Dead baby joke

What’s dead from pneumonia and anticlimactic?

Seriously, is this the end of the baby story? A guy from an illegal orphanage hears what time period they are looking for, and he immediately reels off, apparently from memory, the five children who came through at that time. He even remembers their ethnicities, and helpfully adds that both white babies died. Oh, and he just happens to have a picture.

See ya later, dead Ava baby.

It was good to see Kayla again, and coming out swinging.


I like that she is already suspicious and hot on the trail of why Steve is off with Ava. Joey is a terrible liar; with a little effort, she should have no trouble weaseling the truth out of him. Last week, I was having trouble connecting with Joey’s emotions with the whole roller coaster of trying to run away with Ava, then finding out she kidnapped his mom, and then immediately seeing his dad kissing her. It was too much. But James Lastovic did great today. His guilt toward his mom and anger at his father were well played. I liked how he was angry at Steve, but he instinctively covered for him too. That’s very believable (and Johnson-man-like).

The signs are there that Kayla is going to be front and center for the fallout from this whole mess, which will go a long way toward reconciling me to this storyline — ha ha, I joke! What I mean is, I refuse to let Dena ruin my couple for me, so I’m determined to salvage what I can.

As for the rest of the show, I continue to be appalled at Hope’s indifferent parenting of Chase. I am not seeing any chemistry between Ciara and either Chase or Theo. I do love Theo, though, and I’d like to see them try him with someone else. I am getting a nice family vibe from the three Carvers. Abe and Lani’s scenes were good today.


They may not be pursuing a Lani/Rafe/Hope triangle (and I’m fine with that) but I liked how Abe was subtly prodding her about her faith in Rafe.

Awwww, Chad and Abby:


I thought Kate Mansi did really well showing how upset she was at the idea of eloping. I liked that she pointed out that her family is worried about her because of Ben, and the last thing to give them confidence is for her to run away and get married secretly. But it makes sense that Chad is more concerned with protecting her from Andre than worrying what her family thinks of him. That was some nice organic conflict.

Screencaps Forever Safe.


13 thoughts on “Dead baby joke

  1. Ha ha re: your baby joke. It was indeed anticlimactic. It was good to see Kayla again. However, I am pretty sure that Steve will revert back to his keeping secrets mode and we all know how well that works out for him. Sigh. Now Joey is involved as well although I did enjoy watching Joey struggle with whether to tell Kayla what he saw or protect his father. I am also pretty sure that Ava will not, in fact, stay away from Salem and there will be more drama with her. I am so ready for this awful SL to be over. New writers can not happen soon enough. Go away, Dena, and never come back.

    • I’m pretty sure Steve is going to go back to keeping secrets mode too. But I like that Kayla is suspicious right off the bat, instead of being clueless. I hope the reveal, when it comes, will have some nuance. Kayla can recognize that it was forced without that making it all suddenly okay.

  2. Hey MP, thought I would comment as I haven’t in a while. Still watching Days and reading your blog (many times before I watch the show) just not happy with any of the stories and I am finding I am either annoyed (seriously have Steve sleep with Ava??) or just don’t care (um Daniel died, anything with Kate, Belle etc etc)

    Still like certain characters (JJ give him something to do and you have a good couple in the works with Ari, cuteness! but all they do is walk around!) Chad and Abby I hate to say after fueling my resurgence of Days I feel are kind of dragging on with nothing major to do. Are they now in limbo, waiting for bigger dramatic story with Andre and Stefano’s death? There have been no big romantic scenes (ala Steve and Kayla), Abby is always crying and upset about something- is she really happy?

    And after Stefano’s death which should have been a HUGE deal for all considering he tortured everyone for 25 years, was surprisingly not interesting to me.

    I still see some sparks that I wish we could develop. Chad and Andre are great in scenes together. I kind really want to see Theo in a nice romance (not sure if Ciarra is the right person) but I just like Theo. And JJ has some great potential, he speaks his mind (with Abby) is flawed (has a temper and makes emotional bad decisions) he could be a great flawed hero…………………..

    Rafe is charming – but him just protecting Hope is getting boring. I find myself fast forwarding thru anything with Belle and Phillip, although I do think they have chemistry together.

    I guess I am just ranting because I REALLY want to like the show but I just feel that they are not developing the relationships and family connections that they can. IE Chad mentions that he asked Rafe to be his best man, it would have been nice to see that scene? They haven’t even shown them together in over a month, how about a nice scene were Chad thanks Rafe for believing in him?. One of the things Days did well back in the day was the friendships and family connections (all 4 Brady kids when John was Roman were great! Jack and Steve, as angsty anger brothers always worked, Steve and Hope, Steve and Marcus as friends etc.)

