Don’t do it, Days

Yesterday’s episode definitely had Josh’s stamp on it. It was dark, effective drama, good cast interaction, some meaty dialogue. The Chad/Andre scene was especially good for showing Chad’s ambivalence about Andre and his Dimera heritage, but also his genuine affection for Stefano and sorrow at the thought of his death. Billy Flynn played those layers really well.

It seems a little strange that Steve would tell Kayla a half-truth and still hold back from spitting out the rest, but honestly I’m pleasantly surprised that he admitted as much as he did.


It makes Kayla seem less clueless at not putting two and two together when all the signs are there. I liked her line that she was relieved, because she had been afraid it was something like that. And I loved her line that Ava’s plot was “not even original!” Someone’s been reading the message boards, ha ha.

And, of course Ava has a video. Well, I can see where this is going.

I can’t believe they are doing a rape story with Ciara and Chase.


I am fine with the idea of Chase being evil. We don’t really know that much about the grown-up Chase, so they can take the character wherever they want. He certainly has reasons to be screwed up. And the actor who plays him is good at radiating unwholesomeness and hidden depths. But it does seem a little abrupt that all it took was some free food and a couple of pep talks by Andre (“women love a strong man”), and he’s ready to go for it.

Ugh! I just don’t want to see a rape story here — I don’t want to see a teenage girl raped, I don’t think the actress who plays Ciara is up to it, and I don’t want Days to go there again. Make it stop!

I’ll just pray they’ll get interrupted — the living room couch is surely a bad place to rape someone, right?

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14 thoughts on “Don’t do it, Days

  1. I had been spoiled on the rape story, so I knew what was coming. I’m kind of glad that I did because it has given me some time to process my feelings about it. I hate that virtually every woman on this show has been raped. Plus, there’s what happened with Steve and Ava. The big question for me is, if she was actually raped, how will they play the fallout. I thought the scenes with Ciara and Theo yesterday were really wonderful. I’m not sold on VJ’s acting abilities, but I think she has real chemistry with Kyler Pettis. I like his fierce protectiveness and his acceptance that if she just wants a best friend, that’s what he’ll be. One of my all-time favorite soap storylines was Liz and Lucky 1.0 on General Hospital following LIz’s rape. The actors were superb, but the story was also thoughtful and realistic. It played out for a long time. I hope that Josh has that in his mind moving forward.

    While dark, the show has been dramatically better over the past few weeks. Assuming they can get the continuity errors addressed and play some real beats in these stories, I’m back in.

    • Andrea, I probably need some time to process it. It certainly is something that happens all too often. I thought VJ did well today, and with Josh back in charge (at least for a while …) it shouldn’t be too cartoonish.

      I agree about Jovanni and Pettis — they do really well together, and he seems to bring out the best in her. Here’s hoping.

  2. I was actually shocked about the rape SL for Ciara. I agree with you- make it stop! I really hope someone walks in and this does not actually happen. I don’t think the actress is up to it and frankly, it is unnecessary. I was also disappointed to see the sex video Ava had. I know where that is going as well and I don’t like it at all. Kayla has been through enough and now she has to see this?? Steve should have manned up and told her all of it. Sigh. I hate this story and am ready to move on to something else for S and K. It was bad enough watching Ava and Steve the first time and then Monday they showed it again through a flashback and now there is a video. Enough!!

    • Agree with you on the S&K storyline. I just could not believe though that Steve tried to cover up with saying Joey is a teenager, you know………. I expected better from him and I hate saying that since I have always and still do love this couple. I know he is so afraid of hurting Kayla, but is important to man up which he sort of did when Kayla questioned him about what was going on between him and Joey. I can’t imagine what Joey will do when the video goes viral as well of course Kayla.

  3. I have so many issues with Days right now. First of all the stupid preview video showing the “sex” tape Ava made refers to what happened as an “affair” and then we have this teen rape storyline.

    I am actually not opposed to a teen rape story in general and I agree with Andrea that the Lucky and Liz story on GH (which started with Lucky finding a traumatized Liz in the park after she had been raped and taking her to the hospital) was handled beautifully. They used the Luke and Laura history and had Lucky find out his father had raped his mother as he is trying to help Liz heal from her attack. Then Luke and Laura had some thought provoking scenes in trying to explain how Luke felt guilty about the past and how Laura could have forgiven him and chose to build a life with him after he did that. It was just a layered, thoughtful, dramatic and emotionally charged story and it worked. Liz’s attack seemed to be random…some stranger attacked her when she was walking alone in the park at night but the guy was some fashion photographer that they all knew or met shortly after the attack. It wasn’t a friend or her step brother!

