Days of our Deaths

Well, here we go … more death!

My favorite part of this episode, honest to God, was the intercutting of the phones ringing, and then skipping over the phone calls themselves to show everyone reacting — in slow motion. That gave me chills.

I thought the hospital drama was very well done. A few moments stand out — I loved Kayla in professional mode, but also showing her human reactions in the midst of it all:


If you’re a doctor in Salem, you have to be prepared practice every type of medicine, treat family and friends, and be the bearer of bad tidings for everyone else. And with Daniel’s death, we’ve just cut the number of doctors by a third. So I expect Kayla to be a very busy woman for the foreseeable future.

John watches Theresa at Brady’s bedside:


This is the kind of drama I love — when the big event ripples out to affect other characters. In this case, John sees Theresa in an unguarded moment, pouring out her love and distress for Brady.

I really liked Marlena’s reactions by Eric’s bedside, especially her shock at hearing Eric was drinking. This is something I hope will be a part of this story — I want to see Eric’s family asking themselves why no one noticed his meltdown.


Nicole says, “If you’re gone, how can I still hold your hand?” I don’t like Daniel or believe in this great love Nicole had with him, but with that line, Ari got me:


And it kills me to not only see blood on this beautiful face:


But also to know that this accident is Eric’s fault, and everyone will (rightly) blame him, especially the woman he loves. And there is no long term redemptive story or love story for me to hang in there for. Ouch.

I knew as soon as they said Daniel was an organ donor that one of the other victims of the accident would be a recipient. I thought maybe they all would, actually. I didn’t anticipate that Maggie would have to choose, which is contrived, of course, but in a soapy way. (Of course Eric and Brady are both compatible, groan.) My issue is more that it is all happening so fast! Shouldn’t we linger a little more, worrying about Eric and Brady and whether they’ll live or die, before moving on to this?

At any rate, I think Maggie will choose Brady, since she is married to his grandfather and she’s always been close to him. But there will be plenty of angst about it, which should be good.

Imagine if it was Nicole who had the choice of which of her exes should get Daniel’s heart — now that would be juicy!

The other story of the day was, of course, Chabby.


I thought Kate Mansi and Billy Flynn did a fine job, but I can’t get over how poorly this story has been executed. The idea of the story was bad to begin with, but usually Days can win me over with decent execution. I’ve enjoyed the Chad and Belle interaction, but as a Chabby love story? Not good.

In the scenes today, Abby never mentioned the crucial point — that she needs a blood sample from Chad for genetic testing. She just kept saying “Do you really think I’m that pathetic?” and “Our son needs you.” If I had been writing the dialogue, I would have written her as more reserved, saying she needs the blood sample for Thomas and only reluctantly telling him he is the father. She could say proudly that she hopes his feelings about her won’t prevent him from helping a innocent baby. Then we could still see the knowledge rocking Chad, and Abby break a little bit and say, “What’s happened to you?”

And then she should have hightailed it back to the hospital (where her sick baby is!) instead of wandering around staring at stuffed bears in shop windows:


I’m making the bold prediction that Chad is going to show up at the hospital with that bear.

Screenshots Forever SAFE


11 thoughts on “Days of our Deaths

  1. The execution of the phone calls was wonderful. My favorite part of the episode as well. I thought everyone did a great job today. Ari was wonderful, and she did break my heart too (even though I agree that I wasn’t a fan of the Nicole/Daniel pairing).

    I always enjoy Suzanne Rogers and I love it when Maggie’s character is given a chance to stand out a bit. I just think she’s such a good actress. How soapy today that she has to choose who gets Daniel’s heart. Of course something like that would NEVER happen in real life (what a Sophie’s choice for Maggie!), but it does make for good drama.

    I wonder about Jen being in the middle of this accident. Why? There must be some repercussion for her that’s coming up. I hope they write some good stuff for Missy out of this because it seems to me that they never really know how to use her aside from her Mom role.

    The Chabby stuff is so bizarre. It almost feels like a fast re-write to me, like they decided the brain-washing stuff wasn’t working, and had to back-pedal out of it. What better way to force Chad out of his brain-washing then to find out that Thomas is his son. One look at the baby and ka-pow! Maybe it was the intention all along, but it’s just fast and weird. I thought they were going somewhere with Chad and Belle?

    And I have to mention MBE today, who is so great in Dr. Kayla mode. Even Finn was tolerable in those scenes. Must have been proximity to Mary Beth!

