Born yesterday

I share the general feeling (among Steve and Kayla fans, anyway) that Steve should be more skeptical. This doesn’t fit his personality, to be so trusting, especially of someone like Ava.

But I actually enjoyed these scenes quite a bit:


I love the look on Steve’s face, thinking he might have a son who was sold as a baby the black market. This is how to get Steve where he lives. And I’m actually really happy that there is a mystery here. First, I’m relieved as a shipper that this is baby from the 1990’s. Second, is there really a baby or is Ava making this up? Third, if there is a baby, what happened to him? Could be some fun twists and turns along the way here.

Andre and shirtless Chad snarking at each other? I’ll take that:


I’m a little disappointed that Chad, Abby, and Belle won’t be conspiring to fool Andre into thinking Chad is still brainwashed. I think I would have enjoyed that. But with Stefano out of the picture, the Dimera legacy is up for grabs. I loved Chad taunting Andre that he has nothing — no money, no power. And Andre turning around and saying Chad can’t wish away the fact that he’s a Dimera. What will be their reaction to Stefano turning up “missing” and then dead? There’s a lot of potential here – Dimera vs. Dimera. Yum!

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19 thoughts on “Born yesterday

  1. Are they just making up this brainwashing thing as they go along? They’ll set something up, then five episodes later, they blow apart the setup and move on to a different dynamic. It’s very strange.

    God bless whoever kept Chad half-dressed for that entire episode, though.

    • Chad half-dressed definitely made the scenes work!

      I do love Chad and Andre, and based on their Twitter banter, Thaao and Billy seem to enjoy working together. Even though the overall story is kind of underwhelming, I’m enjoying watching Billy Flynn!

  2. I didn’t mind the Steve and Ava scenes as much as I thought I would. I am the first to admit that I want Steve more skeptical, BUT I have seen every Steve (and Kayla) scene and like so many other SnK shippers I feel like I know and understand these characters. Steve has THE biggest heart. He also has such a complicated and sad childhood/past AND he missed out on both his kids growing up. Which is why I can understand his reaction to all this. This fare, I don’t mind the way Steve’s reactions are being written.

    • That’s where I am too. I also hear from my non-shipper friends that Steve doesn’t look too stupid because Ava seems pretty believable. 🙂

      I’ll be interested in whether they reference Steve’s past gong forward. It seems a no-brainer. But if they don’t, I think Stephen showed in his face that Steve was thinking of his own childhood.

  3. It’s funny I was reading the comments on the message board on Daytime Royalty yesterday and someone pointed that almost every S&K storyline has involved a child in one way or another! I never thought about it but we had Steve’s inadvertent involvement in Andrew’s kidnapping that lead to his Stalking Kayla and their first meeting. Of course we had the Frankie and Max stuff which lead us to discover Steve’s own childhood issues and the introduction of the Johnson family and what had happened to baby Billy. We had them taking in Benji on their honeymoon then Steve’s insecurity about whether he could be a good father. We had the Marina storyline which thank the lord didn’t involve a kid except that Kayla was now pregnant with Stephanie and gave birth while being charged with Marina’s murder. Then Stephanie was kidnapped and within month Steve was “dead.” Then he came back from the dead and was under EJ’s mind control. S&K played a role in the Shawn/Belle/baby Claire stuff then there was Pocket and then Kayla got pregnant with Joey. I think Joey was kidnapped, right? (I didn’t see the rest of their second run) AND now we have this baby storyline!

    I think so far it is true to his history that Steve wouldn’t completely dismiss Ava’s claims that they had a child and I think I am reading some skepticism in his reactions even if the dialogue hasn’t come right out and said that he doesn’t trust her. Of course it would also be true to character for his to hide all of this from Kayla but I REALLY hope that they don’t go there again. And I am still unclear on exactly how much of Joey’s childhood he is supposed to have missed.

    • I didn’t realize that — how many kids were involved in their stories! Looking back, I was grateful that they passed on a couple of baby-themed stories they COULD have done — “Who’s the daddy” type story after Kayla’s rape, Marina coming back with his kid.

      I don’t think Joey was kidnapped — but Ava was plotting to kidnap him when he was still in utero. Her plot was foiled before it could happen.

      I’m worried he’s going to keep this from Kayla too. But didn’t he already show her the pictures? So I’ve got my fingers crossed it won’t happen.

