Mix it up

Some encouraging signs on the cast mixing front. Today, Abby had conversations with Chad, JJ and Gabi, and Jennifer. To me, the best scene was the one with JJ and Gabi. I really like JJ’s skepticism about Chad. I think it’s a very believable conflict. But the conversation had some actual layers, when Gabi pointed out that Chad deserved the benefit of the doubt because, after all, he did save Abby’s life.

And Chad is acting a little weird. I have chalked up his desire to move into the Dimera mansion as Days’s desire to keep using the set. But Chad’s pressuring of Abby to elope is different. It’s clear to me that Abby doesn’t want to elope and let down her family, and yet Chad refuses to see that. So I thought JJ’s last line, when he muttered that he bet it wasn’t Abby’s idea to elope, was very much on point.

I’m just not sure where they are going with this. Going by this shot, is Chad going to end up taking Stefano’s place?


If so, I would like very much to be given a reason for it. Humiliating Andre has given him a case of hubris? He’s so determined to clear the Dimera name he’s throwing his weight around to do it? Give me something here, Days.

I also liked when Gabi defended Abby’s choice to put Thomas in day care, saying that moms are often judged no matter what choices they make regarding work and child care. Of course, most of us don’t have “Dimera nanny” as one of our options, but her point still stands. And JJ backed down.


(I think they are so cute! Here’s hoping for a real story for them.)

I continue to really like Deimos, despite his interest in Kate, and there was some story movement for him Monday, turning him into the new Big Bad in town. Again, there was some nice crisscrossing that I think bodes well for the future. John told Phillip that Seth Malcolm got some calls from Greece before he died. Maggie let Brady know about Deimos’s history and Phillip’s role in helping him. Eddy and Phillip commiserated about Kate’s interest in Deimos.


And Phillip got a haircut! Hallelujah!


Now, let’s just give him a brain and some backbone.



4 thoughts on “Mix it up

  1. I have enjoyed seeing some new interactions. I really liked Phillip and Eduardo’s vibe together but I felt like I missed something to see them be so chummy when I couldn’t recall them even meeting before.

    I don’t know what’s going on with any of this Dimera crap. Although Joe M seemed to indicate he was retiring he also hinted it wasn’t the last we would see of Stefano. The entire storyline has been a mess and now we have some creepy stuff happening with Andre and Chase and then Chad is acting strange. I’ll have to wait and see how it all plays out because right now I don’t see where this is all going.

    I enjoyed the last couple of days which tells me that the rest of the week is probably going to be a mess. That seems to be the pattern we have.

    • The Dimera stuff does seem all over the place. I really want it to be about more than just Hope/Rafe vs. Andre. I was glad to see Chad involved today.

      Eddy and Phillip’s friendship at least makes more sense than Fynn and Shawn’s! So random.

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