Failing up

Well, most of you have probably heard the latest news. Josh Griffith has left the show. Dena Higley will stay on, and breakdown and dialogue writer Ryan Quan will join her as co-headwriter. It’s not clear whether Josh left voluntarily or not. My suspicion is that this is due to a combination of the recent renewal (which probably involved budget cuts) and a power play between Dena and Josh.

I’m sick about this. I like Josh Griffith. I really do not like Dena Higley. Even when she has a decent idea the execution is always terrible. What does she have on Ken Corday, so that he keeps hiring her and supporting her?

On Daytime Royalty they are talking about organizing a fan campaign to get rid of her. Apparently this worked once before, in 2011. I’ll keep you all posted about that, if anyone is interested in participating.

As for today’s show, I thought it was quite good. Vivian Jovanni did well, better than I thought she would. And Joey and Theo were so sweet. Chase’s text “R U Okay?” was creepy, in a (sort of) good way. It shows he is going to convince himself it wasn’t rape and he’s not a bad guy. To say I’m not on board with this story is an understatement, but I’ll give it a chance if it’s executed well.

I thought the Eric/Jennifer scenes were great. When he said “I wish it was me too” – sob. Truly heartbreaking. Jen’s pill addiction happened way too fast, but I like that Eric called her out on it. Another great line: “What do you grab hold of when there’s nothing left to hold on to?” And then the kiss, which didn’t bother me. The show is obviously not going for Ericole, so let’s get Eric some action while he’s still in town. If they give me more scenes like today, I’ll take it.

My favorite part of the episode was (surprisingly) the Andre/Hope/Rafe scenes.


I am so angry with Rafe and Hope, and their smugness, right now. I’m not sure if that’s what the show intends for me to feel, but it made me appreciate Andre’s jabs, and Lani’s suspicious looks, and Roman’s doubts. I’m actually invested in this story for the first time, because I want them to be caught. In addition to Lani’s suspicions (and clear dislike of Hope), I have a feeling that Chad is going to believe in Andre’s innocence. This might get interesting.

Sigh. Still depressed.


4 thoughts on “Failing up

  1. So depressed. Yesterday’s episode was really good and I think we only have more good to look forward to over the next six months based on what the actors have said in various interviews. I’m going to have a hard time enjoying it knowing that really bad story will likely follow in the summer once HIgley takes over.

    • The timing is so crazy. I’m finally just starting to feel okay about the show again — it’s dark, yes, but actually feels like real people and real emotions, not cartoons. And then hearing this!

      There are all kinds of rumors floating around, I really don’t know what to believe. I’ve heard Josh didn’t want to work with Dena, so he left. I’ve heard he was forced out by Corday. I’ve heard it was budget related, and Josh was a more expensive writer. Dena came back from her LOA, Dena is still out on her LOA. On and on.

      In any case, I hope we’ll get a decent show for the next six months — after that, it’s anybody’s guess. So I’m going to enjoy what I can.

  2. Agree, the last week or so has been pretty good – still some stuff I don’t like (Ciara rape, Stefano murder) but I feel a difference and at one point I was thinking of not watching the show anymore, but changed my mind.

    You both know the writers better then I but from your other keen observations and comments about the changes and when it was Josh vs. Dena, seem spot on.

    I really like that we are seeing more interaction between all the characters and some dialogue amongst them. Hope that stays true.

    • I agree about this week. I know it’s dark, and certainly not perfect, but I will take this show over the one we had over the last few months.

      I am really enjoying seeing some different character interactions, too. It makes the show so much better to get people out of their bubbles.

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