he played it cool. I’d love to see Kayla on a date, and Steve somehow sabotaging it or having to watch from afar and chase Kayla, all the while trying to prove himself. I love Steve, don’t get me wrong, but how many times has Kayla had to deal with another woman, i.e. Marina, Della, Billie, Ava. It’s about time the tables were turned. It would be like starting their love story all over again and, well, that would be exciting! Here’s hoping!

    And yes, the Summer storyline is intriguing! I hope this won’t disappoint. There are potentially good story lines going on, if the writers can just play it out in the right way.

    • Jealous Steve is one of my favorite things in the world, and it is so wrong that we haven’t seen him since Jack! Especially since, as you say, we’ve had multiple women popping up for Steve. Grr.

      And as I said above, bringing on someone for Kayla to date would also make this “win back Kayla’s trust” scenario different than what we saw just last fall. They definitely need to mix it up.

    • Sign me up for some “jealous Steve” scenes — but unfortunately I don’t see the writers going there now. I just feel it would be untrue to Kayla’s character; we know and she’s said herself that her heart always belonged to Steve and always will, so it would feel insincere if she tried to go through the motions of seeing someone else. She’s shown she’s past the point of game-playing. (Of course, the writers don’t worry too much about making things coherent, so heck, maybe this is exactly what they’ll do!)

      But yes, they need to think of a fresh way to have Steve get back in her good graces. Maybe if the two of them were placed in a life-or-death situation where they were forced to join together to defeat Ava.

      • I agree I wouldn’t want to see Kayla play games. I think it would be more of a friendship/support type situation for her, which Steve would read too much into.

        A life or death situation would be a good way to bring them back together — and, considering we’re talking about Ava here, not that difficult to set up.

      • I don’t really agree that Kayla getting involved with someone else would have to be game-playing. She says Steve is the only one for her, but she was saying just a few months ago that she’d never be with him again, either. If the writing was right, they could use everything she’s been through in the last few months to pivot her away from Steve and renew her attempts at dating, only this time with a real story attached. It doesn’t have to work out, but I could see it.

  5. I disagree that this was played like Kayla would never forgive him. When he first got home and said he wanted to explain, yes she wasn’t buying it. But there is a great moment in the middle where there is a subtle, but definite change. After he refuses to leave and tells her what happened – that Ava changed the deal and said she wouldn’t let Kayla go unless he had sex with her – he says he hates Ava and hates himself but that he knew he couldn’t live without Kayla. And MBE plays that so perfectly in that it doesn’t make it hurt less, or change the fact that he lied, but – to me anyway – it’s clear she knows he’s not lying – at least about that.

    And then she talks about him coming back and her letting him back into her life and heart and she pauses. She doesn’t say it was a mistake, she says now she just … and stops. That indicates, again to me at least, that she isn’t just ending things, she just doesn’t know how to process it all. Then she says she needs air and leaves but again without telling him to be gone when she gets back and without returning the engagement ring.

    So, instead of feeling like this was a break-up, I felt like everything was very much up in the air. And I liked that. I feel like, deep down, she wants to believe him about what happened but there are still trust issues and she just isn’t sure about anything. But there is definitely room for her to ultimately understand. I just want it to take a little time. I don’t want it fixed overnight.

    • Excellent point about the subtle change halfway through. I really like that they connected all of this to Kayla taking him back before, maybe a tiny bit too easily. If they can connect it to overall trust issues, not just this specific thing, I think it will be very powerful.

    • In the 80s he first started to trust Kayla and finally admitted he loved her after they made love. He never had friends except bad ones And Kayla was the only one he let into his life and let her love him. He said during the drainage water scene and others, he said if she died he died And he said they had this connection,. That is what makes this couple so endearing, so I do not want them to turn into one of those typical soap couples that would hop around from bed to bed and person to person. They are so special in that way and for so many years it has remained this way. That is why with what Steve did with Ava, he has been unfaithful to all there fans. We are hurt like Kayla.

  6. after Kayla getting dumped on so many times by Steve even if it was to save her life or help Jack, I wish she would get to a point where she starts to wonder if there isn’t something….someone better for her even if it’s just a “safe” relationship with another man. I would love to see her date Silent Bob haha! 😀 dear Days writers..why is it that she is always in this position? Wouldn’t it make an interesting different story for Steve to have to fight to earn her love bc she is trying to move on?

    • That’s what I want to know too — why do they think a triangle for Steve and Kayla always has to involve another woman? Except the biggie, of course, the Jack triangle. But even that was still Steve stuck in the middle.

      The idea of a “safe” relationship for Kayla, where she decides that she’s been hurt too much and some very nice man shows up and woos her, is a story that has been begging to be told for years. Can’t figure out why they don’t do it.

      • I’d be up for Kayla finding another man for a while…Isn’t Joey getting a love interest some time soon and wasn’t there casting info for a father for her? It’s either that or Eduardo (who is even less trustworthy than Steve)…unless they wanted to give a Kayla/Abe pairing a real shot this time.

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