Brother against brother

I thought Greg Vaughan and Eric Martsolf were great in their scenes today. At first I was annoyed at Brady’s hypocrisy, given his own past addiction. But then he brought it up himself, saying this could have happened to him. More importantly, as he kept talking it became clear that he was trying to light a fire under Eric, make him direct his guilt into productive channels, instead of tearing himself up. But, this element was in addition to being truly angry with him over causing the accident. I thought it was a great balance.


Afterwards, I would have appreciated a few lines in his scene with Theresa about it, so we could see these twin motives more clearly. I would also like to see someone, anyone, ask themselves why Eric has been drinking so much lately, and why they didn’t notice. But, I’ll take what I can get.

Are they setting up Eric going back into the priesthood as he goes to jail? I hope not, but it does look like they are going to set up some kind of redemption for him. And I’m all for that.

I thought Ari was very good in her scenes with nuParker, who was surprisingly effective. I had to laugh at how Chloe, for the second time, handed over the hard parenting stuff to Nicole.


Of course, Parker looks eerily like Nicole. They even have the same hairdresser!


I didn’t do a post on yesterday’s show because I found the excessive grieving and eulogizing of Daniel really sad – and not sad in the way the show intends. Today that was toned down … a little. But how are they going to top all this grieving at the funeral? I foresee a huge funeral pyre, where, in a massive outpouring of grief, the whole town will throw themselves.

How hilarious was Nicole appearing in Brady’s dream in THIS dress:


If this is what Daniel is sending him in his subconscious, are we sure it was a heart transplant Brady got?



8 thoughts on “Brother against brother

  1. AGREE MARY👍 Eric and Brady’s scenes were very, very good..I love their REAL. Interaction…Greg Vaughan said these upcoming scenes would be some his best work on Days..he is right!!! A genuine talent.🌞

  2. I was a bit distracted by Nicole and Parker’s matching hairdos. Maybe Nicole and Chloe should just move in together and co-parent Parker together because it clearly looks like Chloe is not up to the challenge on her own. (For some reason I thought Chloe was married but she made some comment about her and Parker and their small apartment didn’t she?) At this point I am convinced Ari is leaving when her contract is up and that is the reason they decided against an Eric and Nicole reunion and let Greg go. I think the decision to bring Chloe back was all part of that too. I could be wrong but that is my impression. I’ve never been a big Chloe fan but her mother (Nancy) was a lot of fun so I am hoping she pops up now and then once Chloe returns for good.

    I will give new Parker some credit…in two or three scenes he has helped me to like Nicole more I thought was possible…and I have been trying to find a reason to like her for months.

    I like the complexity of the Eric/Brady scenes but I felt like Eric Martsolf was close but fell a little short of pulling it off. Maybe a follow up conversation with Theresa might have helped. This idea that the transplant makes Brady develop feeling for Nicole is sooooo predictable but it could spark Theresa back to her scheming, bad girl ways so it could be fun.

    The more I think about Hope and Rafe covering up Stefano’s murder the more I am annoyed by the way they have been isolating characters and story. If only Hope had known that Sami had taken Stefano’s money and was on the run then they could have played it as if Stefano was off tracking down Sami and I think it would be a much better cover than playing it out as he was running because Hope was on to him. I am still convinced it is going to be Victor’ brother and not Stefano who was behind what happened to Bo but I am not sure how they will play this whole thing out. I am fearing it will be Rafe and Hope getting married so they can’t testify against each other when it comes out that she killed Stefano. When it comes to this storyline I am strangely interested and disinterested at the same time. I think I want to see where it is going but I am not sure I am interested in actually watching it because so far it’s been almost unbearable to watch.

    I am interested in seeing what Vincent Irizarry does when he comes on as Diemos (?) Kiriakis. He is such a great soap opera actor and I am excited about him coming on. I have no idea if he is on for a limited run or if he will be around Salem for a while but I think I would prefer if he became our resident villain and Andre just disappeared. I like Thaao but I’ve never really liked Andre.

    • I am excited to see Vincent Irizarry on Days too. Now that I think about it, the only two non-Days soap actors I ever had a crush on were A Martinez and Vincent Irizarry! Someone in the casting department is reading my mind.

      I agree that the idea of Hope’s story is better than the execution. One of the things I don’t like how is how Rafe is being written, so dumb. After months of being the voice of reason, now he’s right there in Crazytown with her.

      Chloe referred to a boyfriend, I think, not a husband, when she was in town last time. I’m not a huge fan of hers, bit I do like her and I’m glad she’s coming back. I wouldn’t be surprised if Nicole was written out, as you say, since they are getting rid of both of her leading men. Fynn/Nicole would just be stupid (though nothing would surprise me!). Thrady is clearly the endgame, so Nicole might serve a temporary obstacle for them but that’s it. So who’s left?

      • I was trying to come up with a list of the men on the show that Nicole hasn’t been with and here is what I came up with- Fynn, Abe, John, Steve, Eduardo, JJ, Chad, Phillip, Paul, Joey, Chase, Theo and that new Henry guy. Oh…and Parker and baby If she is going to move on with someone from that list I prefer it to be Fynn.

  3. MP, what are your thoughts on Friday’s episode? I’ve been waiting to see your take on it all day. Please write soon! Thanks.

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