Shawn’s return has been handled so badly. It is really driving me crazy. He comes back, has one talk with his daughter, and announces he wants Belle back. Then he says it again. And again. And again. No reason given. No motivation for the change of heart. Just “I want you back” to someone who cheated on him with Phillip right before they got married (remember that?), cheated on him in Maine, and now has just cheated on him again!


I haaaaated Brandon Beemer’s Shawn in his last run, but I was hoping the show would give me a reason to like him this time around. So far, that has not happened. Have we even seen him with Hope or Ciara yet?

It’s also been very depressing that this has brought the return of glittery Belle. I was liking Belle and I’m still hanging onto it, but having two men desperately pursuing her when she has proven herself no prize to either one of them is killing it for me.

That said, I did enjoy the conversation between Marlena and Belle today, when Marlena scolded her for running off to Vegas with Phillip. It’s as close as we’ve gotten to an explanation for Belle’s motivations. I liked the frustration that came through when she said she knew if she stayed she would just have to listen to Claire trying to get her back together with Shawn. (Though, actually, I think she agreed to go to Vegas before Claire called Shawn.) I want to here her say she’s sick of true love and happily ever after — now she just wants to have fun. It makes perfect sense, so let’s hear her say it. Instead we got to hear Marlena say Belle is probably blaming herself for going to Vegas more than anyone. Um, it doesn’t look like it to me.

I have only two words to say to the idea of Deimos and Kate getting together: HELL NO.


Isn’t it enough that she got her hooks into Eduardo? I love A Martinez and Vincent Irizarry, and both of them are wasted on this woman.

Side note: I love the way Vincent says “Deimos Kiriakis.” Gives me the shivers every time I hear it. I want to see him introduce himself to everyone in town, twice.

I said yesterday that I want more from Eric’s story. One thing I didn’t realize I wanted was to see this hot little jailbird:


Screencaps Forever Safe



7 thoughts on “Sh-yawn

  1. Why, oh, why did they bring back the most boring trio in the history of Days? Okay, yes, I agree that Belle has gained some character in this version. At least she’s kinda bitchy. I actually like the actors involved and wouldn’t mind someone trying to write something for them other than this kooky mess. It would be great if they eliminated Belle and Phillip and Shawn got together. Okay, I know that they are not written as gay men. But you have to admit it would be a better storyline than this tired old hash.

    Where’s Kayla? Please, God, give me Steve and Kayla.

    • I feel the same, that I was kind of liking Phillip and Belle as individuals. I was even open to them as a couple, but not in the same old triangle. I have no idea why they thought we would be interested in watching Shellip, round 1000. Iif they had to do this triangle, do something different with it! Your suggestion would at least be a twist! 🙂

      • I would be kind of hilarious if all that manly arguing between Phillip and Shawn ended in a passionate kiss that neither one was prepared for….It would give Belle a reason to be bitchy.

        Okay, okay, I am dreaming. In a world where exciting story lines were told….

  2. When Brandon Beemer had his first scene with Claire I was very impressed. Since then, not so much. The BIG issue is that we have this love triangle that doesn’t seem to be based on anything other than sexual attraction. I need more. So far the writers aren’t giving us anything and it’s disappointing. Give me some glimpses of the life that Belle and Shawn have had together. Let me see them remembering some happy times or even some arguments they had in the past…do something to help me understand these characters and their connection and their dynamic aside from just telling me he misses her and wants her back. Maybe we could see him remembering something happy but her only remembering the difficult times. The way it is playing now, the only reason Shawn wants Belle back is because he knows Phillip wants her back? All I get from Belle is that she wants to be wanted. It doesn’t seem like she and Phillip have any kind of deep connection either….she just likes getting the attention. Like when she was ready to go to bed with Chad…the only reason for it (besides Billy’s blue eyes) is the fact that he appeared to want her while Phillip was blowing her off for work. (Growing up in Sami’s shadow must have really done a number on her if that is all she cares about.)

    I’m just pretending that the Kate and Deimos scene didn’t happen. I just can’t go there. I REALLY wish Ben had killed her instead of Will.

    I know you didn’t mention it but I loved the Brady/Nicole/Theresa scenes and I totally didn’t expect to. I have been rolling my eyes at the thought of Brady having Daniel’s memories after the transplant but I actually enjoyed watching the interactions between the three of them and I especially like the Theresa/Nicole scene.

    I saw the list of daytime emmy pre-nominations and I am floored that Robert Scott Wilson is nowhere on that list. Days seems well represented by the actresses but there doesn’t seem to be much love for the actors.

    • I like Brandon Beemer with Claire too. I agree he is better and more believable as a father than Jason Cook.

      Your suggestions are good for showing motivations for Shawn and Belle, why they broke up, why he wants to get back together. I agree that Belle seems mostly drawn to Phillip for the attention, same reason she was with Chad. I’m open to that, and I think it fits with her character. But show it and explore it as a flaw.

      I agree the Brady/Nicole/Theresa scenes worked. I didn’t anticipate that Nicole would feel drawn to Brady and comforted by his visions/dreams. It makes it feel more real.

      Robert Scott was robbed!

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