      • I didn’t see all of S&K’s second run but I do seem to remember a clip on YouTube where they had gotten Joey back after he had been kidnapped by Stefano. I also seem to remember reading something about when they got him back there was a little dot on his leg…I guess it was supposed to be a needle mark of some sort? Like I said I didn’t see it but I am pretty sure I remember reading it somewhere.

  4. Ummm. It was kind of hard for me to concentrate on plot with Billy’s blue eyes and naked chest on display the whole episode :). But yeah, weird with forward full-throttle, back-pedal on the brainwashing thing. I was sure Chad was going to do a “wink-wink” with Abby and tell Andre that he was just playing her. I have no idea where they are going with this.

    Steve and Ava – eh. It didn’t bother me really. I like Tamara Braun and will enjoy her while she’s on. I can’t imagine she’s sticking around long-term, so I assume this “child” will be left for Steve and Kayla to deal with. I really wonder if there IS a baby at all though. I kind of wonder if all the attention to Joey is the key here. Did something happen to HER baby? Maybe she’s going to screw with Steve and Kayla’s baby in return. I don’t know. I just hope it’s something other than ANOTHER adult child showing up out of nowhere. I haven’t ever had a child, but you Mom’s out there tell me – could you really drug someone enough to forget THAT experience? I keep thinking who could be Ava and Steve’s baby that is currently on the show. Maybe Chase was really adopted. How old would this kid be in soap age? Older than Joey. So like 18?

    Hope is getting on my nerves. I feel like KA is over-emoting in all her scenes. She is starting to make my ffwd finger itch.

    • I have seen a lot of people speculate that Chase could be the child Ava is looking for since he has been left on the canvas after Aiden’s demise but I don’t really feel like that would be a compelling story since he doesn’t have any other family left.

      I agree with you about Hope and I am having a hard time figuring out if the issue is completely with the writing of the character or if it is more of her acting choices.

      I am interested to see how this confrontation with Chad and Andre plays out and how that ties in with Hope and Rafe covering up Stefano’s death so really hope that Hope becomes more watchable. I was thinking yesterday that I would rather have had Rafe help Hope with setting up her insanity case or trying to make it look like self defense than have him help her cover up the whole thing.

      • I was thinking the same thing too Shea!!!! Her being a vigilante is just to much!!! I don’t know if it’s the director or KA that decided on how the scenes were to be played out. Whoever it was should have thought long and hard before they decided to have the scenes being played out like this, because it’s a bit much!!!

    • I like Tamara too Denise!! I liked her on General Hospital and I somewhat had sympathy for her in 2008 because she witnessed her father murdering her mother and then he tried to shut her by drugging her. The apology that she gave for the pain she caused Steve and Kayla seemed so sincere, but who knows she couldn’t have been lying ever since then so that she wouldn’t have to go to jail!!!! But this time around, she’s pissing me off!!! I guess because I’m tired of Kayla having to deal with someone from Steve’s past. He only had to deal with Chris and Jack from her past and how convenient Jack is Steve’s baby brother!!! LOL!!! I guess I’m fine now, because I know that the child in the photos is not Steve’s child!!!

    • It would be an easy re-write to have Chase be adopted by Aiden and Meredith. But I kind of don’t think they’ll go there, because that would make the romantic pairings in the younger set even more limited!

      As for whether you could forget a pregnancy, anything’s possible in soapland. But it would have been better if she had said they convinced her it was a phantom pregnancy, or that they told her the baby died.

      I agree about KA. I didn’t like the whole “weekend at Bernie’s” feel to the scenes of them hiding Stefano’s body.. I liked that set, though. Very spooky.

  5. I have to confess that my main thought when Rafe tells Hope that they are going to clean the scene and dispose of the body was that Rafe was stealing from a page of the WWSJD? Handbook (What Would Steve Johnson Do?) Steve – at least the old Steve, the one who wasn’t turning stupid about Ava, would have disposed of the body more efficiently (less screaming), and since he is probably up on his Game of Thrones, knows that you have to burn the dead or they come back….especially the Phoenix. Then he would have known that Andre had to die next, and the cycle would be broken for his family, and the Brady clan in general. Until the next villain rolls into Salem, that is…

    This little acrostic helps me remember key points about Steve when he isn’t making out with Sweetness…


    As for an Ava’ “baby” who would have to at least be 20 years old or older, Steve used to have a very accurate bullshit meter, and her story stunk at every phase. Just like Marina every time she mentioned the stupid key, or Britta whenever she opened her mouth. No one forgets pregnancy and childbirth. They don’t make drugs good enough for that! “My daddy sold him on the black market” should have made him snicker and say that if there was a kid then he had been lucky to get away from her and her whole insane family.

