I thought Eric’s scenes on Friday were the best yet for this storyline. Why? Because they finally delved (a little) into the actual, specific history of Eric and connected it to what happened. When Nicole said she blamed herself because she (and Daniel) knew Eric was in trouble and she didn’t stop him, it was the first reference to why he was drinking that night.

My favorite line was when Nicole said that she never imagined she would ever look at Eric and see anything but one of the best men she knows. That was a nice nod to his priesthood days when he inspired her to turn her own life around. I loved the introduction of some complexity, when she said she was sorry he was in hell, but she couldn’t find her way out of her own hell.

And then this reaction shot:


Of course it goes without saying that I am heartbroken. But hey, at least Days is making me feel something — other than (or in addition to) “Man, I wish this was a better story.”

His later decision to drink, and then get talked out of it by Jen and Lucas, was a little PSA-ish, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. This was mostly due to Greg Vaughan. I loved the mixture of pride and self-loathing that led him to spurn their help. And it was a relief that Eric didn’t immediately run off to meeting and become cured – though I have no doubt this is what will happen, and fairly soon.

Also, I give credit to Missy Reeves for clutching her back at one point after running to catch up with Eric, but otherwise Jen has made a remarkable recovery from this morning. Oh, Days.



6 thoughts on “Hellfire

  1. MARY..that was the photo..I felt it was “the most moving photo of the day” in my post yesterday..Fans have reacted so emotionally to Greg’s & Ari’s painful scenes. Greg stated he would be doing some of his finest work…I agree. 🌞

  2. I also thought Nicole and Eric characters did an excellent job Friday. Greg Vaughn s such a good actor, and this could continue on as a great story. I cannot believe they are letting him go.

  3. I just wish this whole thing hadn’t happened at break neck speed. We needed more build up to Eric’s drinking. And we certainly needed more build up to Jen taking those pills. The scenes played well but that is a nod to the actors. I can’t completely blame the writers because I suspect a chunk of scenes has been edited out that WE NEEDED TO SEE!

    I still roll my eyes when Nicole says Daniel was the “love of her life” and that is just because I have seen her sleep with practically every other man in Salem. I can’t even imagine how you Ericole fans react to that.

    And I guess Ciara discovered Chase has been the one sending Theo those texts….I wish it had been Lani. It would have been a hell of a lot more interesting.

    • I agree about the breakneck speed. It’s gotten to the point where I’m just grateful for some good scenes. I can even overlook the “love of my life” thing because it’s not like she hasn’t said that already, so I guess I’m just resigned to it.

      I hope things turn around in February. Strange thing is the ratings seem fine, even improving. So what do I know?

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