Valentine’s Days

I always love it when Days tries something new, so I enjoyed Friday’s episode even though it was a bit awkward in places.


Having Julie and Doug as a framing device was nicely done, and it reminded me of last fall, when we were seeing Doug and Julie much more often (always looking for signs that Josh is back in charge!).

As for the stories/fantasies themselves, they were a mixed bag. Theresa’s dream about Brady was probably my least favorite. Her seeing herself as a maid in relation to Brady made me uncomfortable because it plays on an unfortunate power imbalance that I occasionally see with these two. I liked Ciara talking to the camera, but mostly just because it was different. Kudos for the skillful use of Google, since I confirmed that Ciara does indeed mean either “dark” or “saint.” But her description of Chase appealing to her dark side and Theo appealing to her saint side … nope. Haven’t seen that anywhere on screen. But if it’s a sign of where they are going with this limp triangle, I say go for it.

And what did we think of this appearance of Jonas Christ?


This is all so obviously designed to encourage Nicole to go after Brady despite the fact that he is with Theresa. “Every beat of my heart will always be for you” — and then repeating the line at the end of the episode. Thud. Or thump.

Of course I loved my Steve and Kayla noir:


The femme fatale who tempts the good guy to murder his wife. Then the double cross. And of course the final clinch:


Some great lines: “If Steve can’t keep his pants up around a lying psycho bitch like you,” “I don’t know about you, but I feel threatened.” Even Ava got a good one: “Do I have to do everything?”

And then Steve’s deadpan after he woke up, “I had sweet dreams all night long.” Hee! It was all very cathartic, and a welcome relief from the sturm und drang of the past few weeks. Now let’s get some payoff in the real story.

7 thoughts on “Valentine’s Days

  1. I wasn’t expecting much from this episode after hearing about the movie themed fantasies but I thought it was cute. Like you said some of them worked better than others but the fantasies were fun. Ciara’s was kind of confusing for me because I haven’t seen any clue that she has any romantic feelings for either of the guys so if this fantasy is a reflection of what they have been going for then something clearly hasn’t worked. I loved the end with all the characters in the square! No BUBBLES! That is what I want to see everyday!

    I saw the preview for this week and it looks like another rough week to be an S&K fan so this little bit of escapism was nice.

    • Glad you liked it, too, Shea! I feel like Days often gets slammed on the message boards whenever they step out of the box. Like back in 08 they had a whole “noir” episode in black and white, with all the guys in suits and fedoras, and the ladies in 40’s gowns. I thought it was clever and great fun to watch, but it seemed like all the commentary on the boards was really negative.

      I agree that the end, with everyone in the square, was a nice scene. Great to see people out of their bubbles, like a real town!

    • Cyn no one was actually interacting in that HTs square scenes so yes they were still in their bubbles but VISUALLY it was nice to see they were in the same frame.

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