Best laid plans

I thought Friday’s show was excellent, one of the best in quite a while.

I get so worried that Steve is going to keep a secret from Kayla, that it’s extra gratifying each time he doesn’t. I thought the scenes where he told Kayla about the baby were excellent. Before we get into them, let’s bask in the hotness:


And another one:



There were two things that made these scenes particularly good (well, three counting the extreme hotness, as noted above). One was the nod to Steve’s rotten childhood, and more importantly, to his overdeveloped sense of responsibility towards children. Think of how he felt when Jack was adopted — that he was abandoning him — when Jack was actually gaining two parents. A phrase like “the baby was sold on the black market” would cut him to the quick.

And that brought Kayla’s perfect response: Ava knows that. This is the other great thing about these scenes. Kayla was angry and skeptical — and reasonable. She pointed out that Ava knows any story about a mistreated child will push all his buttons. We don’t even know if there really is a child. (It was like Kayla was quoting the fan boards!) She said that Ava’s actions up until now have been a bait, to reel Steve in. By agreeing to look for the child, he is dancing to Ava’s tune.

But Steve’s response was reasonable too — or would be, if we didn’t already know Ava is up to no good. And if we also didn’t know soap logic, which is that you never, ever agree to do what the vixenish villainess asks you to do, no matter how innocuous it sounds.

How great was this little scene?


It wasn’t crucial to the plot, but Steve holding Thomas obviously served to make the baby in the pictures more real, more worthy of protection.

You’ll also note, in the picture above, that Thomas is shooting Steve a besotted look. When he got into Steve’s arms, that look ripened quickly into true love:


I know how you feel, kid.

As a Jack fan, I loved that Steve said Thomas looked like Jack. Given that he carried baby Billy’s picture in his pocket for years and years, one thing he knows very well is how Jack looked as a baby:


Ah, yes, a definite resemblance. Stephen was so affecting talking about how he would try to take Jack’s place, and Ben’s too. That led Steve’s delightfully deadpan reaction to Abby’s “I found out Ben isn’t Thomas’s father, it’s Chad.” When you live in Salem, you have to learn to take these things in stride.

Regarding Joey’s confession of love to Ava, it pains me to see him taken in by her, but I do think it is believable. She has played on his attraction in order to manipulate him, but she has done it with a lot of finesse. And he is a virginal 16 year old boy. It actually looks she has been trying subtly to get rid of him lately, but her attempts to push him away have only made him more desperate. That led to the scene yesterday, and Kayla walking in and catching them together.


I am so going to remember this look and use it on my kids.

It tickles me to see Ava’s plans going awry, because one of the most annoying things about soaps is how the villainess’s manipulations always seem to go perfectly according to plan. And of course it was very satisfying to hear Kayla tear her a new one, referring blisteringly to Ava’s “fictional son” and calling her out for using Joey to get to Steve. And that led to Ava quickly adapting to changing circumstances by bashing Kayla on the head (with the candlestick, in the bedroom).

And since Steve thinks Kayla is off to DC, he might not wonder about her for awhile. Let’s just hope Joey isn’t so in love with Ava that he realizes how suspicious it is he last saw his mother with her. Eek!


8 thoughts on “Best laid plans

  1. Ava definitely did not like what Kayla had to say. The truth hurts when Kayla tells her out it is. Kayla is definitely the one Ava has to reckon with. She doesn’t know how to handle things especially since Steve and Kayla have been sharing what goes on with her. What happens with Kayla now?

    • Yeah, I’m really curious how this is turn in the story is going to play out. The story has been so good so far, let’s hope they don’t screw it up now. 🙂

      I agree that Kayla had Ava’s number, and it was very satisfying to hear her called out — especially after Steve and Joey have been much more gullible.

  2. This really was a great episode! It’s really funny…I hate the idea of this Ava storyline but I am really enjoying the execution of it and I am enjoying it. On the other hand, I like the idea of Hope’s storyline but it is being executed so poorly that I can barely even watch it. That’s really weird to me.

    I do have one big issue with this whole Ava storyline….why is this fugitive not in jail? I know Roman ran into her and she basically told him he had no jurisdiction to do anything to her. I am pretty sure he could have her extradited to face murder charges if he wanted to. And if he had no jurisdiction to start with then why did she leave Salem in the first place?

    • Oh, there you go being logical again! They definitely should have spent a little more time explaining why she couldn’t be arrested. It was pretty half-assed having just that one scene, but maybe we should be grateful they mentioned it at all. 🙂

      I agree what you say about the idea vs. execution of Hope’s story and this story. I still am harboring hope that they can turn around Stefano’s murder into something interesting. It’s something that should affect just about everyone on the canvas, so we’ll see.

  3. I thought this episode was really well done on so many fronts. As you pointed out, MP, the hotness that is Steve, and the honest sharing of feelings and conflicted emotions between Steve and Kayla at the news of Ava’s “child”. But…Ava only knew “Patch” when he was without any memories of his life prior to 1990, so to me it rings more than a little untrue that she would know that he had a horrible childhood. The scene where Steve meet and holds Jack’s grandson was really well done, and of course reinforced the mental discomfort for Steve, who is no doubt busy thinking about the baby pictures.

    I loved Kayla’s verbal smack down of Ava – I was yelling at the TV, and my daughter came in and was like, WTF mom? So embarrassing! And then Ava picked up that candlestick and smacked my girl Kayla! Oh no! Joey is such an idiot right now, who knows how long it will take him to mention to his dad that he left his mom fighting with Ava in her hotel room. Tamara Braun is a really lovely woman, but next to fresh faced Joey she looks so old and wrinkled, it just creeps me out. Kayla and her suitcase gave me a flashback to the lab explosion – but with cell phones it will be harder for them to pull off a “no one even know she’s missing” storyline. I just hope she doesn’t have brain damage and amnesia!

    • Yeah, Ava probably wouldn’t know the details of his horrible childhood, but I believe that even Steve without his memories would be very protective of children, so it still worked. And I’m happy to fanwank that if she’s been obsessed with him off and on all this time, she would have done some background research. 🙂

      I’m worried that Joey will be clueless about the fact that he was the last one to see Kayla, even after they discover she’s missing. He’s not going to be eager to believe that Ava is up to no good, so his mind might not go there.

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