    Plus no scenes with anyone reacting to the fact that Ben was the serial killer and NOT Chad, how about some reaction from anyone at all?? At the very least Marlena who helped and believed in Chad and was Wills Grandmother? Or Lucas who was Wills father?

    Plus with the spoilers that Eric and Abby are leaving I can’t really get as emotionally involved as I would like to. I can see a good story for Eric but he is on so sporadically and with not showing why he was driven to drink and why his life went so wrong he just seems life more of a mess then he probably is (or maybe I fast forwarded past those when I was bored with the hospital scenes LOL)

    OK rant is over (for now!)

    • Hi Dawn! πŸ™‚

      I am frustrated with the show too. There are things that are engaging me, at least I think they have potential, so I’m hanging in there. I agree that the execution of what’s been happening has been lacking. Stefano’s death especially should have been huge.

      I agree, I like JJ, too. I think he and Gabi are supercute, but they don’t really have a story. I hope they give them one. I’ve been happy to see him with Abby and his mom, and at the police station. Now they just need to do that with all the characters, mix them up and show their family connections. I agree with you that this is part of what I love about Days, being able to see that. So let’s see it!

  3. I have been unhappy with the direction the show has been heading since at least the first of the year. It still doesn’t make any sense to me to have a repeat of this Ava storyline from 2008. Hope killing Stefano (I don’t call it murder after all the crap that man has put the Brady family through over the years) should have been a huge bombshell going off in the middle of Salem type of storyline but instead it is a big mess. The Deimos stuff seems to have some potential but it seems a bit lame that he is blackmailing Phillip over a girl who ODed. I’m trying to reserve judgment about the storyline involving Brady’s dreams and just see how that will play out. The Chad and Abby stuff is a bit spoiled since we know KM is leaving…so is the Eric story and the rest of the show feels like a bunch of loose ends.

    My biggest problem with this show right now is how isolated everyone is. Keeping characters trapped in these bubbles with little interaction outside their own story is driving me insane. I need to see people react to things. I need to see family members interact and friends actually talking to one another.

    • Agree with the isolation and everyone is just in their own story and we never see anyone react to anything. That is what I mean by the family relationships (and I know they haven’t shown Adrienne in forever but her and Steve have still not been in a scene together!)

      I see sparks of some stories that may have a promise and then poof it is either ruined or just never materializes. The only characters that seem to interact is the “teens” and at least we see them together,IE having Theo go to Joey to tell him what happened with Chase. While it wasn’t a pivotal scene I still enjoyed it as it showed the characters intersect and react to one another.

      I wasn’t watching around the 2008 Ava storyline, but I have read enough comments to get the idea of what this recycled story told. It seems strange that neither Joey or Steve would tell ANYONE that Kayla was kidnapped, no in Salem knew she was missing. Umm her brother, Roman is the chief of Police, maybe he could help. Hey Steve why don’t you try that avenue BEFORE you sleep with Ava. I mean Ava did have to move an unconscious Kayla from an INN to a locked room, how far could she possibly have dragged her without anyone seeing πŸ™‚ LOL!

      Brady and Nicole story I am also holding out for. I like Nicole (a lot) and Teresa I can live with. Brady comes across as too “perfect” for me, but I don’t mind these scenes.

      The entire Story of John finding his family seemed like it had promise especially when Eduardo involved ( A Martinez is more then a capable actor). It seemed a nice intersection of their stories – not that I care who John’s parents are after all this time and many iterations, but it gave them a chance to create a good back story that would bring them together. Well once again all Eduardo is doing is going to Club TBD for a drink and looking ominous.

      It is almost like they have no idea what they storyline should be and are waiting to make a decision what to do next.

      • I’m not sure if you have read my comments on other posts but the recaps and the spoilers don’t always match up to the episode. I am trying to be spoiler free but I have read on some other discussion sites where things were written into spoilers that never aired and I have read the episode recaps on when they clearly mention things that never made it on screen.

        It seems to indicate a good amount of material has been cut. I think the biggest cuts have happened with Adrienne. I think they scrapped her whole breast cancer storyline and I have wondered if maybe she was originally going to die but they changed their minds. Perhaps due to the chemistry and history between Judi Evans and Vincent Irizarry. Since her whole storyline seems to have been cut it wouldn’t surprise me if a Steve/Adrienne scene or two was filmed and never aired.

        These things drive me nuts because I want to know what the story was supposed to be. I want to know what was in the scripts when this stuff was filmed. Sometimes scenes seem choppy or someone seems out of character and some of these cuts might explain some of those inconsistencies.

        Not having a Steve/Adrienne scene bothers me but at least we had a Steve/Justin scene that indicated they had been in contact. Has Hope interacted with Steve (except for that morning she wouldn’t open the door) since Bo died? Has she seen Caroline or Kayla at all? Has Ciara seen Caroline or Doug and Julie since her dad died? Has Claire even had a scene with John and Marlena since she moved back to town? Did Caroline even go to the hospital to see Eric when he almost died? Did Eve check on Theresa when Brady had a heart transplant? I know Eve left town without saying goodbye to Theresa. Does Chase actually know that Aiden wasn’t the true necktie killer? Does Hope?