    The return of Steve’s biological family to his life was an extremely painful and traumatic time, ripping open old emotional wounds and forcing him to face memories that he desperately tried to suppress. Violence, rape and murder swiftly followed as his abusive father followed his beaten half to death mother and stalking sister Adrienne to Salem. Stupidity from his abandoning codependent idiot of a mother caused an enormous amount of self doubt as she likened him to his abusive father, which was pretty much his worse nightmare. She then foolishly encourages him on his ridiculous plan to “give” his true love to his dying brother, instead of having one shred of integrity and informing Kayla of the whole stupid mess. Time after time, Jo had bad advice for Steve and for Adrienne, always looking out for Billy. His love for her has always been something filled with pain and regret.

    With this in his past, if there was actually a genetic offspring, why in the world would Steve want to disturb this young adult’s life to force him to intersect with his supposedly dying psychopath of a mother? Because it was so much fun when he got to meet his own family? NOT! Because he really believes Ava and wants to help her? He is simply not this stupid.
    On another note, I just have to say that when my kids are “grounded” they usually are stuck at home and not allowed to see friends and socialize outside of required school activities. Since my 16 year old is never allowed to hang out around my suburban Austin neighborhood at night alone, moreless wander the downtown area and parks at all hours of the evening and night, I find myself a little speechless at the “parenting” displayed by my beloved Steve and Kayla, as well as other Salem parents. If I suspected that my kid was consorting in any fashion with a serpent like Ava, then I would have confiscated his phone and requested the password, then monitored it for any contact. Of course, I am not a former spy for the ISA, just a mom who cares about her kids. I’m sure they can figure out how to be better parents while having still having plenty of time to make out. Here’s hoping they have a fireplace in the bedroom. I do hope they can improve soon, because it looks like they need to take in their niece Ciara since Hope is off the freaking deep end.

    • I agree with Cyn!!! I think she would have had flashes throughout the decades! Her father was shot and killed in 2008 aka nearly seventeen years ago. Who gave her the pictures, her father? When did she get the pictures of this baby? When did he tell her he sold the baby? She makes me sick!!! Steve open up your eyes and please realize that Ava is lying!!! Kayla doesn’t trust her and neither should you!!! As for Hope she needed an intervention like last year!!! Everyone should have come together to help her: Doug, Julie, Shawn, Ciara, Claire, Victor, Caroline, Steve, Kayla, JJ, Jennifer, Marlena, John, Maggie etc. She’s been through so much in such a short amount of time. Being almost strangled by Aiden, finding out that the love of your life is dying and then “poof” he dies in your arms. Then Dr. Malcolm tries to choke her after she goes after him for torturing Bo. Then Ciara is kidnapped and she has to convince the kidnappers to let her, then Dr. Malcolm is shot and killed and she becomes a suspect in his murder. Then she insists on making Stefano pay for keeping a dying Bo hostage when he needed medical attention. Then she shoots him and her and Rafe cover up the crime. Eventually she’s going to crack!!! Her constantly going through a crisis has taken a toll on her and now she’s gone off the deep end. She likely to be in straight jacket after all of this!!! Now I like Hope, but she is driving me nuts with this vengeance thing. I realize that she loved Bo, but he wouldn’t have wanted her to seek revenge. She shouldn’t have focused on dark Bo. She’s supposed to move on and live for her children, granddaughter and the rest of her loved ones. As for Ciara moving with Steve and Kayla, they have to deal with crazy Ava and the fact that Joey has feelings for her. Ciara is going to want Chase to move in too and the last thing Steve and Kayla needs is a disturbed child moving into their home. Stalker Chase wants to be with Ciara. He needs help!!!! Bullying an autistic kid. That’s disgusting!!! Maybe if Hope wasn’t so bent on revenge and spent more time with both Ciara and Chase she would notice that the boy is not right in the head!!!! Aiden said that Chase killed his mother and Chase said that his father killed his mother. It’s hard to know who to believe. I wouldn’t be surprised if Chase killed his mother and Aiden tried to cover it up. Aiden didn’t show any signs of being capable of murder until he tried to kill Hope but in way he was scared and desperate not that I’m excusing his behavior. Chase on their hand, is disturbed with a capital D!!! Maybe Ciara can stay at their house, but Chase will have to go in foster care or go and stay with his aunt!!! LOL!!! Sorry stalker Chase!!!

