Bad choices

Even though I’m spoiler-free, I knew bad stuff was in store for Steve and Kayla this week because Twitter has been all a-twitter (see what I did there?). I figured this would involve some Steve/Ava intimacy because … I’m capable of simple logical deductions.


If I squint, I can sort of appreciate the show having Steve do something to turn the tables on Ava, instead of just jumping when she says jump. But … no. I can’t justify it. For Steve’s first move to be to romance Ava, on the slim chance that he will be able to convince her of his sincerity and win her trust at some point in the future? While Kayla languishes with no food or water?

The “logic” of this, such as it is, may be summed up by this classic, from the Onion:

In Retrospect, I Guess We Might Have Resorted to Cannibalism a Bit Early

… or seducing Ava. Close enough.


Not to be callous, but if I was going to kill myself, would I take the trouble of traveling all the way back to Salem first? (How did he get home anyway? Did he swim?) Seems to me there is plenty of icy water for him to toss himself into right around the cabin.


This reveal, by the way, is an example of how to make us not care. I don’t know if they thought this reveal would be some kind of surprise, but by not showing anything but a shifty-eyed glance or two leading up to it, we have no reason to be invested in this, or him.

I like the actor who plays Chase, and I think it’s great they have a troubled character in the mix with the teens. But the show has given me nothing to latch onto with his angst or his love for Ciara. And outing him as a bully and a harasser, without showing the emotions that led him to do that, just makes me shrug my shoulders.

I do like his haircut, though.


26 thoughts on “Bad choices

  1. I don’t know how else to say it except to say that everything on this show with the exception of Steve/Kayla/Ava feels half-assed. And unfortunately the Steve/Kayla/Ava stuff has taken an all too familiar turn and what was entertaining a couple of weeks ago now feels like a re-run. This is supposed to be the beginning of February sweeps!

    They should have handled this Hope storyline better and we should just now be gearing up for a big showdown with Stefano. It should have been epic and instead it is just a mess. I guess we are gearing up for a Hope/Andre showdown but that doesn’t seem near as compelling.

    They haven’t adequately set up anything that is happening on this show right now. We’re watching a bunch of characters floating around in their own bubbles. We get little to no insight into why anyone is doing what they are doing. It’s frustrating because there are still things I am enjoying but there are so many things that could be so much better.

  2. I agree, Shea. The show in the Fall was so amazing, but since the New Year has gone back to same old, same old. For the life of me I can’t understand WHY they would bring back the same story line with Ava from the 2nd run. It was awful then and it is awful now. Steve sleeping with Ava- no matter that his motive is to find Kayla- is the ultimate betrayal. Kayla barely recovered last time and Steve didn’t actually sleep with Ava then! Now Joey is involved- how do you explain to your son that it’s ok to sleep with someone as long as you have good intentions? Steve even said today that working with Ava may or may not work because she is a pathological liar and crazy so why ruin your relationship with the woman you supposedly love on the slim chance that Ava might talk? Steve is a smart guy and his character has matured. It would be much more compelling to watch him outsmart Ava.
    Another thing I find strange about this story is how Ava got Kayla to this small room she is captive in. Isn’t Ava staying at the inn Julie and Doug bought? How did she manage to get an unconscious Kayla out of there with no one seeing? None of it makes sense. Sigh. I am fine with some barrier for Steve and Kayla’s HEA, but this is not the way to go. For the first time since August, I don’t think I can watch this week. It was bad enough watching Steve actually kiss Ava. Here’s hoping that the writing miraculously gets better and Steve doesn’t actually go through with it!

  3. Why wouldn’t Steve get in touch with his good buddy (and partner) John and have him tail Ava? Get the cops involved? Torture Ava? So many other options beyond seducing her.

    I would also like to hear Steve or Joey acknowledge that the “baby” in the picture has to be at least 18 years old. I get Steve’s desire to find his potential son, particularly in light of his history, but it’s not like the kid is some helpless child at this point.

    And can someone explain what the purpose of Ava’s whole leukemia ruse and seduction of Joey was? I appreciated Joey ack owl edging that he messed up, but saying that Kayla would be safe if not for him is just not true. Maybe Kayla wouldn’t have been at Ava’s apartment at thar exact time if not for Joey, but I’m sure Ava could have found another way to get Kayla that was less convoluted. I could probably accept any one of these preposterous plot elements, but all of them together is just too much.

    I watched 1 1/2 episodes last week and don’t expect to see much more this week. It doesn’t help that Chad hasn’t been on for a week. I know that he was frontburner for a large part of last year, but he’s also the show’s leading man who just received a lead actor pre-nom. I wish it wasn’t feast or famine.

    I’m hopeful for the writing change. That (and your blog) is all that’s keeping me invested in the show these days.

