Bad Boys

A Kiriakis so loathsome that even Victor disowned him thirty years ago? Bring it on.


Glad to see Vincent hasn’t lost any of his charisma. I rarely watched any other soaps, but I loved bad boy Lujack and Beth (played by Vincent and Judi Evans) so much that in sixth grade I switched to recording Guiding Light, instead of Days, during the school year.


I hope we’ll see Judi and Vincent sharing scenes!

I thought the reveal at the end, showing Phillip has already been colluding with Deimos, was a great twist. I think that Deimos must be the one chasing this miracle drug, and hence is responsible for Bo’s imprisonment and torture. I assume Phillip was unaware of that, but I like that he’s flirting with the dark side. We’ll see how this all falls out for him.

They might finally be giving Lani something interesting to do:


She’s obviously interested in Rafe, and that has fueled a suspicion about Hope and the lengths that he will go to for her. I like that we’ve seen this unfold gradually. Lani also served as a (slight) counterbalance to the rest of the police force, who were all falling over themselves to excuse Hope. I did like the final exchange between Roman and Justin, showing they hadn’t bought her lame story, but overall I feel this should have been a lot more dramatic and suspenseful.

Belle isn’t going to be winning any mother of the year awards, is she? I wish they would give us an explanation for her willingness to be wooed by Phillip (and Chad). I’m willing to fanwank to a certain point, but I’d like to see what the show has in mind with this. Claire’s phone call is making me dread the return of Shawn (in the form of Brandon Beemer) and the return of the love triangle that ate the show in the 2000’s.

Oh, and a child scheming to get her parents back together? Wow, I’ve never seen that plot before!


5 thoughts on “Bad Boys

  1. As much as I like Thaao Penghlis, I think that the show has bungled transitioning him to next super villain. Between his scheme to have Aidan kill Hope and the brainwashing of Chad, he hasn’t exactly been the smoothest operator. Contrast that to Vincent Irizarry’s Deimos, who just leapt off the screen for me yesterday. I watched All My Children on and off in the early 00s (when I just couldn’t handle the ridiculous plot lines on Days) and it was mostly because of his charisma. I loved his scenes with Victor and Phillip. I also appreciate that they are giving him the kind of long-game story that they used to do so well with Stefano and Victor, but that they’ve really neglected with Andre. Let’s hope they don’t screw it up.

    • I love this style of soap villain – smooth and sinister vs. campy and over the top. Young and charismatic enough to romance a lady or two, but not so young that he demands to be “redeemed by love” in the manner of, say, Lawrence Alamain. So yes, let’s hope they don’t screw it up. 🙂

  2. I knew something was up with Phillip from the moment he came back. I was leaning toward him being aware of/involved in Bo’s capture and torture due to his shifty reactions when it was mentioned and the fact that he skipped the funeral only to show up later that night. I am so excited about Vincent Irizarry being here and I can’t wait to learn more about the Victor/Deimos history! I have never liked Phillip as he has always seemed like a combination of the worst traits of both Victor and Kate but I am interested in seeing what is up with he and Deimos. Considering how evil Victor was 30 years ago, I can’t even imagine how bad Deimos will be!

    There is something about Lani that I have been growing suspicious of for a while now. Wonder if she is going to be this crazy stalkerish type? She could cause some issues for Hope and Rafe and she could be the one bullying Theo because she is jealous that he has grown up with Abe when she didn’t?

    I’m actually looking forward to Shawn coming back. Maybe his presence can help me figure out what is wrong with Belle because I don’t understand any of her behavior since she came back to Salem. I don’t look forward to the inevitable love triangle or whatever we will be forced to endure but I do need to understand Belle a bit more or I am just going to write her off as a rootable character.

    Andre doesn’t work for me as a villain because he is just diabolical and a complete wacko. He isn’t mysterious and calculating like Stefano. With Stefano gone and limited resources I have to wonder what they are going to do with Andre.

    It would have been nice to have some followup on Friday’s show….what is Ava doing with Kayla and what happened when Jen collapsed but otherwise it was another really enjoyable show to me. (Even with Hope on.)

    • I had not considered Lani as the source of the texts to Theo…makes sense. Especially given the intense eyeballing we saw towards Rope…more than meets the eye there and def have to have some sort of point to her existing at all…agree that given the Friday “cliffhanger” re Kayla…hard to see why that wasn’t on as the week started. But good show. And love Irizarry…

    • Shea, I agree that we need to find out what’s going on with Belle. How hard would it be to have her confiding in Marlena, “I’ve given up on true love, I just want to have some fun with someone.” Or “Obviously I’m not cut out to be faithful, so I might as well embrace it.” Both of these things would be logical and give us insight into her current state of mind. You could also throw in some reflection about how young she was when she had Claire, how finding “happily ever after” as a teen made her miss out on being able to date around.

      Ooh, I like your theory that Lani could be the one sending texts to Theo. I’ve heard that Sal Stowers has acting chops – people are very complimentary of her work on AMC – and I just haven’t seen it. But playing essentially “day player cop” hasn’t given her much opportunity to show her stuff. Maybe this will. And adding a little dark side might be fun.

      And yes, why wasn’t Kayla on?? I really want to know what Ava is going to do with her …

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