Maggie’s choice

I enjoyed today quite a bit more than yesterday, even though it broke no new ground (except John’s absurd suggestion that he donate his heart to Brady). It felt less rushed, as we lingered over the painful reactions and repercussions of the accident. I still wish we had a little more buildup, everyone worrying about the health crises for the two men — and the cause of the accident — before moving on to the drama of the organ donation.

I thought Suzanne Rogers and John Aniston knocked it out of the park.


It was obvious Victor was angry on her behalf, that she was put in this position, so much so he wouldn’t even press her for Brady’s sake. I loved her dialogue about whichever one she chooses, she is condemning the other to death. How can she do that to Victor’s grandson — but how could she do that to Eric, either, and be able to look Marlena, and Caroline, and Roman in the eye afterwards? Great stuff for two old pros.

I’m guessing the antibiotic course of treatment for Eric, risky and experimental as it supposedly is (of course — what other kind of treatment is there on soaps?), will give Maggie her out.

I really liked the little moment with JJ overhearing the news about Daniel, and going to tell Jennifer. I think this should be some good drama for her. And JJ is being so sweet and supportive. I love him.


As far as Chabby goes, the less said, the better. This is pretty much how I feel about how this paternity reveal is playing out:


It’s so anticlimactic.

Kate and Billy have such a great rapport, that even in this dopey story it comes through. But I can’t take much more of asshole Chad. Please let this end.

Finally, the teens were a good distraction from the doom and gloom at the hospital. This is what passes for “light” material these days: “My parents are getting divorced.” “Well, my dad just died and my mom got arrested for murder.”


When they moved on to talking about bullying, it felt happy in comparison.



8 thoughts on “Maggie’s choice

  1. Suzanne Rogers has just wowed me the past couple of days. I’ve watched her for years, but other than the Myasthenia gravis storyline, she has just been there in a supporting role. Watching yesterday’s episode made you feel like she was is struggling with her decision. I had to kind of laugh at Victor after Kayla telling him not to search out a heart and Victor being Victor did it anyway. I also have to give kudos to MBE in these scenes. It’s easy to be the star in scenes, it’s harder to be the supporting player in scenes like this and she has done a fantastic job I think. When Kayla sat down on the couch, you could see how much all of this is affecting her too.

    As far as the John scene, I sometimes think maybe the words on paper sound good, but it all depends on the director and the actor. Just listening to what DH said, it could have been, “I’ll do anything to save my son’s life.” However, seeing it on the screen it felt like it was something funny in a scene meant to be drop dead serious.

    I have to admit I’m loving asshole Chad. The storyline is ridiculous, but he’s been the only reason why I’ve been sitting through these scenes.

    • I kind of loved asshole Chad for awhile, but it felt like a bit much when Abby’s son was sick and her mother just got into an accident. Anyway, it all seems to be over after today. Crazy.

      I thought Mary Beth did great in the doctor role. She reminded me of Neil in the 80’s. He was so good at that!

  2. OMG how hilarious was the moment when John said he wanted to donate his heart LOL. I know, I know it was supposed to be a poignant moment – a father who would do anything for his son – but really? It didn’t work that way for me. I laughed.

    Stand out performers were, of course, John and Suzanne. They were so terrific today. They really made Maggie’s struggle for a decision feel real (in a totally unrealistic situation). What would you do? I think honestly that Brady gets the heart hands-down, not because Eric caused the accident, or because Brady is Victor’s grandson, but because Brady has a child. To me, that would be the decision, though of course if placed in that position, it wouldn’t be that easy.

    I think seeing Jen in all that pain is probably a clue as to what’s coming. I think we may see an addiction storyline for her. If so, I’m glad for Missy because it will be nice for her to have a story aside from her children. It also could bring Jack into it as a hallucination, etc., that would be somewhat believable.

    How many times today did Kayla have to say “we need a decision.” MBE is so solid and believable.