    Here is my issue with the Chase and Ciara story. I know he tried to kiss her once and she showed no interest in it. Since then have we seen any kind of flirty behavior or anything that would give anyone any indication that she had any romantic feelings for him except for that Valentine fantasy (which shouldn’t count)? Have we seen him trying to tell her the depths of his feelings until this scene? I mean even with the bullying reveal and she wanted to know why he did it they kept it vague…”I don’t know” or “I didn’t want to lose you”…it doesn’t make sense. If he had been saying for a while that he loved her and if she had done anything to seem to indicate she had any feelings for him at all I might buy this as a story worth telling but right now it feels out of the blue and just for shock value. How do you go from one singular kiss between characters to “we both want this, just let it happen”???? I understand the importance of shock value to a show like this but it’s just extremely poor taste to do a teen rape storyline just for shock value.

    And I really don’t like the way they had Andre “priming” Chase up for this. It makes the whole story take on this sick and twisted mentality that I don’t think belongs in a teen rape story. You can pull that kind of thing with grown ups but it just doesn’t work for me with kids and teens. They were already creeping me out with Joey’s involvement in the Ava story but this is crossing a line for me.

    • Your description of the GH story sounds good. I’m sure it will be better than Days, just because Days doesn’t seem to have the attention span to carry things through. I tend to agree it was done for shock value, and I hate that.

  4. Sadly, teenage rape happens way too often and this could be a good storyline. However, my worry about is that I don’t think the writers are good enough to handle a storyline like this in the way it should be.

    One thing I wish would happen (but I seriously doubt the writers would think about this), would be for Ciara to go to Kayla for help. Main thing is that it would put MBE into a storyline without Ava, but we know that “ain’t” gonna happen. But also, Kayla (or even Jennifer) would be good for Ciara to talk to since they have been through the same thing.

    A few months ago I was watching the entire show (even the storylines that I didn’t really like) after a long term absence. Now, I’m beginning to remember why I stopped watching.

  5. For some reason, I was surprised that Ava shot it with her phone. Bad Steve for not noticing that. Bad Steve in general for doing this instead of an alternative. Well, its gonna rear its ugly head soon. I guess in some way, its supposed to echo Kayla’s rape by Jack D so many years ago. The problem I really have is, I don’t quite see how Steve could…do this deed, as much as he hated Ava and was utterly repulsed by her. In other words without being graphic, I don’t see how he was able to …do it…you know what I mean?

    • Ugh, I don’t want those images in my brain! :O

      I doubt they will treat it as rape, is my fear. It will be treated as more of a hookup — blackmailed into it, sure, but not rape. We’ll see.

  6. Ok so now new head writer, what will happen? On Twitter it seems people blame Higley for bad writing and praise Griffith. How is it he got fired then and she didn’t? Could it be the world got it backwards? I wonder what in particular got him fired…the rape story? The brainwashing? Could she have written all the good stuff leading to Bos death and then he’s written since? I had thought it was the other way around. It would be great if they could use their extra film time to get their collective self together. My idea…have a big bad that takes like a year to solve and have everything revolve around that. Right now there are too many stories now that aren’t connected. I’m interested in hearing you ladies thoughts on this.

    • The consensus on Twitter/DR seems to be that Josh left by choice, but that perhaps it was the result of a power struggle after Dena returned from her mysterious LOA.

      I’m so disappointed because I’ve sensed real improvement in the show over the past few weeks. And I have to wonder why they did all the crazy editing in January if they were just going to bring Dena back.

      I love your idea about the big bad story. My biggest problem with the show over the past few years, regardless of writer, is that so many characters are isolated within their own stories and those stories never connect. I can only speculate that the story isolation is the result of cost-cutting and the crazy shooting schedule. It sounds like that may get worse following the renewal.

    • All we can do is guess about what happened behind the scenes, but I feel like I am very familiar with Dena’s writing style, and these last couple months have had Dena written all over them. I really think Josh was the one responsible for the good stuff last fall.

      Corday has always been in Dena’s corner, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he backed Dena over Josh if it came to a battle between them. I also wouldn’t be surprised if Josh left by choice but it was because he was sick of dealing with Ken Corday and Dena. Yup, I’m unabashedly pro-Josh. 🙂

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