No Secrets

Even though I dearly wanted Steve to tell Kayla the truth about what happened, I was not surprised that he didn’t. I’m not really happy about it, but that’s where I have been expecting the story to go.


I can’t imagine he will be able to keep the secret for long … right? If Kayla herself already suspects that Steve isn’t telling her something, and Joey already practically knows the truth (and is really bad at keeping secrets), then this has to come out soon. Right??

Their conversation today was surprisingly nuanced, and Stephen and Mary Beth made the most of the dialogue. I loved that Kayla was questioning him right off the bat, coming very close to putting two and two together. At the same time, Stephen played Steve’s bitterness and self-loathing really well, and it was gratifying to hear him blame himself for believing Ava had changed, and tell Kayla she was right. It’s good to see his eyes have been opened. I also really liked their exchange about the baby, that he feels a sense of loss even though he doesn’t know the baby was even his. It’s a smart move to have Joey blaming Steve (and being kind of an audience surrogate), and yet still keeping his secret. That gave James some interesting beats to play as well. All in all, there were actual layers to these scenes, and I’ll take that any day of the week.

Oh, that moment when she was pressing him to tell her everything, not hold anything back, and he responded with “I’ll always protect you.” If I were Kayla, that sentence would set off sirens and flashing lights in my brain. STEVE JOHNSON PLAYING GOD ALERT.

In other neews, I’m sure you’ve all heard: Days was renewed for one more year! Hurray! I wish it were for the full two years but I’ll take it. Now, let’s find out the specifics of the deal, if it involves more budget cuts, or if they insist Days halt this crazy production schedule.


5 thoughts on “No Secrets

  1. Despite my hate for the Ava storyline and my dismay with pretty much every other storyline on the canvas, I have enjoyed the last couple of episodes so let’s hope that is a good sign that things are going to improve quickly from here on out.

    I do wish Steve had just come right out and told Kayla but I never expected it to happen. I still want Kayla to figure it out for herself instead of letting Ava throw it in her face which I know is exactly what is going to happen.

    There is one bit I need to go back and watch again but when Kayla told Steve she knew something was up because of the look in his eyes and then mentioned how he used to have that look after coming home from missions. I don’t remember it exactly but that exchange felt a little weird to me with the mentioning of him coming home with that look before.

    I probably should have mentioned this on yesterday’s comments but there is something strange to me about what is going on with Chase. When he told Andre that he hurts people and he doesn’t know why. If that is just about the bullying stuff then it doesn’t make sense to me. Did he do something else that I forgot about? Does Chase know that he supposedly killed his mother? Then there was that conversation with Ciara about her not trusting him. It’s like he is saying well if you don’t trust me then it must be because I am a bad person. I just don’t really get what they are going for with his yet and I feel like I have missed something.

    Hope was a lunatic until she shot Stefano then she was suddenly sane again. Now she seems to be losing it again so I guess she needs to shoot Andre so she can be sane again for a little while? I’m just not engaged or moved by any part of this storyline. In theory I still think it should have been pretty good but in order to pull it off we needed a Hope break after Bo died and we needed to slowly see her lose her grip instead of watching her go off the rails so quickly and they should not have made killing Stefano be the thing that helped her return to sanity. I’m kinda ready for the rest of Salem to find out she shot Stefano just so the story becomes about more than just Hope and Rafe versus Andre.

    • Good catch on Kayla’s line about his look coming home from missions. But, I doubt very much that he ever had to sleep with someone to save Kayla’s life before, or whatever. I think it was just supposed to reflect the fact that he was traumatized.

      That’s part of what kills me about the Hope story — she’s whacked out until she shoots Stefano, and then suddenly she’s fine. Now she’s talking about taking out Andre. This is nuts!! It actually reminds me of this psychological thriller I read about the mindset of a killer — about how once you kill, you always see killing as an option. I’m sure that wasn’t the intention. Creepy.

      I don’t think Chase knows that he killed his mother. I thought that was going to come back after Andre’s death, but not a peep so far. I’ll be curious if it comes back again finally with Aiden’s return. (Which, if they bring him back to life after Corday’s comments about anyone who died after Sept 1 being dead, dead, dead… Oh, Days!)

  2. I have one big problem with Steve being “forced” (blackmailed?) into sleeping with Ava. OK, I understand, its a soap plot device to temporarily break them apart like countless times before, so they can work towards getting back together. One of the earliest devices of this was way back in 1987 when Victor sent his surveillance photos Steve took in Cleveland.
    But anyway – OK so Steve has Ava locked down. Kayla is hidden somewhere. There are ways to get people to talk without having to sleep with them – ya know? Its called torture. Me? I would have first beaten the living crap out of Ava once I found out she not only assaulted, but now has my wife hidden somewhere with no food, water, or knowledge of potential emergency medical needs. Taking off on a plane with the psycho who did it to look for a kid, and thinking I guess I have no other alternative but to have sex with her. I don’t get it. I don’t want to be graphic, but Steve always had the upper hand to make her talk. I really don’t think many people could keep such a secret a secret if Steve had employed some painful techniques, shall we say. I’m pretty sure Ava would rather be alive and in one piece rather than continue her insane charade.

    He also could have secretly stopped by, oh I don’t know, his brother in law’s to report the crime and Ava would have no way of knowing that. He would have had 100 cops out looking for his sister. Chances are they would have found her at least by the time Steve thought a night in the sack is the only way.

    • Well, I’m definitely not a fan of what happened. And I’m with you on letting Roman know and exhausting more possibilities before getting on a plane with Ava, but torture? Beating the crap out of her? No, I really can’t get on board with that.

  3. OK I was a bit harsh. I’m only thinking of what I would personally do if it were my wife possibly dying somewhere trapped. And I know Steve did almost strangle her to death with his bare hands, that was a nice touch of reality. All I know is, sleeping with her is kind of a cheap plot way of creating the upcoming angst with S&K.

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