Here comes the sun

I enjoyed today’s episode a lot — more than any other day this week. It was very choppy, though, with people running all over town, so quickly it was like they were teleporting themselves. I still can’t believe they just kept going with the same night and went into morning. I can understand our hospital folks staying up all night. But someone like Rafe? Why would he meet his sister at 2 am, run over to see Hope, go to the Dimera mansion to question Andre (at 4 am? 5?), and then go to work. THIS IS CRAZY, PEOPLE.

But of course we must talk about Mr. Wonderful, giver of shoulder rubs and provider of muffins. (Actually we never saw what was in the bag, but I like muffins so let’s go with that.)


I love the zombie look on Kayla’s face. That’s how I would feel too, after the night she just had!

And, hallelujah, Steve did not keep the baby photos a secret. It would have been easy for him to justify doing so, in his Steve-like way. She’s had such a hard night, I can’t burden her with this … I’ll investigate on my own and then tell her when I know more. We’ve seen it all a thousand times! So it’s nice to see our boy learning from his mistakes — finally.

I was disappointed at how gullible Steve was today, looking at Ava so sympathetically while she coughed, and then picking up the photos just like she wanted. But, so far I’m feeling okay about how this storyline is playing out. It’s almost TOO good. Who is writing this, and why aren’t they writing the rest of the show?

I am cautiously, very cautiously, preparing to eat my words about the brainwashing. It was dumb, nothing can change that, but I can see potential now in the fallout from it. If Chad can fool Andre and Stefano with fake reports, pal around with Belle and get her in on it, and have this create some real (not stupidly contrived) tension with Abby, I can see it working well. Besides, Chad was such a joy today, so pleased with himself for putting one over on the Dimeras.


“It felt kind of cool, to play them like they’ve been playing me. I guess I’m more Dimera than I thought.” Love it!

I still can’t get over how much I am enjoying Rafe. I loved him in the scenes with Hope, even though RevengeHope has worn out her welcome with me. I do actually see a lot of chemistry between them. I’m not sure it’s romantic chemistry, but they have something.


But the best Rafe scenes were the ones with Andre. I love that we can see Rafe’s wheels turning about why the Dimeras might be after the drug that Caroline took. And they were delightful snarking at each other about the serial killer investigation (which was great continuity — especially since no one else is talking about it anymore!).  The best line was after Rafe was disclaiming any vendetta against the Dimeras, and Andre said so sorrowfully “It must be incompetence, then.”

Andre hasn’t had enough to do. Let’s hope all these events today are the start of a good old-fashioned Brady-Dimera war!

Screenshots Forever Safe


7 thoughts on “Here comes the sun

  1. I completely agree that for some characters, like Rafe, the pacing is still completely confusing. However, I was heartened by the scenes of Kayla falling asleep and then waking up. Same with Abby, when it was clear that she had slept in the hospital and Chad greeted her with a “good morning.” Even Belle noted that Phillip hadn’t slept, but was back at work (or at least seeming to work while hanging out at TBD). I’m convinced that if the show could be more consistent with these small pacing details, it would be much better.

    I really love Tamara Braun as an actress and I thought she made Ava really sympathetic yesterday when she was talking to Steve. I especially loved her “give my best to Kayla” line. I don’t like gullible Steve either, but if we weren’t getting all the scenes of Ava in her hotel room acting crazy, I think I would be questioning her sincerity. I think it was your or one of the other commenters who mentioned earlier that this story might be better if the audience only knew what Steve and Kayla know.

    It’s going to take a lot for me to like Hope again after the post-Bo fiasco. I get that the show is trying to up the stakes by having a frightened Ciara in the mix, but those scenes between her and Hope yesterday did not work at all.

    I’ll be curious to see how a happy Abby and Chad play out. I generally prefer my couples angsty and lose interest once they are happy, but like you, I’m hoping that Chad trying to fool Andre will give them some good tension. And I’m for anything that puts Billy Flynn and Thaao in the same scene.

    • I feel the same way about Ava, actually. WE know she’s crazy and up to something, but her act has been pretty convincing if you remove all the private scenes and plotting-with-Joey stuff. And, for once, she isn’t badgering them the way every Salemite who comes back claiming they “want to make amends” does.

    • I did say a few weeks ago that it would be better/more suspenseful if we didn’t know that Ava was lying. It can be good to let us know someone is up to no good, but in this case I think it would have played better the other way. I take your point that if you just think about what Steve has seen, you can kind of see why he believes her. But it’s kind of annoying to see Steve be the one who believes in Ava the most. Even John was warning Steve not to take her at face value.

      I think TB is a good actress, but I am still a bit bitter about what a screen hog her character was in her last run. It was annoying to have the interloper role be the focus of the story, especially at the expense of Kayla.

      I am just not into Hope in this mode. I thought she was straight-up bitchy to Steve when he came by. It was weird that he came by at dawn, but she should have given him his two minutes. 🙂

      • I have the benefit of not watching when she was on before, so she’s a totally new character for me. She’s going to have to progress beyond talking to herself in the hotel mirror for me to be invested.

      • Lol, that’s getting a little old, isn’t it?

        I am objective enough to say that she did some really good work on her last run. I genuinely liked her friendship with Nicole, and her story with John was actually really fun in spots.

        But it’s generally a bad idea to bring on a new character as an interloper, immediately have her kill a beloved character (Shawn), bring on her family next, give her tons of screen time, have her indulge in all kinds of bad schemes, and then make HER the victim because it was all because her dad was giving her pills. If you were watching for TB, though, it gave her tons of meaty material. And she did win an Emmy for it!

  2. So Wednesday was all over the place and then Thursday settled back down into something that was pleasant to watch although if you aren’t a Chad/Abby or Steve/Kayla fan you were probably bored to tears.

    I am still loving Rafe and I agree that he and Hope have some chemistry but I am still not ready for it to get romantic anytime soon. Hope is just a nut job right now and I can’t believe how she treated Steve when I assume he was trying to tell her about the car accident and everything that has happened since but he could have pushed harder and even yelled through the door…

    I enjoyed seeing Steve try to take care of Kayla and like you I am relieved that he showed her those baby pictures. I’m still just dreading this whole thing and I feel a knot in my stomach when I see Ava on the screen. And what is with that serpent tattoo? Who gets a tattoo of a snake rising out of their butt crack?

    Lastly, Belle is really confusing the hell out of me. One scene I kinda like her then the next she is a complete idiot and I want to slap her. WHY tell Philip about the money? I honestly think she would have been better off telling Chad about it! Right now Belle is kind of all over the place and I have no clue who this character is supposed to be. At times I swear they are writing her as another Sami then the next scene she is someone else. I’m ready for Shawn to come back so I can get more of a sense of that dynamic and hopefully see more of her as a mother as well.

    • I know what you mean about Belle. I don’t think she or Phillip have been written very well or consistently, especially if you are just getting to know them. I like both, but I’m not sure the show has really given me a reason to!

      It’s stupid that she told him about the money. This is turning into the worst-kept secret ever. LOL.

      I racked my brain trying to think of any “snake” references in Days past. I couldn’t think of any, so I assume this is just to pique our interest. As I’ve said, I am hoping for some twists and turns here, more than just “Ava had Steve’s baby.” This snake thing must mean something, hopefully something interesting. Oh, and I agree it’s an ugly tattoo. 🙂

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