    • I think there has to be a reason for Jen to be involved too. She doesn’t seem to be terribly injured, so I’m thinking some kind of guilty reaction that throws her into a tailspin. It sounds like Eric was driving in her lane and she swerved to avoid him and hit Brady and Daniel. Of course it’s Eric’s fault but I could understand Jen feeling guilty too.

      Fynn was tolerable yesterday but — yep, still hate the guy.

      I agree it has to be seeing Thomas that finally breaks through to Chad. I’m just shaking my head at this whole thing. If Chad and Belle’s connection isn’t serving any purpose in the plot, why do it at all? It just feels random. Well, maybe it will go somewhere on Belle’s side — like, finding out a man had to be brainwashed into being interested in her makes her swear off men forever (I was always suggesting stories like this during Belle’s last run). Or the failure of this plot makes Andre do something dastardly to Belle.

  2. Yesterday’s entire show was spoiled for me by watching the preview clip last week. I thought I would be safe since I knew Daniel was dying and we all suspected some kind of organ donor situation would come out of it but I can’t believe they let it out that both Eric and Brady would need new hearts and Maggie would be deciding!

    Still after a couple of lackluster Days they were back with a strong episode. I swear it’s like a snowglobe….they are all over the place for a day or two then it settles into something that is nice to watch again. At least that is how the last couple of weeks have felt to me.

    I too thought the phone call part was very well done. I will say that when Fynn was telling Victor, Maggie and Nicole about Daniel’s TBI and brain death, I burst out laughing. Maggie response to both lines was “what? … “WHAT?” and it just sounded like some kind of squawking bird and it caught me off guard a little bit. LOL

    So Greg Vaughn must have really pissed off the writers not only did we get very little build up to the alcohol abuse, but I don’t ever remember them setting up this upper respiratory infection. Was he there any mention of him being sick or was he ever coughing or anything? Everything about this is just WEIRD and unless they are going to show us some kind of flashbacks to stuff that happened off screen then some pretty big chunks are just missing. If I didn’t know any better I would swear that I had missed a week or two in there somewhere just from how this is playing out for Eric.

    I am not sure why they threw Jennifer into the mix. Maybe she abuses her pain medication after this accident and JJ has to straighten her out. That would be a twist.

    I found Marlena’s cleavage was distracting me from seeing her full reaction to all of these events…and it was weird to have Roman come in and declare Eric was driving drunk so quickly. I did enjoy seeing John watch Teresa at Brady’s bedside and there was a nice moment when he put his arm on her shoulder while they were talking with Victor. There was also a nice moment when Roman and John hugged. I wish we had more scenes of John with Caroline, Kayla and even Roman. It would be nice to see them play on that history a little more.

    Now for Chabby…I almost don’t even know what to say. Chad was all over the place with the twitching and the mental images but I think they went a little too far with having him manhandle Abby the way he did. I do appreciate the irony of my saying this because Steve was pretty rough with women early on. I remember a few scenes where he manhandled Britta and he even got a little rough with Kayla a time or two….and I still love him…but when you consider what Abby just went through with Ben I thought they went too far. I have been thinking that this brainwashing scheme is somehow going to backfire against Andre but I am not sure I see how that would happen.

    Maggie was the star of the episode for me even though I laughed at her first responses. Watching her crumble onto the floor in Daniel’s room was tough. I was really feeling Maggie’s pain in her scenes. I thought I would have the same response to Nicole but instead it felt kinda flat to me…I think it has something to do with me not believing that Daniel is the great love her life. I am not even an Ericole fan (probably because I wasn’t watching then) but I have just seen this woman with way too many men over the years to completely buy that this is some great love story especially since I have always found Daniel to be a total bore.

    • I’m honestly having a hard time being objective about this story because I obviously wanted a very different story for Eric/Nicole/Daniel. And that is probably going to be the emotional heart of this — Nicole is going to be devastated at the loss of her “great love” and angry with Eric for driving (especially after she specifically told him to take a cab). I think I might enjoy some of that angst, but I’m going into it not being able to buy the premise.

      I also agree that the setup for Eric has been severely lacking, especially the drinking. I’m guessing the upper respiratory infection stuff was just the writers grabbing onto something that was different from Brady’s injury, that still requires a heart transplant.

      I also think it’s all happening way too fast, like you say about Marlena finding out about Eric being drunk from Roman, so quick. I said above that we needed to linger a little with the bad news about Eric and Brady before going right to Maggie’s dilemma. Separate scenes of the families hearing Brady/Eric needs a new heart, what are the chances of getting a donor, etc. Save the Daniel organ donation part for a few days later. We could have him linger for a bit and then die, so we could play out some different beats with it all before Maggie’s choice comes up. As it is we have a bunch of different things all happening on top of each other, and it feels rushed.