  6. First of all, I think that Ava is lying about having a baby with Steve. She goes through all this trouble, by manipulating and befriending a 16 year boy not telling the whole truth of why Steve and Kayla really hate her (killing papa Shawn and holding Bo, Hope, Steve and pregnant Kayla hostage. Shooting Hope and threatening to take Kayla’s unborn baby from her and then kill the hostages). Then she pretending to be dying from cancer. The camera zoomed in on a snake tattoo on her lower back (must be code for something) Steve, Bo, Britta, Stephanie are the only ones that I know with tattoos. I’m not sure Shawn (Jason) probably has some too. Anyway, Ava has five baby pictures but she only puts three in the envelope. The other two she hold on to and how convenient those two pictures are where the baby is showing an ID bracelet. The three pics that she put in the envelope was where the baby was all snug in a baby blanket. Could it be that she she’s afraid that Steve will to take those other two photos and have them analyzed and blown up and the name on the ID bracelet would verify that the baby in the pictures is another woman’s child. “Can you help me find our son before I die” Please woman, you stole a sample of someone’s blood to get Steve back. Woman move on!!! I’m sure Della has. She’s probably married with kids by now. Tamara is playing it so good that I hate Ava!! LOL!!! Kayla doesn’t trust or forgive her and can you blame the woman!!! She killed papa Shawn, tried to steal her baby and threaten to kill her and those that she loved. A woman knows when other woman’s lying. Kayla’s trying to forgive her and move on, but who can with a woman like Avawitch!!! LOL!!! I can’t wait until Kayla finds out that Ava has been manipulating her 16 year son and that he has developed feelings for her. Steve would have to hold Kayla back!!! LOL!!!

  7. Maybe the Days writers wanted to show another side of Steve where he gave her the benefit of the doubt because he fells sorry for what her father did to her and her mother. Maybe he has sympathy for Ava because he can somewhat relate to her because her was murdered in front of her child and she drugged so that she won’t remember and him growing up in an abusive home. They both grew up in violent homes. He also had feelings for her at one point so he’s more likely to believe her faster than Kayla. Maybe they could have made it were he was trying to her give the benefit of the doubt but that he was also suspicious as well. I think that he should be more skeptical when it comes to Ava. As for Kayla, I think she’s showing the right reaction when it comes to Ava. The woman tortured her and her family and Kayla has seen enough of her to last a lifetime. Kayla is not a naive woman, Steve may have known Ava longer but a woman knows when another is up to know good. Women become suspicious when it comes to other women. Kayla saw the good in Steve because he had a good heart, but she’ll never have people like Ava, Stefano and Andre as her BFF. She’ll give them medical treatment if they were hurt or sick but that’s about it. She’ll never truly trust people like them. They never truly change. I just can’t wait until the whole thing unravels. It’s sure to be some good scenes.

  8. I just hope that they don’t go looking for the child and it becomes a plot just to get Steve away from Kayla so that she can seduce him. Do you remember the scenes with Bo and Billie when they went to look for their child. Billie tried to take advantage of a semi conscious Bo. He had a head injury. Can you say “rape” She did that to him or two occasions that I know of!!! They better not do a repeat of that!!! Days tends to do the rinse, recycle and repeat method quite often!!!

  9. I liked the Steve/Ava scenes more than I was expecting to, as well. I thought SN did a really great job showing how affected he was by Ava’s story, but at the same time seeming like he wanted to be anywhere but in that room with her.

    I also appreciated that they were a callback to some of my least favorite scenes TB’s her last run — the reveal of “Patch and Ava’s love story,” which sort of stood as the final word on that mess, and cemented that the story really was all about Ava. But this time, we know she’s being manipulative, and even if there is some truth to her baby story, there is more story to tell, too. Just hope the pacing serves this story better soon — the last two weeks have been pretty bad in that way.

    Totally agree about Andre and Chad — great scenes, but there was a better story there somewhere!

  10. Shea, yes Kayla was wondering what was on Joey’s hand and then said that looked like a freckle. Then baby Joey had a complete checkup and everything came out fine.

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