So Bad

Is it bad that I like Bad? Because I think I do.


Or is it just that I got to see Chad shirtless? Thank you, Belle!


Let’s take another look:


Ah. Yes.

I enjoyed their banter, I enjoyed the kiss. I know it’s not going to last, but I hope they stay in each other’s orbits for a little while. Belle has obviously been relishing Chad’s interest — I imagine it’s been a salve to her feelings of rejection from the divorce. When she finds out Chad had to be brainwashed to be interested in her, though … ha. Poor thing.

I had to laugh during Abby’s scenes with Marlena.


When Abby said, “So is it possible that Andre took over the hypnosis, turned Chad away from me and towards Belle?” I loved Marlena’s response. It was so deadpan. “That could make some sense.” This is a woman who has seen a lot of wild shit go down. Compared to what she’s seen, this is a mere drop in the bucket.

I like that Abby is figuring things out, but it almost seems too fast and easy. Having gone to the trouble of setting this up, shouldn’t we linger in the painful part of it a little bit longer? This whole thing feels a little slapdash. And what do you want to bet that Thomas’s illness leads to the reveal that Chad is the baby’s father? I think it’s too soon. I’d rather see Abby wrestle with Ben being the father a little bit longer. What’s the big rush?

I didn’t really enjoy much of the Basic Black scenes today (though I did enjoy seeing a new set!) We all know that Theresa’s designs will end up in the show, which takes a lot of the tension out it. Kate is being really unreasonable, and Theresa is being too much of a wet blanket. I don’t really like how she has Brady, Anne, and Nicole all pulling for her. “Feisty talented girl makes good” should involve less shoring up by other people.

My favorite part was the little moment when Nicole realized that Kate wanted to cut her out too. Finally we see something from Nicole’s point of view!


I’m not happy Nicole has mostly been a supporting player to Theresa in this story, but I liked the little moment when she sent Brady to talk to her. (Ari has chemistry with everyone — except Shawn Christian, lol.) And I loved that little runway strut as she walked away. Give this woman something to do!

Rafe was really stupid to fall for Hope’s trick about the peanut brittle. So much so I thought maybe he was deliberately letting her see the file.


And was all of her chest touching an attempt to manipulate him? I’ve really been enjoying smart Rafe, so I hate to think he’s that stupid. At any rate, I really liked the intercutting that ended the episode. “Stefano” “Dimera.” The plot thickens.

Rafe and Nicole screenshots: Forever Safe




6 thoughts on “So Bad

  1. I’m glad the brainwashing story has brought the return of snarky Chad. I was beginning to wonder if the new writers would revisit that part of his personality or not. And I loved when Abby said something like, “he’ll just flash those blue eyes at her. I’ve fallen for it more than once.” It evens out the dynamic between them a bit. Chad is her hero, but she is still aware of his other side.

    I’m really confused by Marlena’s behavior. She was one of Chad’s strongest defenders, even when everyone else thought he tried to kill her, but she immediately assumed he chloromfomed her and trashed her office. She seemed to change her mind after talking to Abby, but I would like to see her a little less passive in this story rather than propping up Belle and Chabby.

    Speaking of propping up, I completely agree that Theresa should stand on her own two feet without the need of propping up by so many others. Like Chad, the writers need to remember that she has an edge.

    Lots of others have speculated that this is Dena Higley’s work–she doesn’t seem to have any concept of consistent characterization. It’s like the characters are a blank slate for her to use to fit into her stories. So far, I’m unimpressed, but I am looking forward to the fashion show.

    • I felt the same way about Marlena and her automatically assuming that Chad set up with the chloroform and getting knocked out? She believed him last time and defending him but then she was willing to believe who would do something to hurt her? I kind of wanted her to defend him again. I would like to see her and Abby working together to do that. She knows Chad loves Abby (I know over the summer when he first started to talk to her he admitted that he loved someone, when Marlena didn’t know it was Abby)

      Poor Belle, the problem is Billy Flynn is so good, he is almost too convincing that he doesn’t love Abby, I would like to see some more struggle on his part and maybe Andre needing to work with him some more. After one brainwashing he is completely over her? I think the writers need to be sure that Chad doesn’t come across like a complete jerk even though he was brainwashed (does that make sense?) And you know I love Chad and I too am enjoying the snarky side of him that they are again showing.

      Someone please remind me of the “Dimera” history with Chad? I know everyone keeps saying he is a Dimera but didn’t he grow up with his Mother and not know he was a Dimera until he was an adult? I wish someone would state that when they bad mouth him for being a Dimera, if Stefano didn’t raise him.

      Brady and Theresa, I like Theresa and find her interesting and I like Brady (although he comes across as too perfect and sanctimonious) but together I don’t know, I just I don’t love them. Why exactly does Brady love Theresa? Because they have a son? Because she is cute and is now trying hard? I just don’t find them interesting together, but apart I like both characters.


      • I totally agree that it would be nice to see Chad fighting it more. There was the moment when he almost passed out with Belle, and I liked that even though Abby wasn’t around. His dream could have been a moment like that, bit Billy Flynn didn’t really play it. This is why I think this is a Dena story – I’m thinking of Pawn John, where it was just like flipping a switch and he was different, and then later switching back. And I remember Marlena was reduced to telling him “I won’t give up on you” over and over even while he was really mean to her. I see echoes of that here with how Abby is acting.

        Chad mentioned his old last name today, didn’t he? Yes, he was raised by someone else but I think when BF took over the role they made him more willing to embrace his Dimera side. But never to the extent of Andre or Stefano himself, not even close.

        I’m warming up to Theresa and Brady but I would definitely be open to trying them with others. I like both actors too.

    • I loved that line about his blue eyes! So true, LOL.

      It struck me too that Marlena was willing to believe in Chad’s guilt now without questioning it, when she was so sure he was innocent before (and she was right!). Doesn’t make sense.

      To me all the stories since the cabin have Dena written all over them. There’s one thing she does better than Josh and that is balancing the stories and airtime, with a greater number of characters. But if the stories aren’t good, that doesn’t count for much. In every other way Josh is much, much better. I’m curious if we’ll be able to tell when her leave of absence starts!

  2. Ha Ha MP – – how did Deirdre Hall keep a straight face when Abby asked her if it was possible

    Andre took over the hypnosis, turned Chad away from me and towards Belle?” I loved Marlena’s response. It was so deadpan. “That could make some sense.”

    It would have made more sense for Marlena to at least give a more definite view that YES the Dimera’s do that stuff ALL the time!

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