Where is Kayla?

People have been having fun on Twitter with the hashtag #whereiskayla. I think this one is my favorite:


I enjoyed the return of desperate Steve. No one can freak out with love and worry like Stephen can. There was a scene during the Marina storyline, I believe, when Kayla got into a car accident. In the aftermath, Mike Horton said to Kayla, “We’ve got Steve chained up outside, do you want to see him?” Hee!


Of course I had to laugh out loud at Steve referring to Ava’s “bony ass” and his great line that he’d rather scoop out his good eye with a spoon than take up with Ava again. I’m actually glad that he didn’t manhandle Ava too much, though. Steve in the 80’s would have, but a 60-year old man would (and should) have more self-control. Besides, Ava looks like she would snap like a twig. What I hope is that Steve, in addition to looking for this “child,” will be scouring Salem and (especially) tailing Ava to see if she will lead him to Kayla. Come on, Steve, be the smart and wily guy we know you can be!

Poor Joey …


It was all a bit much, though. He declares his love and desire to run off to Mexico with Ava (see her reaction that proposal above, LOL), gets trashed, makes a scene at Ciara’s party, drinks some more, calls his dad and talks about drunk driving and consequences, and then arrives at home to the news that Ava kidnapped his mom and might have a baby with his dad (who would now be older than him). Now that’s a FULL day! I think James Lastovic is doing great, but it all happened so fast I’m not as emotionally engaged as I should be.

Chad’s proposal that he and Abby move into the Dimera mansion is obviously dictated by the desire to keeping using that set.


But I still liked it. Or rather, I liked the idea of it. In my head, Chad was explaining that he wants to reclaim the Dimera house and therefore Dimera heritage, transform what people think of that name and that house. All of this made perfect sense in the imaginary show in my head where they actually explain people’s motivations.

Poor Eric:


Greg is really selling me on Eric’s extreme remorse and guilt, but I’m itching for something to be added to this, some connection to someone or something else. I want this to go somewhere besides “I’m going to prison and I deserve it.” His conversation with Hope today was a good start. When he said he took a life and there are consequences for that, I really liked the look on Hope’s face — that she also took a life and — in contrast to Eric — is trying to avoid the consequences. It will be a nice redemption for Eric if he can help someone else before he leaves — I’m guessing Jennifer, with her instant pill addiction, is the most likely candidate.



11 thoughts on “Where is Kayla?

  1. I was glad to see Steve today showing his concern about Kayla being in trouble. I wish he could have a little more crazy about not knowing what had happened to her and proof that she is really ok. Did see on plank log that Mary Beth is doing some volunteer type work helping in a workshop for young actors. She said she has a lull at Days for a while. So it seems as though we won’t see any scenes with Steve and Kayla for awhile. (February sweeps).Its already been a week plus. I agree James as Joey is doing a great job. I am glad he is getting his head on straight And seeing the truth.

    • I was worried that Mary Beth would be gone for awhile, if Steve is going to be looking for the son. I hoped we might see her in scenes with Ava at least.

      It is a big relief to see the scales fall from Joey’s eyes. Hope we get to see some of the fallout for him.

  2. With the crazy timelines going on I have no clue whether Kayla has been missing for 24 hours or a week?

    Mykleraus and I have discussed over on his blog how the timelines seem to be different for different characters. Last week when Hope was confessing to murder they were sure to point out that it was Jan 18th yet it was supposed to have just been a couple of days since she shot Stefano (which in reality happened around the New Year.) Then we had Jennifer who had been in the NYE accident who I think we were supposed to believe had been popping pain pills for 3 weeks since that accident but we had Eric visiting Daniel’s body that was still sitting in the morgue as if the accident had just happened. They haven’t yet buried a man who died over 3 weeks ago? We had Kayla being summons to DC just a day or two after the heart transplant yet plans are being made for Brady to go home from the hospital like it has been weeks since the surgery. But somehow none of this was really bothering me until now.

    I watched Monday and Tuesday’s shows back to back last night so this Joey stuff was really all over the place for me. I keep asking myself would a child of Steve and Kayla’s be this naive? The way he has formed such an attachment to Ava and they way he has gone on about how she is the only one who listens to him and understands him you would think that he would have had to be neglected or just always misunderstood by his family and that is not the Joey we have been seeing. Am I just supposed to believe this is all his hormones at work? I guess if we had been able to see that it was Ava and not Steve and Kayla that got him out of the angry young man act he was giving us early on I might buy it, but that isn’t what they have shown us.