  3. More new sets! I’m glad to see that the show is still investing in production. I hope it continues through 2016.

    On the downside, it seems like we are sticking with the breakneck pacing of 2015. I feel like I need a few moments to catch my breath, but at this rate, either Eric or Brady will be walking around with a new heart by next week.

    For the first time, I really didn’t like Chad. Yesterday’s episode was the second time that he was physically violent toward Abigail. I wonder if that was a choice by the actor or by the director. I kind of get it–his inner turmoil is manifesting in a physical way. However, it lessens the Chabby rooting value for me. If Andre’s brainwashing makes Chad this mean, does he really love her that much? We’ve seen flashes of him fighting his feelings, but I wish that Abigail could see some of it as well.

    • LOL, I think we can safely bet that this will be the quickest and easiest heart transplant evah. I’m guessing no scars, either. Wouldn’t want to mar those beautiful chests. 🙂

      The manhandling took me aback, but for me it was of a piece with all the other mean things Chad has said to Abby. That is, I don’t like any of it. I’m glad to see him being torn, at least — I remember other stories (“Steve in the loony bin” story from Hogan Sheffer’s era, pawn John from 2008) where we didn’t see that at all. Ugh. let this be over quickly!

    • It isn’t that I mind a fast paced show but you don’t just skip things in order to achieve that pacing. You still have to tell the story not just string together events. And you have to allow characters time to connect, react and respond.

  4. As usual – everyone is spot on.

    Shea – I chuckled at your comment about Marlena’s cleavage, I found it distracting too.

    I was never around for any big Daniel or Ericstories so don’t have a huge emotional tie to either of them, but I did enjoy yesterday’s episode. Both Brady AND Eric needing a heart kind of made me chuckle as it is sooo contrived, but I am willing to just go with it and enjoy.

    I don’t know if my DVR cut off the accident or if I blinked and missed it, but the last scene was Jen screaming and I never saw Brady or Daniel in their cars get into the accident. The next scene was both getting wheeled into the hospital. I knew it was going to happen, but I thought they missed the opportunity for some additional scenes of them in the car or actually at the scene of the accident. They also missed the opportunity to really show Eric’s story, we saw him drink a few times but no real spiral downward or signs of an “alcoholic” – no one noticed but now we have a massive DUI.

    I loved the scene where they showed everyone getting the call, but they didn’t show Roman so I found it disjointed when he showed up a the hospital with the news that Eric was drunk. Again, the pacing is just completely off. Plus when Abby was walking around town (and not going to the hospital to see her sick baby) – it is still New Year’s Eve, but everyone looked like they were just shopping on any regular day, isn’t it like 2AM in the morning? Why is everyone out and I would think it would be NYE revelers not window shoppers.

    I feel the same way as Shea, a few days of blah and then a good episode.

    I am really NOT liking the Chad brainwashing story, too much too quick and WAY to mean! I am all for pulling a happy couple apart for some great Angst (that is why I loved the JnJ and SnK stories back in the day, but with those you still knew they loved each other and were struggling to be apart). Chad is just too much in the other direction? Where is his hesitation or pangs of love for Abby? They showed a few flashbacks, and he keeps looking at the earing but it just wasn’t enough for me. (it would have been a better prop if the item he was carrying had some sentimental value, some shared token of their love (AKA the shell ring, yellow roses, jade plant kind of feeling) not just some random earring she lost at this house) Yes he was very hands on with Abby and I didn’t think it was necessary for the scene at all.

    • I agree that Chad is too mean and it happened too easily and quickly. I love Billy Flynn and I think he’s doing his best with it all, but it’s not working IMO. A better, more meaningful prop would be nice, though it wouldn’t fix the story.

      They didn’t show the accident at all, only the aftermath at the hospital. They’ll probably fill us in as to exactly what happened. Obviously Eric is the main culprit but it would be interesting if Jen was at fault too — give her some demons to wrestle with. I forgot to say in my post that I loved JJ at Jen’s bedside, the way he was holding her cup, giving her a drink of water. A nice little moment.

      I think this is supposed to still be the middle of the night, but everyone is staying up late for NYE. Kayla and Fynn went right from their NYE dates to work a night shift, apparently. LOL.

      • Well Kayla did say she was on call so she only drank water at the party.

        I have seen the picture of the teens partying at club TBD but did they show that happening after the fashion show because I don’t remember seeing on the show?

      • Good point about Kayla saying she was on call. And I just finished watching today’s show, where we finally saw the teens at TBD. I wonder how long it’s going to be NYE!

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