Let us mourn

Let the Daniel Jonas hour of mourning commence.


Losing my nephew and my brother was bad enough, but it is nothing compared to losing my … colleague! Sob!

As I said on Twitter, I would never, ever bring my child to the Daniel Jonas pediatric wing. Never.

So, the good. Chabby were really sweet and fun to watch.


I loved the conflict at the beginning with JJ and Jennifer. JJ’s reference to Jack’s advice was funny and appropriate — not to lend someone a thousand dollars right off the bat, but give them five to start and see if you get it back. Jack probably never actually said that, but it sounds like something he would say, and that’s all that matters.

If she turns down Chad’s proposal, this will be why.

But I do have to register one complaint. Abby seems completely unconcerned about her mother. Her focus when JJ and Jennifer came in was all on how they reacted to Chad, not on whether her mother was all right.

Also — as a new mom, you get pretty comfortable with being covered in spit-up, but I would never smear it on myself voluntarily. Gross.

I have to say, the worst part of the episode was Rafe and Hope. I loved the cliffhanger on Friday, but to follow it up with this quite a letdown. My heart sank as soon as Hope said, “Did I do that?” It’s not as bad as “the pills made me do it,” but it’s obviously a way to let Hope off the hook and justify Rafe’s actions. And Rafe immediately leaping to “Let’s cover this up!” felt rushed. It’s not that I think Rafe would never do something like this, but I didn’t think it was well-motivated.

As for Ericole, I thought the scene was fine. In an abstract way, it feels like payback for Nicole to be screaming at Eric about “what he did” after the months upon months Eric blamed Nicole for “what you did” after the document shredding (I got really sick of that phrase). But here’s my problem with it. It felt like what Nicole would say to anyone who caused the accident. There was nothing specific to Eric and Nicole, except the one line “you were a priest.”

That single tear:


They clearly seem to be setting up Eric doing something desperate, or going into a medical crisis because he’s lost the will to live (that soap staple). We’ll see.



14 thoughts on “Let us mourn

  1. Mary Pickford..love reading your blog..Seeing sweet Eric Brady..with bruises, stiches, sorrow and tears hurt me to my core. Greg Vaughan is squeezing all he can out of his scenes..great actor..so believable 👍👍

  2. I’m not convinced that we’ve seen the last of Stefano, but if we have, then I’m pretty disappointed. Both for the reasons that you mention, but also because it feels so mundane. Stefano has always been larger than life. I just can’t buy that Hope would kill him in his own house with a gun. For a character who has driven so much story over three decades, I was hoping for at least some kind of retrospective. I’ll be waiting to see how the rest of the town reacts. Maybe everyone will just shrug their shoulders.

    Not a lot worked for me yesterday. I did enjoy the scenes in Jennifer’s house, although I still don’t understand why JJ dislikes Chad so much. When he and everyone else thought Ben was a great guy, Chad was the only one who was concerned and actually looking for her. It seems like he’s entitled to at least a little slack. Melissa Reeves was really good yesterday, expressing both the physical and emotional pain (and exhustion) she’s in. I’m looking forward to how this will play out.

    My sympathies to the Ericole fans. I never loved them together, but this is just ugly. I hope Eric gets some redemption before he leaves town.

    • I really want to know if they are going to do any kind of retrospective or big sendoff for Stefano. I think they managed to keep it under wraps, the fact that he was going to die? That was the impression I got from the reaction Friday. If so, kudos to them.

      But the end of such a big character deserves something more — some flashbacks, reminisces. Something. We’ll see how long Hope and Rafe get away with concealing the crime.

      Thanks for the sympathies. 🙂

  3. I have so many mixed feelings about this show right now. I feel like there are still elements that I am enjoying but I am not sure I like where the show is heading. I know that you characterized Dena Higley’s writing as saying she writes events and not stories and I feel like that is where we are. Honestly we still haven’t really had any fall out from the serial killer. Does the town even realize that it was Ben. Does Chase know his Dad wasn’t a serial killer and just tried to kill Hope and not half the town? Does Lucas know it was Ben? Does Eve?

    As I said earlier Hope’s descent to darkness culminating in killing Stefano should have been riveting and the fallout should be huge. I don’t like the idea of Rafe covering for her. Hell, he just got interesting when he got his badge back now he’s putting his career in jeopardy again! And we should be able to see people react to Stefano’s death but who knows when we will see that….if we ever do.