    • Andrea, I just have to say “Preach Sister!” This is the most convoluted story ever. ISA Super Spy SEJ has no other way to find Kayla than seduce Ava!!! REALLY!!!! All his resources, both professional and streetwise and this is his go to plan. There are sooo many holes in this story. Why help get S&K back together before asking to help find his “son?” Ava’s best shot was when he was alone in NY. Yet, she seduces Joey to help her and lies about dying to get Steve to help. I’m just still angry that they are doing the same story from 2008, but now we are going to have actually live with the fact that he sleeps with Ava and it’s his idea this time, not Ava’s. UGH!! I knew as soon as it was stated that they were bringing back Ava that they would be going here. It’s just toooo horrible. I’m not watching this week’s. It’s bad enough that I can’t get rid of 2008 hot mess from my memory! Since this started it’s been a constant loop in my head.

      BTW, did Chase say why he’s been bullying Theo? Just curious to find out why. Once again there’s no explanation for anyone’s actions.

      • The worst part is that this such a tenuous time for the show–I know that NBC execs said that they were optimistic for renewal, but just when that decision is being made, the show is at the worst it’s been in a long time. I don’t want to give up on it, but it’s hard to watch right now.

  4. I agree with all comments! Steve and John were to start their own private detective agency, yet John is searching his past alone, and Steve is searching for Kayla and this child alone. What happened there?? And it is hard to accept that Steve could find Bo, who had been missing for years and was in another country, yet he can’t find Kayla who was JUST kidnapped and is somewhere in or near Salem! This is what I was afraid of too, when Ava returned. I don’t like how they’re writing Steve. Steve “forced” to sleep with Ava yet again. Him having some compassion for her after Ava told them she was dying. Even Kayla asked if he still felt something for her because it’s like why does he care so much?? I feel like the Steve we know would never go that far even to protect Kayla. He’d get his butt in gear and find her!! This option was a little to quick and easy.

    Again, things seem to move too fast as we saw Ciara find out it was Chase who has been bullying Theo, then immediately forgives him! No time to think it over, ask why he did it and redemption on Chase’a part. After Aiden was killed, Ciara was worried Chase could be like his dad. Seeing his bullying, I feel, should havte raised these concerns with her again, as she questions how he can be so cruel. Poor Theo. I am curious to see where things will go with Hope now that Andre knows she killed Stefano. I see Rafe eventually taking the fall for her.

  5. I wonder if, after Stephen Nichols had to play scenes like this–and after Eric Martsolf had to play scenes with a straight face where he’s suddenly having Daniel’s memories–all the actors marched into Ken Corday’s office with signs, chanting that they wouldn’t take it any more. And maybe this is what led to Dena Higley’s leave of absence. Who knows.

    Shea’s comment that everything is “half-assed” is so true. And like Michelle mentioned, the way the Chase bullying storyline is being handled feels so rushed and devoid of drama. She’s right, instead of immediately forgiving Chase and begging him to come home, Ciara should have remained angry at him, filled with doubts. It should’ve been Hope (if anyone) who tried to get in touch with Chase, maybe even against Ciara’s wishes–pulling her phone away in order to call him.

    I feel bad for the actors because MBE, SN, and others were so excited about the material they got to play last fall. I’m holding on to a recent interview (December, with Michael Fairman, I think) where they said the stuff they’re working on now is even better than last fall. I’m believing this will get better!

  6. I commented a week or so ago about how disjointed some of the shows felt and some days it felt like they were cutting a ton of stuff and basically splicing a couple of episodes into one and certain shows were all over the place. Since I had been spoiler free I had not been visiting a lot of other sites but after the shows became so choppy and weird I went over to Daytime Royalty to see what people were saying.

    A TON of stuff has apparently been cut. Things that were released as spoilers or listed in show recaps on the website never made it to air. I speculated that they realized how bad it was and cut it to a minimum to just try to get a lot of these stories over with as quickly as possible. The fact that it seems to coincide with Dena’s LOA can’t just be a coincidence.

    I see several people above questioning why Steve wouldn’t go to John but apparently the day Steve got the message from Kayla and John went to visit his “mother” there was supposed to be a scene with John and Steve. Steve was supposed to tell him about Ava’s baby story and John was supposed to tell Steve he was going to meet his “mother”. I think John was supposed to offer to help Steve search for the kid. I believe all of this was described in the daily recap on but it never happened. I knew something was up that day because I think Steve only had two scenes in the whole episode and they were on like a half hour apart. One was when he left a message for Kayla and then I think the other was when Joey came in upset over Ava.

    A couple of weeks ago the spoilers supposedly said Hope and Rafe were to share an unexpected kiss. That never happened. I’m not complaining because even though I am not opposed to the pairing….it is way too damn soon for that to happen.

    Even the spoilers and recaps are half-assed if they aren’t going back to edit them after they are clearly re-editing the show.

    • That certainly explains a lot. I wish that Ken Corday et al would realize that if they weren’t taping 6 months ahead, they could more easily deal with issues like this. Between the casting spoilers and the lack of ability to adjust real-time, I just don’t understand why they keep up the crazy taping schedule.