        There’s just so many gaps in the stories. I can understand a few missed beats here and there and some of these things could easily be covered with phone calls or references to things that happened off screen but it just seems like lazy storytelling to just leave so many gaps.

  4. Love all the questions and you are spot on LOL πŸ™‚

    (yes I did read your other posts about having cut scenes)

    I swear I didn’t even realize that Eve left town (must have ff’d that comment!). Not a good sign that I am either fast forwarding or go too far after a commercial and then don’t rewind to be sure I miss a scene.

    gaps abound! Hope it gets better in the next few months, I have also read your and MP’s comments about the change in writers. You know the writers better then I and I see you both have hope that it will get better soon. Let’s hope so.


  5. I seriously wish they would go back to the old “soap formula.” Develop super couples, friendships, family ties. I miss the music especially. They add so much to a scene!! I understand the budget cuts but remember the cute little piano themes Steve and Kayla, Shane and Kim, etc. had? Those went a long way in expressing the emotions in a scene. Things like the little touches and eye contact that showed the passion. Showing how the stories with someone affected others. For example, when Kayla was raped. We got to see Kayla’s hurt, Steve’s, the Brady’s, even how Jo and Jack’s side to it. There was a trial to address such big issues. Nothing now. Even the funerals lately have been short or the town is there and everyone goes about their day afterwards as if months have passed. My point in all of this …maybe that’s why this isn’t working. I understand that they are trying to appeal to a different generation. But these things worked for a reason and that fan base is still large and out there. Or try a different approach. Keep it simple. Kayla haso had a lot going on at the hospital and with Joe and Steve to keep her very interesting. How great would it be to see Steve be there for Hope,not to mention JJ and Abby. I’d love to see JJ and Joe connect since they are cousins. I miss Kayla and Hope, Steve and Hope, Steve and John. Develop these younger charactersister to have those lasting friendships that we love now! And on another note…where has clairvoyant Caroline been and why couldn’t she see this coming with Kayla?? πŸ˜„ OK that’s all. Like MP, I will not let this ruin my love for my fave super couple. Just a few thoughts, wishes and dreams!

    • I never felt like I noticed music much, but then when I go back and watch my 80’s-90’s clips, and the little “this is an adventure” riff comes on, or S&K’s piano line, or that peppy little J&J theme, and it makes me so happy! Ken Corday is a composer and writes music for the show now, I believe? But he doesn’t do the “themes” as much, or not that I’ve noticed — except the “Ben is crazy” theme last year! That was really effective, actually. So yeah, I wish they would do more with that.

      Ha ha, it would have been nice for Caroline to foresee any number of things — the car accident, Kayla’s kidnapping … instead she’s just focused on Victor. Get with it, Caroline!

  6. You are so right about he music being a part of all the super couples! I can still remember their songs and how it helped with the story. I also wish they would go back to the “soap” formula. Maybe not drag things out as much because of younger viewers who want faster paced but they are missing so much in the extended relationships of friends and family

  7. I just have to say how much I’m enjoying CHABBY. They actually have the soapy romance happening. I’m sad that KM is leaving. She and BF have great chemistry. Does anyone know if they are recasting her role or are writing her off? If they are recasting I’m hoping they have good chemistry. It seems BF has a spark with anyone he does a scene with.

    This is my only bright spot of this show right now. I’m still traumatized by what they have done to S&K. I haven’t even brought myself to watch last week. Reading the PBP was bad enough. Sweeps month has been a bust. There’s really no soapy romance, mystery, or adventure going on. I can’t seem to get invested in any of the characters except CHABBY and S&K. I think JJ and Gabi have real potential but there’s no real conflict there to make me yearn for them to be together. I love A Martinez, but don’t like him with Kate. And please give him something to do than wander around Horton Square or TBD. I’ve been reading a lot of S&K fanfic just to sustain myself. I have read better fanfic than what these “professionals ” are putting on the screen.

    Ok done with my morning rant. Just some thoughts I needed to express and know that I can safely share them here.

    • Kathy, I went on a similar “rant” in this thread and feel much the same. Chad and Abby are what really made me start watching the show and of course S&K have always been my favorite. Even Chad and Abby lately have been leaving me flat. I also feel JJ & Gabi have potential but give them a good story and I think they would run with it.

      I love when Gabi and Rafe are together, they truly seem like they have a brother/sister bond, I wish the show would explore more of that and focus on the family and friendships that seems to be sorely missing.

      I made a similar comment about Eduardo just roaming around CLUB TBD!

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