    Early Steve would have never had the emotional maturity to be so self controlled with Ava so I guess it is good to see that kind of personal growth after all of these years. I HATE this storyline yet I have found it entertaining. Of course as soon as I heard Steve say the line about how he would rather scoop out his good eye than be with her again I felt a wave of nausea come on. We’ve been down this road before and the ride makes me sick.

    I don’t know what to say about Eric. Greg Vaughan is doing a great job portraying the guilt and remorse yet I think they have made his character seem so isolated that it doesn’t carry the weight that it should. I am glad they had Hope visiting him yesterday and I am glad that Joey made the connection about Eric’s situation and his own behaviors but it doesn’t feel like it is enough to me. And I think there was potential in the scene where Roman was watching his sleep but it just didn’t resonate the way I think it should have. It just feels like something is missing.

    • The dialogue about how Ava was the only one who understood him, etc., fell really flat for me. I don’t see Joey believing that no matter how smitten he is. And yes, I think we’re supposed to put it all down to hormones. I was believing it until this week. This is just too much, all at once.

      And yeah, I’m thinking Ava is going to try to get Steve this way, “I won’t lead you to Kayla unless you sleep with me” or whatever. I really want to see Steve outsmart her somehow here, instead of playing right into her hands …

      I think what is missing from the Eric story is the sense that it is going somewhere. Yes, he is suffering, but he’s willing (and eager) to go to jail, so that’s not really a conflict. It looks like they are setting up some kind of redemption before he goes, where he helps someone (probably Jen) and that could potentially be interesting. But right now, like today Nicole screams at him, he says “she’s right,” and where does it go?

  3. Love your Blog Mary Pickford!!! Love my Eric Brady..Love that he is turning back to The WORD for answers..forgiveness..redemption. He needs to let go and let GOD. I loved the Roman visit..loving touch ..”thats my boy, thats my boy” Good Stuff!!!

    • I have been enjoying the Roman/Marlena/Eric scenes a lot. All three actors have done well with it.

      I’m glad to see the religious side of Eric coming out again too. I’d like to see him talk about why he was drinking too much and get some insight into his state of mind before the accident.

  4. I think this is stupid and, terrible writing if the only way Steve find Kayla is his sleep with Ava.We didn’t tune in to watch Days to see that.

    • I agree, I am going to be ticked if Steve actually does sleep with Ava because I don’t think he really would and Kayla would be devastated after she just started trusting him again. He needs to haul Ava’s “bony ass” to Roman and tell him what is going on. He can arrest her and work a deal to find out where Kayla is. It was stupid the 1st time to have Ava coerce Steve into bed and I do not want to see a repeat. In fact, if that is where they go with this story I won’t watch that part unless I can see that Steve outsmarts her as MP suggested. I just can’t bear it!

      • I don’t think he will outsmart her, if you remember Ava tried to do the same thing when Kayla was Pregnant With Joey, Kayla walk in on it. Days took forever to address how Kayla felt about it.I think it going to happen, this is stupid.

      • I do remember Ava trying to do the same thing when Kayla was pregnant with Joey which is why I don’t understand why we are seeing this AGAIN. Is there no creativity left with writers? We have been there, done that with this story line and it was horrible the first time. I get the helping Ava’s find the baby thing, but the sleeping with Steve? How about NO?? He BETTER outsmart her. I was enjoying the teamwork S and K were displaying, but I agree we did not tune into Days to see this. If Steve actually sleeps with Ava, I will seriously stop watching. As much as I love S and K, I can only take so much. I will have to watch vicariously through this blog then, I guess. Can you tell I am frustrated??!

      • I am frustrated as well. The ONLY REASON I STARTED WATCHING DAYS AGAIN WAS STEVE AND KAYLA. I LOVE WATCHING THEM. Keep emailing me, i love talking to someone one about it. This story reminds me whe Sami caught Marlana and John years ago. I think it going to happen, Steve has made a habit of going on his own.

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