Pain management

Well, it looks like Jen got hooked on painkillers in, what, a day?


This reminds of when my dad fell and cracked a rib, and after taking one Vicodin the first day, demurred taking another. “You know, they’re habit forming,” he said. I told him he wasn’t going to get addicted after one pill, but now, clearly, I’ll have to tell him I was wrong.

I wish it had taken a bit longer for Andre to figure out where Stefano’s body was. As it is, it makes Rafe (with his supposedly super crime scene cleanup skills) look like an inept moron. Why, oh why, is he driving past the warehouse and slowing down? Twice?

Speaking of Rafe, can someone tell me why Ciara, after losing a stepfather and father in quick succession, is so eager to throw Hope into Rafe’s arms? There were a few signs around the bicentennial that Ciara had a crush on Rafe, and I think that would have been a better plot.

To me, the most intriguing part of the show was Chad. At this point, just about the only thing that could pull Chad back into the Dimera orbit is Stefano’s illness or death. And they’ve done the “Stefano collapses and the children rally to his side” plot a few too many times. This is more interesting. I really liked how Chad dismissed Andre’s theories, but still went over to see Hope. He probably told himself it was just to warn Hope, which he did, but there was real concern there too. And this seems perfectly crafted to put Chad and Abby on opposite sides: Abby defending Hope’s actions, and Chad loving his father in spite of it all.

Just an FYI: Mama and Papa Pickford are coming to town for a few days, so I’ll catch up with you all probably on Tuesday. Have a great weekend!


11 thoughts on “Pain management

  1. The snarky part of me was yelling at Jenn, “hey, put on some sweats and get out of those five inch heels and I bet that will help your back.” I realize this is a soap and not real life, but at least if Jenn has back pain, I wish wardrobe had put her in a little lower heels because no one with back pain is going to wear heels as high as what those were.

    • OMG…someone buy that woman a pair of fuzzy slippers or something! And Abby and Chad are just idiots for leaving her to care for the baby when her doctor told her not to lift anything more than 5 pounds!

      This pain pill thing is kinda sad. Show her take a pill but don’t make a big deal out of it. The whole thing with the aspirin bottle and then the prescription bottle and having her only take a half of a pill was just overkill. If they are trying to make this an addiction storyline it takes a long time to build that kind of story. I remember when GH had Brenda hooked on hydrocodone after a car accident. We had months of months of watching her pop a pill…usually whenever she was upset about something. Then we had her making excuses to her doctor to get additional pills before anyone put 2 and 2 together to realize there was an issue. The addiction story was months (maybe even a year) after the car accident.

      • Those heels were crazy, haha. And I can’t get over how Abby keeps waltzing off with Chad and leaves Jen alone to take care of the baby. Maybe that’s why Jen is turning to pills. 🙂

        Shea, the way you describe GH’s storyline would be so much better. Days (at least right now) doesn’t have the patience to slowly develop the story like that. Gah.

  2. Because the timeline is so wonky, I can’t even tell how many times Rafe has driven by that warehouse. It’s technically still the same day that they tossed out Stefano’s body, which means Rafe’s “regular commute” would’ve only happened once (on his way home). But it’s also been 18 days since New Year’s, sooooo… Basically, I’m trying to figure JUST HOW STUPID this man is.

    Enjoy your time with your parents!

    • I thought Andre’s henchman said Rafe drove by the warehouse “a couple of times.” And I know Rafe said the building would be demolished in two days, when they hid the body. But like you say, the timeline is so wonky.

      And it’s been very depressing to see the return of stupid Rafe. I really enjoyed smart detective Rafe last fall.

  3. Having a great visit with Mary! I, too, was wondering why Jen had on those really high heels. How about some realistic writing? ?

  4. Poor Melissa Reeves is working so hard to make this story believable. . She legitimately seems like she’s in pain (heels notwithstanding) and her exhaustion in the face of all the craziness around her is really relatable. Loved the little scene of her and Abby on the couch binge-watching tv. For a few minutes at least, it didn’t seem like Abby was completely abandoning her mother for Chad.

    I’m sad that we are back to stupid Rafe. I hope Lani busts both of them.

    • I think Missy is doing well with it, too, as much as she can given the ridiculousness of it. Abby and Jen were cute binge-watching. I wonder what TV show it was. 🙂

      I’m hoping this story will help me get invested in Lani. I enjoyed the Carver family scenes yesterday.

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