Chock full

Tuesday’s episode was chock full of characters and incidents. I’m not really complaining about that — but John and Marlena’s story seemed particularly like it needed a little more time and attention devoted to it. We finally (maybe) meet John’s mother? And she turns out to be half his size? Never mind the shrinking birthmark, what about her?


I’m not convinced this is his real mother. She seemed so casual about it all, standing there with him. “How nice of you to come by!” Isn’t this supposed to be the son she hasn’t seen in 50 years?

Regarding Marlena, did I miss a scene where she was trying to find a way to get Eric out of the country? It took all the drama out of it, just having her matter-of-factly report that she changed her mind. Talk about undramatic.

I am rolling my eyes at the idea of Brady inheriting Daniel’s feelings for Nicole, but this scene actually kind of got to me:


The story will feel more real if Nicole latches on Brady as a last link to Daniel, and it isn’t just about Brady’s dreams. And they do have a history of turning to each other for comfort and hookups, between relationships.

Anything to get Nicole off the couch and away from mourning the greatest love that ever loved. (WWDD? Really, Days?) Ugh. Though I suppose it’s better than Daniel appearing as a ghost.

Color me intrigued by the developments in Deimos’s story.


I’m a little disappointed that he seems to be blackmailing Phillip, instead of Phillip working with him willingly. But I loved the backstory for Victor and Deimos. I thought at first it was a little overly detailed – the seduction of the fiancee, the finding of the body. But then the reveal that Victor was the one fighting with her, and was probably the one who pushed her off that cliff. And he set up Deimos to take the fall? Yowza! No wonder Deimos is out for revenge!

We also had Steve being suspicious of Ava again (hurray), but still willing to look for their “son” (boo). And where has Ava stashed Kayla?





6 thoughts on “Chock full

  1. The best part of this episode: no Hope. I think that the John-Marlena story, in particular, would benefit from some of the bandwidth that’s been devoted to Hope over the past months. Or perhaps what I’m still looking for is a connection between all the “big bad” stories that are out there right now–Deimos, Dimeras, Ava, and Winterthorne. Any of these stories on their own could incorporate multiple characters and build towards a big conclusion, but as it stands, we get stops and starts. We get loose ends and we get episodes like this one where It just feels too full.

    I dislike the continued focus on Daniel, but I do enjoy Brady and Nicole together. Their friendship is one of my favorites and I can get behind any story that puts them in one another’s orbit.

    • I like Brady and Nicole too, as ex-lovers and friends.

      The pieces are certainly all there to connect Deimos with a number of other stories, including Hope and the Dimeras. I hope we will see some of this start to come together, but we’ll see!

  2. This whole episode was choppy and disjointed. It felt like a bunch of stuff crammed together with some weird editing because none of the scenes seem to flow into the next. Is it my imagination of are we having days where it’s back to those really short scenes? Maybe it just feels that way because it is so disjointed. I am curious to know if they have gone back and re-edited some things out just so we can rush through some of these storylines because they realized they were not really working?

    This show felt like it had a lot going on but really not much happened…except John flew to where ever to see his “mother”, Belle and Phillip flew to Vegas and ShawnD flew to Salem…all during a commercial break.

    So still no follow up on Kayla except I guess Ava is not hiding her in that room? I guess Jennifer and Chad are still laying in the floor of the Horton house?

    I really could have done without Nicole’s alter ego or whatever that was and that WWDD line was the worst dialogue I have heard in YEARS. Looks like Melissa Salmons wrote this one and I have to say that this show was not what I would expect from her.

    I am interested in Deimos but it is pretty sad that they went with a fighting over a woman backstory. Especially when these two brothers are like 30+ years apart! I think I would have prefered it if Deimos was a nephew instead of a brother…might even be fun if they had made him Justin’s brother who had been disowned by the family for something he had done….maybe even make him responsible for Justin’s parent’s deaths? I know it looks like he might be blackmailing Phillip now but I will be interested to see if that has been the case all along. I kind of like the idea that he and Phillip have been working together for quite a while but now that Phillip is back home…having feelings for Belle again…he is having second thoughts about continuing with their scheme and Deimos is threatening to tell Victor everything so that he doesn’t back out. I’m probably way off base but I like that idea.

    It seems weird that Steve was on but only got like 2 scenes and one of them was a really short attempt to call Kayla? I swear it feels like they took 2 episodes and cut a bunch of scenes out and smushed the leftover bits together. I don’t think it was a horrible episode but it wasn’t near as good as the previous two.

    • I like your idea that Phillip was initially working with Deimos willingly and only recently got cold feet. That would be a way to make him a little shady but not all the way shady — and it would be more interesting than him being just a straight-up victim of Deimos.

      The episode was really overstuffed. I didn’t even comment on Nicole’s conversation with herself. It could have been ghost Daniel, though, so I’m grateful for small favors. But it was a truly odd choice to devote so much airtime to that and squeeze in just a couple of scenes for J/M and Steve.

      I didn’t realize this was Melissa Salmon – I’m disappointed, she usually writes much better!

      • So I have been pretty much spoiler free but occasionally I go over to read some stuff on Daytime Royalty and although I don’t specifically read the spoiler threads you do get some spoilers in the some of the other threads. So yesterday I went over there because I wanted to see some other people’s thoughts and comments about the editing and writing lately and there is a thread on there just devoted to tracking things that are being cut. Apparently the spoiler info is released before editing (or re-editing) so lately a lot of stuff that was released as spoilers seems to be getting cut and never airs. They also have things written into the episode recaps on that is not making it to air! They also have pictures that get released as spoilers or previews and a bunch of those are not making it to air. An example is this adorable pic that was posted for the December 23rd episode but never aired.

        I know that I was confused because one of the preview pics for the NYE episode showed the teens partying at TBD and we didn’t see that happen on air until January 5th. I noticed that and mentioned it weeks ago. Apparently Steve and John had a scene cut from Tuesday’s show where Steve told John about Ava and the baby story and John told Steve something about going to meet his mother.

        I’m going out on a limb here and say that Dena was fired and they are trying to salvage what they can of her stories.

      • I saw that thread title but didn’t go into it. I’ve seen people on Twitter making references to cut scenes. But I’m kind of baffled about why it would be happening, honestly. Your theory about Dena’s stories being shortened and rearranged is the most plausible, but even that seems strange given that the scenes are in all different storylines. And given that these episodes are from five months ago, why wouldn’t someone do the spoilers & recaps based on what is slated to air? Why would they be based on the original stories? It doesn’t make sense.

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