  7. I thought there was this so called bible that soaps had with the stories (storylines). And when the director of this story saw this Ava story acted out he would then had the opportunity to comment. They could have shredded this and come up with a plan b. I’m sure the actors tried their best to make it look good, but some things aren’t savable. I must have missed the reason why they tape so far ahead. That makes it difficult to save the story.

  8. Where oh where is my Steve who defied Roman and swam out to Orpheus’ yatch to rescue Kayla? What happened to those instincts?

  9. I agree with all of you … and today was worse than yesterday. I can’t even post about it. Too depressing. Let’s just say Joey spoke for me when he said “I think I’m going to puke.”

    Shea, so weird about the cut scenes. I agree it must have to do with Dena and the leave of absence. It’s just too coincidental. All I can say is I hope that the Griffith/Milstein stuff starts airing soon …. !

    Hanging in til then.

    • Today’s episode was AWFUL! So Steve fully intended to sleep with Kayla in the living room of KAYLA’s HOUSE?????? Seriously??? Talk about adding insult to injury. If he sleeps with her he damages not only his relationship with Kayla, but also with is son. That skank ain’t worth it!!
      I had a glimmer of hope today when Ava said you didn’t get what you wanted and Steve said he didn’t want her and never would. So . . . MAYBE they are going to cut the scene where he sleeps with her and go a different route? The alternative still sucks though- taking off to another country and hoping Ava tells him where Kayla is. This is NOT the Steve we all know and love. He needs to drag her butt to the police station and then find her. If he can find Bo, he certainly can find Kayla. I’m trying to hang in there! So glad for this blog and all the wonderful comments!

  10. 1000% agree with all the previous comments! As I have ranted on my Twitter feed, this SL makes no sense! It was horrible in 2008 and nothing has changed. First of all, Steve and Kayla are suppose to be a mature couple. Unfortunately, the mature Steve has taken a LOA. He KNOWS how badly it hurt Kayla in ’08 when she walked in that room and found him with avawitch (even though he never slept w/her) Why oh why would he think this time is any different?!? I adore Steve, but gotta be honest here, right now (2-2-16) I would really love to whack him upside the head! It is not sexy, its not even remotely entertaining, and to hurt someone just because you can, as with avawitch to Kayla, is just horrible writing.
    Second, over the years, Steve and Kayla were always “special” in that they never cheated on each other. I am a bit of an old fashioned girl in that has never appealed to me, even in Soap land. When it happened with Bo, Hope, Carly/Billie/Patrick, I was sickened then. But for Ken Corday to allow this to happen with a couple who has a wonderful 30 year history and a huge fanbase is truly appalling. (and yes, I remember Shane and the other women when Steve thought he was NIck) but I believe everyone would agree, that was under different circumstances. To have this now, and to see Steve not even attempting to try anything else is hurtful, degrading and a slap to us loyal S&K fans.
    I also seem a tad confused about the cut scenes as I read in spoilers things that were suppose to happen/be said that never did. Wish they would cut some of this crap that is airing now. Scrub it and start all over again!
    My only hope lies in what MBE said herself, for us to hang in there. She said we weren’t going to be happy with some things (haha, ya think MBE?!?!) but to hang in there. If I had not heard that directly from her, I might would check out.
    And Joey, you summed it up for all of us! Yes, we are going to puke too.

    Hoping against hope that we can have some happiness for Steve and Kayla soon! Heaven knows, we need it!

  11. So Ava just happened to have a tiny room available to stash Kayla that has a snake on the wall just like the one tattooed slithering out of her ass?

  12. I think he is reverting to his past thinking of sacrificing himself for Kayla. I would have thought as you all had suggested to bring Black Patch into it. I am not crazy about the storyline John is into now either so let Steve go to John instead. I thought Joey coming in on Steve and Ava jarred Steve somewhat, but he got back onto the path of going away with Ava, so she would release Kayla. This is all so crazy. And Steve already knew Joey would be coming home. It is like pieces of of a puzzle where the pieces don’t fit. Steve acts like he has lost his ability to think. I still Love Steve and Kayla. This is just not a good story at all.

  13. MaryP, all I can say is, after today’s (Thursday’s) episode, I hope you post something because if nothing else I could use it as a grief support group.

    • I agree, Susanna. I kept hoping they were stringing us along and it would not actually happen. I am truly devastated. I DO need a support group. I have to keep reminding myself that these are fictional characters. LOL!

      • I can’t even watch this again. It was hard enough watching it while it was running. They have really messed up my favorite couple’s special relationship. They were faithful to each other. What a concept. Now they are like any other soap couple and I suppose next they will start hopping from person to person like all the other soap couples. So disappointing. They may try to justify why Steve did this, but it doesn’t matter now. I know it is just a soap, but I enjoyed the special thing about this couple, their commitment and love for each other. They definitely could have written this story so much better and not have gone this route. And these writers get paid for for this.

      • Barb: EXACTLY. It’s hard to find another soap couple who have remained true to each other. (When they were both alive and neither one had amnesia.) The writers have just destroyed something very special. They brought Bo back only to kill him off. And they brought S&K back only to drag them into the gutter. What a shame.

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