Go to sleep, everybody

It’s the middle of the damn night!


Gabi, let’s get together! What time is good for you? 2 AM? Great!

Only Andre and Stefano were asleep. Even the butler was awake and fully dressed!

Kayla made me laugh today, when she spoke for all of us and told John that his talk about giving Brady his heart was insane and not helping. THANK YOU KAYLA.

The moment that got to me most was after the decision was made to give Brady the heart. Marlena sort of choked and ran out of the room. No matter how much she loves Brady or is happy for him, the injustice of it would sting. She regained her usual beatific demeanor pretty quickly, but I loved that little moment of losing control.

I also loved Mary Beth’s quiet devastation after Marlena ran out:


It will be great to see some fallout for her from this. In the end, she took the weight of that moral decision on her shoulders, and let Maggie off the hook.

There were some great moments today. I loved the short scene of Belle at Eric’s bedside, and Phillip coming in and asking her about Brady. Martha did well showing both the anguish for Eric and the happiness for Brady. But this brings me to another complaint. I feel this story has been rushed to the point of absurdity. There is so much more they could have done with the “Sophie’s choice” aspect of this. Marlena, John, and Belle are close to both men, so they should have been the heart of it, instead of Maggie. I thought Suzanne Rogers did great, but I wish we had also spent time with the other three.

There also should have been more medical crisis-type scenes. Instead of Kayla repeatedly saying that a decision needs to be made, we should have seen Brady flatlining. Eric’s crisis was perfectly timed (right after the decision was made for Brady to get the heart), but it was resolved too quickly. Now, Brady’s already got his new heart, with no complications — he’ll probably be fully recovered by Friday. There’s been no more talk about Eric’s drunk driving, so I don’t know who knows about it. Shouldn’t that be a crucial plot point? Aaaaaarrrrrrgh.

I’m not too happy with the way Chad’s brainwashing was resolved, either. I feel cheated by this story, especially the perfunctory paternity reveal.


I did love the sweet scenes between Chad, Abigail, and Thomas, in spite of it all.

ETA: see, Thomas has the right idea:


Take note, everybody!




9 thoughts on “Go to sleep, everybody

  1. My one big question is, does ANYONE know Eric was drunk driving besides Roman and Marlena? Maybe no one else has been told yet? Jennifer certainly didn’t seem to know anything except that it was a three car accident. Perhaps that big reveal comes after? It certainly would have added to the drama if that were clear to the audience!!! And also added angst to the decision about who got the heart (though to me, hands-down Brady, who has a child).

    In the aftermath, it will be interesting to see how they play this out with Eric. I assume he’s going to pull through and have to face the consequences of his actions. But his weakened heart could be an issue. I really hope they don’t plan to kill him off because that will really make me angry.

    The scenes with Billy and Kate today were very sweet, but it does seem rushed. They have to be going somewhere with this. Chad just basically put himself back in the Lion’s den at the end of the episode. Does he confront Stefano and Andre, or does he play along with the plot to try and smoke out what they are up to? I hope it’s the second because it’s much more interesting. I could see a good story coming out of that, if Chad, Abby, Belle, Hope, Rafe and whoever team up to try and outsmart the Dimeras.

    I can’t see them really killing off Abby either, but I could see something like Ben escaping and kidnapping her, getting her out of Salem to reset the character for re-cast. I actually kind of miss crazy Ben.

    Someone give Marlena a jacket or sweater or something! Her boobs distract me in every scene!

    Nice that they included Paul in the family dynamic here, though he didn’t have much to do, but I’m glad they remembered that he is Brady’s brother and included him. I wonder if Sami will come out of hiding and show up for Eric?

    I can’t believe we are going to have to have ANOTHER funeral LOL.

    • Oh, I hope Chad is going to play the Dimeras too! That would be so much cooler than if he just goes over there to chew them out, which is what I was thinking.

      I kind of miss crazy Ben too. Well, I know I miss the stories that were on when crazy Ben was on. 🙂 But he brought a lot of tension and energy to the show — watching and worrying what he was going to do next!

      You guys are cracking me up with Marlena’s boobs. I thought it wasn’t a good style choice to begin with, and it’s definitely not “hospital vigil” wear!

      Another funeral, yup. Funeral directors are having a great year in Salem!

  2. Again…I am stuck in the snow globe. Tuesday’s show was nice to watch and then yesterday someone shook the damn thing again and it was swirling around so fast that I couldn’t keep up.

    Abby comments to Chad that Jennifer is going to be released “today” when it’s actually just a couple of hours after the accident. The damn clock is showing me it’s 3 or 4 in the morning. Who gets released from the hospital at that hour? And super surgeon Daniel must have just magically helped Fynn harvest and transplant that heart with world record speed!

    I agree with Denise…someone please give Marlena a coat or something! Not only is her cleavage WAY too much, but half of the time her dress looks twisted so one boob looks way bigger than the other…and I still can’t pay attention to anything else when she is on screen!

    So Roman, Marlena, JJ and Jen know that Eric was drunk, right? Is that part of what JJ overheard and reported back to Jen? I assume Kayla knows because I am sure his tests showed an elevated blood alcohol level….and Nicole would know but I am not sure she has even thought about that yet.

    I still say they played the wrong note with Nicole for most of this but yesterday she did seem to have her moments of self pity and asking God why he hates her so much. I think they should have played it along that line the whole time instead of trying to sell the loss of her great love.

    And Days really gets it money’s worth out of that office set. Not only do they use it every time they need an office but it was also the waiting room and I think it may have been re-worked to be the chapel too.

    And when Maggie tells Victor that she doesn’t think she will ever sleep again….well, no one else in this town does!

    The Chad and Abby stuff was just lost in this whole thing but maybe they did that on purpose because the storyline was a stinker?

    • LOL, it’s everybody’s office. You’re probably right it’s the chapel too.

      I am feeling more optimistic about these stories, though maybe not for any particular reason. I was looking back and remembering stories of the past that were much worse than these. It’s just a comedown after the great November we had.

      I think the prayer was very Nicole. I’ve seen her pray like that before — saying the same thing, lol. I remember one particularly right around her suicide attempt. So that was a good character moment, I thought.

  3. OMG, the timeline is driving me insane. Everyone go the hell home! I get the people at the hospital being alert, because they’re in crisis, but Rafe and Gabi are just wandering the damn mall like it’s mid-afternoon. “Lucas is watching Arianna” — I hope he PUT HER TO SLEEP already. Or are they heading to the Pub for some chowder? Good grief.

    • Right??? It’s just so strange. I think what was weirdest is that people seemed to expect other people to be awake too. Hope texted Rafe, Chad going to see Stefano and Andre. If it’s the middle of the night, let it be the middle of the night! Days just can’t get their timelines sorted out.

      • Yes! If it were just the stuff at the hospital, fine. But everyone’s swanning around like it’s maybe 9 pm. Even on Thursday’s, Steve calls Hope at like DAWN to tell her about the accident.

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