I’ve been struggling to come up with something to say about the show these last two episodes.

Not that there haven’t been things to enjoy. I really liked Rafe and Eduardo’s conversation yesterday. But even with that, I have to ask, where did it come from? Rafe has been freezing Eddy out for months, and now suddenly he says, “Oh, I guess Gabi thinks you’re all right,” and sits down and has a heart to heart. I thought it was interesting that Eddy didn’t offer the “I had to leave to protect you” excuse, and instead said that he was caught up in living up to some masculine code. That was refreshing, actually. And I thought Galen did well showing Rafe’s vulnerability and hurt.


I wasn’t so crazy about the Rope almost-kiss that preceded it. I can’t get over the fact that her attraction to him seems to have kicked off once he helped her hide a body. Apparently that is the the way to Hope’s heart, who knew?

Chad and Abby were adorable in their scenes with Jennifer, but tonally it felt completely off. “My mom is in terrible pain, but it makes her like Chad more, so hurray!”


Now here is my biggest complaint. Ever since I found out Brandon Beemer is coming back to the show, I have dreaded the return of the Shawn/Phillip/Belle triangle. I grew especially to hate Brandon Beemer’s Shawn, so much so that I kind of forgot how good looking the guy is:


His re-introduction is doing nothing to soothe my worries about Shellip, round two. What I hated about that triangle is that both Shawn and Phillip were gaga over Belle, without seeing any reason why they would be so into her. She treated them both horribly, wavering limply back and forth, back and forth, while they both eagerly lapped up any affection she threw their way. Shawn suddenly being willing to “fight” for Belle, after sending her divorce papers like three days ago, makes no sense at all. What changed?

I love that Belle has a spine now, is a little bit bitchy. Martha plays that aspect really well. And I can accept Phillip being willing to let bygones be bygones (though I wish they would explain that too), but Shawn? There is no reason he should be eager to fight for the woman who cheated on him twice and now looks to be cheating on him again. Aaargh!

And Belle? When your husband calls when you are postcoital with another man, you let it go to voicemail.




5 thoughts on “Shellipalooza

  1. This week has just been all over the place. Last Friday was a great show and then Monday was very good. My only complaint about Monday was really how it left us hanging with no follow up on Friday’s cliffhangers about Kayla and Jennifer. Then we had Tuesday and Wednesday where both shows were just choppy and kinda hard to follow. There was no flow between scenes. People were flying cross country during commercial breaks. And the little bit of follow up we got with Kayla and Jennifer was weird. And then there was Thursday. I thought the show was pretty good. The pacing, timing and flow of the episode were much better (except maybe John’s storyline which I still suspect is being edited to show us as few scenes as possible…which is fine with me as long as they still connect the dots.) I enjoyed Thursday episode but it honestly didn’t even feel like the same damn show as Tuesday and Wednesday!

    I’m not sure how much I care about John’s search for his past but the scenes didn’t bore me. So far the dynamic between John and Eduardo is good for me. It’s kind of a parallel of the Steve/Roman partnership from the 80s where they are kinda working together but John clearly isn’t sure whether he can trust him or not.

    Speaking of Eduardo, I didn’t really have a problem with Rafe having a beer with the man. I think from Rafe’s point of view the fact that this man is still around after all of these months is probably noteworthy. It wasn’t like it was that deep of a heart to heart they had. It still felt guarded on Rafe’s part so I can buy it.

    I loved Brandon Beemer’s scene with Claire. It actually felt like a more authentic father/daughter dynamic than what I saw (briefly) with Jason Cook. I have been thinking about this whole Phillip/Belle/ShawnD triangle and I really do not want to go down that road again! Granted I only saw brief bits of it before but they were actually a part of why I couldn’t watch the show regularly back then. (Sami was the other reason.) Again I need to see some character development for Belle outside of who she sleeps with. They had the same issue with Abby…why do they keep writing these young women this way?

    It’s been a week still no real follow up on Kayla…that’s unacceptable to me.

    • The lack of attention to Belle’s character and motivation is galling. Though really all three of them need to be developed. Maybe Beth Milstein can flesh them out a bit. I hear her stuff will start airing soon. But even if so, I agree with you, can we just move on from this?

      I like the dynamic between John and Eduardo too. Like you say, there’s a combination of suspiciousness and respect that I really like. Like Steve and John. 🙂

      Really curious how these stories will unfold for February sweeps!

  2. I think DOOL is missing the boat on all of the stories. Like no real point to the airtime they are using up. And yes Kayla and Steve also. Afraid if they don’t use them more, Steve especially will want to leave like before. They get very little story line and with Ava, uke. I think they are much more magical than a lot of other people and their stories. At least give them more screen time. They are very good. It almost appears the writers are doing there best to ignore them

    • It was certainly a light Steve and Kayla week but if you look at it over the past few months they have had tons of airtime.

    • Oh, I don’t think so at all. They clearly seem to be one of the show’s focal points, and they’re getting more screentime overall than just about anyone besides Abigail/Chad and Hope.

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