    Not being an Ericole fan I thought their scenes worked but I still think they are trying too hard to sell Daniel and Nicole as this great love story (that they never showed us).

    • Dena’s style really frustrates me. “Events not stories” is really a good way to sum it up — that was something I heard during the first run, maybe said about her time at OLTL. Things happen, and at least some of the time you can see how it logically follows, but somehow the dots don’t get connected. It gives a flatness and cartoonishness to the characters that makes it frustrating to analyze (very bad from my POV). I feel like I’m fanwanking everything.

      I also feel that the fallout from Ben as the serial killer just completely disappeared. We saw a lot more reaction to the idea that it was Aiden! Hope and Chase really need to have a conversation about it. It’s still upsetting, obviously, that his father would “only” try to kill Hope, but it’s a conversation we needed to see.

  4. What’s bugging me is that we will have more people mourning Daniel’s death and singing his praises then Bo’s death. I loved SC when he was on ATWT as Mike Kasoff, but I never warmed up to him as Daniel and then they made him such a male ho bag. Now Melanie’s returning. Ugh!!

    I did loved the CHABBY scenes though. I don’t have enough back ground on Chad’s character, but I liked JJ looking out for his sister in light of his recent behavior. I’m also hoping this event brings a good story for Jennifer. Loved the Jack statement too. That would be something he would say.

    • Is Melanie’s stay long-term? For some reason I had the impression it was a brief appearance. Maybe that’s just wishful thinking, LOL.

      I thought the Chabby scenes were really lovely, far and away the best part of the episode. 🙂

  5. Someone pointed out to the me that a website called Celeb Dirty Laundry that regularly posts soap spoilers had reported that Joe Mascolo was out and Hope would kill Stefano back in November. I have now read the article and it is dated November 14th so I guess this storyline wasn’t kept completely under wraps but I didn’t know about it.

    FYI..today that website posted an article about Dena Higley but it is just speculating whether or not she is coming back…no new developments.

    • Oh, too bad. I guess it’s hard to keep things totally under wraps.

      I’m so curious about what happened with Higley and this LOA, if it was truly personal (as she says) or if Josh Griffith and other TPTB that support him had something to do with it.

  6. That Kayla scene felt like a parody written by disgruntled viewers. Unreal. And Roman coaxing her, all, “Let it out! Let it out!” — was insane. They could’ve had her break down from the sheer emotion of so much recent death and the stress of the crisis regarding Daniel’s heart, but to cry because she’ll miss Daniel so much? Ugh. I can recall a handful of moments between them, all of which were medical-related. The focus on Jennifer and JJ’s grief was appropriate, but this was bonkers.

    I agree that they needed to earn Rafe planning to cover up the murder. I actually thought he’d be much more conflicted and reluctant. He just got reinstated after being thrown off the force for concealing evidence! He should at least be thinking about that.

    • That Kayla scene felt like a parody written by disgruntled viewers.

      Ha, so true! It seemed calculated to annoy, that Daniel left her a note about making sure Steve was a good guy. Yeah, okay, Daniel. LOL at Roman telling her to let it out.

      Regarding Rafe, it’s so annoying when the show does something that I would actually buy if they did it right – I could see him going against his better judgment to protect Hope. But by having him just leap right into it with no qualms, it killed it for me.

  7. I don’t understand how they are able to put things in like the note in Kayla’s bag from Daniel like they are trying to clear something up and was taped several months back. Things that don’t make sense, because they never come up again. And the good guy remark. Did Daniel know so much about Steve that he was trying to make some kind of assumption. There are other similar things like this. I think with some of the pictures such as Kayla, Steve, and Tamera together liking each other so much (and I’m not saying they don’t, but I think they are trying to calm the viewers so they will continue to watch and not turn it off”

    • It didn’t make sense at all. It was just to have a scene where Kayla is mourning Daniel. So dumb.

      I saw the picture of Stephen, Mary Beth, and Tamara. I do think SN and MBE know we will hate what Ava is doing and want to remind us all it’s just acting. And they’re not wrong. There are people who take this very, very seriously. 🙂

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