Beer and football

I was pretty underwhelmed by the Basic Black (contrived) conflict today. Why would Kate want to sabotage Theresa so much that it is worth jeopardizing her own success? Why is Theresa sitting back being passive while Nicole fights her battles? I thought “Pierre” played on some unfortunate stereotypes. But this did make me laugh:


I am still looking forward to the big fashion show. I love an event where the whole town shows up, and this looks like it will provide some big drama. Bring it on!

This health crisis for Thomas is obviously going to lead to Abby finding out Chad is his father — they telegraphed that very clearly at the end of the episode.”We need a full genetic workup of you and the baby’s father.” Cut to Chad:


Obvious isn’t necessarily bad, however. I was impressed with the way they worked in Abby’s childhood illness, and we should get some good angst if Abby has to go talk to Ben in prison. (I know Rob Wilson is coming back for a few episodes, though I don’t know if it’s for this. I hope so!) The question now is how Chad will react now that he’s brainwashed. Will it be what finally breaks through? Perhaps temporarily, until Andre snaps, “La familia!” at whips him back into line.

Steve and Kayla are, of course, adorable:


Not much in the way of story, but they sounded just like a real life couple, debating whether to get dressed to go out or stay home on the couch. I loved that Kayla got “invested” in the game and wasn’t sure she wanted to go out after all.


Steve’s black leather “formal” blazer called this look to mind:


Just needs a bolo tie!

Screenshots Forever Safe


8 thoughts on “Beer and football

  1. That tan leather sports coat is exactly what came to my mind when Steve walked out in the black one. I would have preferred he come out wearing an actual tuxedo like NYE 1986. (I can’t tell you how much I love the NYE 1986 episode(s). It was sweet, romantic, sexy and then BOOM here came the angst.) But I guess Steve still isn’t the kind of guy who would own his own tuxedo.

    The Basic Black stuff is just not doing anything for me. It’s no secret that I dislike Kate but I thought i would be OK with her in a business storyline but I just want someone to slap her most of the time. I thought since everyone else seems to like Nicole that I would be able to start liking her once I really got into watching again but honestly she hasn’t been on enough for anything to change. I am liking Theresa and I thought bringing Anne into the mix would be fun but so far it has just come down to propping up Theresa. I actually feel like the limited screen time is part of the issue. If we had seen Kate struggling to work while dealing with the loss of Will or actually if we had just seen Kate doing anything other than harass Theresa it might be better…then again it might have been completely boring.

    • I loved Steve’s NYE tuxedo. I liked it better than the one he wore at their wedding!

      That’s what bothers me about the Basic Black infighting. Kate’s persecution of Theresa seemed to come out of nowhere, Like you say, if they had shown her struggling to deal with Will’s death and somehow transferring that into resentment of Theresa. I get that she wants to teach Theresa a lesson about not having things handed to her, but this is much more than that. And it makes Theresa the heroine without her doing much to earn it.

  2. I think these are snippets of Basic Black. Maybe it is to hard to show a larger picture of the operation of theses girls working together. Again maybe it is not that interesting anyway. A lot of storylines going on anyway. Maybe they should find a way to tell the story thru relationships. Right now they sort of have individual storylines anyway.

    • I’m not clamoring for a business-focused storyline, believe me. I agree that it’s best to tell these types of stories through the relationships. I think that’s the idea, but the execution is off for me.

  3. Ha ha, you’re right, Shea, but I would say it’s a close contest! That leather blazer was a low point for Steve. I always think it’s funny when I watch those scenes that Kayla has a fantasy about Steve (without having seen him) that has him in that leather blazer. That’s not what I would conjure up! 🙂

  4. You took a lot of words right out of my mouth. I get what they’re going for with Theresa, but the execution is strange. I would’ve preferred to have her tell Brady to buzz off, and then he sees her collection go down the runway and her new confidence and focus, and he starts to fall for her because of that. And it’s a very weird way to write an underdog — Big Bad Kate is picking on her, but she has Nicole and Anne and Brady all telling Kate to F off *and* reassuring her. And Nicole brought the seamstresses in to fix her designs! It’s odd. I do like that they’ve actually been having some specific conversations about the sewing and whatnot, because that always helps things feel a little more realistic (as opposed to everyone talking about “the account” or “the file” or “the Milan office”).

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