Don’t judge me, but I’m kind of enjoying this story of Brady’s dreams.


The premise is pretty dopey, but what is making it work is the way Nicole is eagerly latching onto Brady as her last link to Daniel (I know, I know, but if I put that aside). In turn, it seems clear that Brady himself is sympathetic to her pain — it’s not just because he is channeling Daniel’s feelings. That grounds this all in something real. Plus, Ari and Eric Martsolf have always had chemistry. I can’t get behind them as an endgame, rootable couple, but for something like this I enjoy their scenes together.

I thought it was stupid at first that the Basic Black story was being so hastily abandoned. Not that I thought it was really working that well, but it seemed like a strange left turn. Nicole and Theresa are going to be business rivals of Kate instead of business partners who act like rivals. Yawn. But now it makes sense. Bringing Brady into the DJ Designs company should put the three of them — Nicole, Theresa, Brady — in a nice pressure cooker of tension and temptation.

In other news, I was pretty underwhelmed by Chad’s reaction to Stefano’s death. Maybe he didn’t fully believe Andre, or maybe finding out Hope really did do it will change his attitude. I hope so, because if he’s not conflicted about any of this, where’s the story?

Here’s Jen hopped up on pills, raving about Abby’s wedding dress:


Hee! More please.


10 thoughts on “Dreamy

  1. I am happy that Eric is going to be calling Jennifer out on her addiction which I feel will strengthen his own resolve to correct his course..rebuild his strength as a healer..bring out the INNATE GOODNESS OF ERIC BRADYπŸ’› Greg Vaughan is such a sensitive, credible actor.🌞πŸŽ₯🎬

  2. The only thing I really hate about all of this is how much Daniel talk we will be forced to endure. The connections between characters and the tensions all of this bring sounds fine but I really don’t want to spend any more time talking or thinking about Nicole losing the love her life. I just hope this mystery woman and the dreams actually mean something and they tell the whole story. I can’t take any more half-assed storylines right now.

    I don’t know what to say about Jennifer. It would have been helpful to seen a scene like this a week or two ago…

    Reading the nbc.com recap from Friday apparently …
    “Lani and Theo get together, and he admits Chase was the one bullying him via text. They offer each other advice on their love lives, and Theo assures her Rafe and Hope will never happen because the only one for Hope was Bo. He thinks she should pursue Rafe.”

    I must have blinked and missed that scene.

    I think the consensus seems to be that we have 1-2 more weeks before we will be Dena free? Hopefully things will improve quickly.

    • Whoa, that’s quite a cut. So does the fact that it was cut mean they are dropping Lani/Rafe, propping Rafe/Hope, or was it just make room for something else? It would be easy to drive yourself crazy trying to figure it out. I’ve kind of stayed away from parsing it all, but maybe I should dive in. Might be fun – and be a distraction from what I don’t want to think about these days.

      I know what you mean about all this Daniel talk. It’s annoying. I’m holding out hope that this woman of mystery will show Daniel in not such a good light. Probably not though. She’ll probably be someone else who owes her life to Daniel. Bleah.

      • I haven’t committed myself to tracking all the cuts. I guess that would require going back to read all the spoilers and multiple recap sites. I just happened to read the recaps for Thursday and Friday and that jumped out at me. So I went back and read Wednesday’s recap and apparently:

        Justin learns Adrienne’s second mammogram turned out fine, and the two share a nice moment before Lucas arrives to take her out on a date. Justin generously offers to watch the club while they go out.

        And on Monday’s show the recap mentions a couple of things that I know I didn’t see….Chase didn’t visit Aiden’s grave and Belle didn’t take Phillip to see John to ask for help in dealing with Deimos.

        It’s annoying that they keep releasing stuff in spoilers and recaps that isn’t airing on the show. It doesn’t make any sense to me.

        On the Daytime Royalty thread discussing cuts people mentioned that Peter Reckell had talked about filming a scene with Drake Hogestyn and we never saw a scene with Bo and John so the cuts have obviously been going on for quite a while.

      • My impression, based on the cuts I’ve heard about, is that they are all over the place, so it’s not a situation where it’s one storyline being changed. It could be that so many things are being changed that they are scrapping whole storylines, retooling and delaying others, that its difficult to see any kind of pattern. That’s probably the most likely explanation.

        But I agree that not changing the recaps or spoilers released is really stupid. They’ve had five months since all this was filmed! It doesn’t make sense. On the plus side, though, it will help us see when Dena’s stuff runs out – when we’re no longer seeing these discrepancies.

      • I do agree that the cuts have been all over the place but some storylines seem to have been eliminated. It looks like most of the Justin/Eve, Justin/Adrienne, and Adrienne/Lucas stuff was cut therefore we have lost pretty much the entire Adrienne/breast cancer scare storyline. I know Justin and Eve dated but someone on DR pointed out there was either spoiler or recap info that indicated they were supposed to have slept together on Thanksgiving. I wonder if there have been Steve/Adrienne scenes and they were just cut because everything else involving Adrienne seems to have been cut to a minimum. Judi Evans was put on contract for a while but her presence on the show certainly didn’t reflect that so I have to think it was just cut.

      • The more I think about it the more I wonder if maybe Adrienne was going to die but once they had VI on set and realized there was still some chemistry between those two if they re-thought the idea?

      • So I read through the DR thread tracking the cuts, and I’m just as baffled as ever. I would say a good third of them were things that didn’t happen in the episode they were supposed to, but did eventually happen. That to me suggests retooling of the show overall.

        Anything involving Adrienne/Justin/Lucas seems to have disappeared, so as you say the whole storyline is being scrapped. Justin and Eve’s were supposed to have sex on Thanksgiving, too. I would LOVE to see Deimos romancing Adrienne, so I hope you’re right about that.

        I think it’s interesting that Rafe and Hope were supposed to kiss, and they cut that. And Rafe was supposed to tell Lani that he was in love with Hope, and Theo was supposed to encourage Lani to pursue Rafe. Those three cuts imply that a Rafe/Hope/Lani triangle was being planned, and they are changing that. Which is also fine by me. Lani has only clicked for me in her scenes with Abe and Theo. She had a scene with JJ last week — he would be more age appropriate for her anyway.

        Daniel Cosgrove is coming back. I’m kind of WTF about that, and I don’t know if it’s short term or long, but maybe they are scrapping Rafe/Hope entirely and bringing back Haiden.

        And finally, it seems a bunch of Shawn/Belle things were cut. I think that’s part of why Belle has seemed so underwritten, and Shawn’s reappearance has seemed so random (I want a divorce! No, I want you back!). But I’m crossing my fingers that a planned Shellip redux is being scrapped.

      • I definitely think they have scrapped a Lani/Rafe/Hope triangle. I saw where Cosgrove is coming back and I am almost assuming that Andre has had the real Aiden locked up somewhere. I thought Aiden and Haiden were both dull so I would almost prefer he not return. I think Rafe and Hope have some potential but I would need it to be a slow transition from friend to more not what they have been doing with Ciara trying to push those two together.

        So Shawn D started work at the Salem PD. Man, we are heavy on cops now with JJ, Lani, Shawn D, Rafe and Roman. I think we may see some Shawn D/Lani scenes for at least a chem test or to make Belle jealous if she thinks he is moving on and not going to be following her around begging her to take him back.

        I am sure you saw the Vincent Irizarry tweet that set off a firestorm this week. That would suggest some scenes with Deimos and Andrienne are coming so we will just have to see how that plays out.

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