    As for Chabby – I think I get now why they back-pedaled on the brainwashing. Casting spoilers say that Kate Mansi is leaving the show – MP I assume casting spoilers are okay – so I think they want to give KM and BF a reunion before she leaves. That makes sense to me. My only question is, do they recast right away, or give the character a break first, or off Abby too? (could be another reason for Jack’s return – or a reason for Ben’s return – ultimate revenge?). I hope they recast the role, but I also hope they do a TON of chem testing with Billy first!

    • I did hear that Kate Mansi is leaving. (Yes, casting spoilers are fair game!) I’m very curious if they recast or rest the character for a bit. I can’t see how they write her out, and keep Chad, unless they kill her off, and I hope they don’t do that. So maybe she can go visit her nanny in Ireland and come back in a few months.

      I could see them doing an addiction storyline for Jen. I feel like there must be a reason she was included in this, and that would make sense.

      The John thing was dumb. Maybe if he had played it differently … no, it was just dumb. I’m glad it was shot down immediately. LOL.

  3. Let me see if I have this straight…Eric, driving while drunk… either ran a red light or was in the wrong lane and coming straight at Jennifer. She swerved to miss him, hit a patch of ice and her car slid into Brady and Daniel? I feel like they rushed through the explanation of the accident and that key players (the families) haven’t even been informed of the whole story. Don’t you think Maggie deserves to know that the ultimate responsibility for the accident lies with Eric before deciding whether or not to give him the heart of the man who he killed?

    I posted it last night and I will say it again…the pacing is not the problem but you don’t just skip over stuff in order to make the story move faster! We need to see the families find out how the accident occurred and we need to see the families find out both of their loved ones need a heart transplant. I don’t know if this is a writing issue or if it an editing issue and things are getting cut but it needs to stop. Right now, I don’t know who knows what as far as the accident or the condition of their loved ones!

    Part of the reason I mention editing is the NBC website had posted the pic of the teens at Club TBD for the Dec 31st episode yet we didn’t see that until Jan 5th so it just makes me wonder if some shows were re-edited? And of course part of that could have to do with the Chabby story and whether or not they are quickly undoing the brainwashing.

    I agree with everyone, Suzanne Rogers is doing an amazing job as is Mary Beth and John Aniston. I actually felt like yesterday we saw a more empathetic version of Victor than I believe I have ever seen before.

    Back to the teens…who was the new guy? And Joey thinks he is LOVE with Ava? They needed to show us more of their interactions in order for me to buy that load of bull. And I am still grossed out that he knows she and his Dad were together but was still acting like a jealous boyfriend at the party. I am not a fan of this storyline at all but it’s not making any more sense to me that the Chabby story is.

    I don’t know if I was just expecting too much since Ari and Shawn are a real life couple but I just haven’t felt Nicole’s pain the way I have Maggie’s (or Theresa’s). Maybe it’s me and the fact that I don’t really have a connection with the character but it’s a little flat. I think I would buy it more if it seemed like it was more about her feeling sorry for herself and losing this perfect life she thought she was about to have rather than her losing this great love Daniel.

    • The pacing is way too fast with this. I’m torn because I’m finding a lot of this kind of ludicrous so part of me says, great, rush though it and get it over with. But I think I wouldn’t find it so ludicrous if they slowed down and played some more beats.

      Nicole’s grief over Daniel is falling flat for me also — mostly. I think Ari is doing great, but the relationship drama — which should be the heart of this — feels off. Like when Nicole said today that Daniel would want to “save one of his best friends,” it was like she doesn’t know Brady or Eric herself. And they are both her exes! And shouldn’t there be more anger from her that Eric was driving drunk? Or doesn’t she even know that?

      It seems like, in general, there should be lots of angst about Eric possibly getting the heart of the man he killed. I don’t know, it feels like there is lots of drama they are not mining here.

      It didn’t bother me that Joey said he was in love with Ava. Yes, the dad thing is gross, but aside from that I believe a 16 year old would think he’s in love. And act like a jealous idiot. 🙂

    • Those were some nice scenes. Like you say, it’s kind of unexpected given all the things they are skipping over, but I’m glad to see the show remember that Jen, JJ, and Abby all cared for Daniel.

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