Christmas traditions

It’s a little busy at my house this weekend, so just a few quick notes.

I enjoyed taking a breather from the plot this week, and seeing the Hortons and the Bradys hanging out together as family. We focused on the Bradys for Thanksgiving, so it was only fair to focus on the Hortons for Christmas.


I enjoyed Doug’s speech to Abby and JJ, entrusting them with the Horton traditions and passing the torch.


Doug and Julie, of course, are our modern day Tom and Alice.

The hanging of the ornaments always makes me tear up. I always particularly like seeing the ornaments for characters that are off canvas — like Melanie!


Ha ha, just kidding. Apparently we will be seeing her again at some point, so maybe that’s why the camera focused on her ornament and held for a moment.

I barely remember Janice from the early 80’s, but I love seeing her ornament, along with Sarah, and of course, Tom and Alice:



I really enjoyed Casey Moss and Olivia Keegan’s rocking “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen” at the end of the episode. We have so many singers on the show, and I’m glad the show is finding ways to work that in.

I liked the little moments that helped further the plot, as well. Belle and Chad sparring (and flirting). Abby confronting Chad. Theresa working on her dresses. Phillip trying to impress Victor with his business acumen, and getting outshined by Brady’s more sentimental gift. All good stuff.

Regarding Steve and Kayla, the bullet ring was a nice touch, though it stretches credulity that he would still have it after all these years. It sounds like something someone would come up with in a fanfic. 🙂 But it was nice how he wanted to remind her of how she didn’t give up on him, and she remembered it as a time she almost lost him. Of course, I was very happy to see her accept his proposal.


Group hug!

I am not too happy about their decision to forgive Ava, just because I know that she is up to no good. But I can’t say that it’s out of character, and I’m glad Kayla told Ava she was no pushover. And … confirmation that there is a baby involved:

Sigh. So the big question is this a baby from the 90’s (what we’re all crossing our fingers for) or from a more recent encounter? Argh! My theory, based on the fact that she’s looking at a picture of a baby tucked into an old book, is that this baby was born in the 90’s and then taken from her. She wants Steve’s help in tracking this baby down.

For more Steve and Kayla, in honor of Christmases past, you can read my recap of Christmas 1986 that featured another exchange of jewelry. Merry Christmas!




12 thoughts on “Christmas traditions

  1. I think forgiving Ava so quickly is out of character for Steve. It’s like they’ve switched viewpoints, with Kayla being the doubting Thomas while Steve is saying, “Maybe she’s changed.”

    It’s a real role reversal…if it didn’t involve a very hated interloper on my end, I’d find it more fun the way they have Kayla doing a “Steve” and Steve doing a “Kayla.”

    • You’re right, it is out of character for Steve. They wrote the scene so well (talking about all the times he’s been forgiven when he felt he didn’t deserve it) I kind of lost sight of that. I also don’t feel he should ask Kayla to forgive, what Ava did to Kayla is worse than what she did to Steve – he should respect Kayla’s feelings.

  2. I wish I could just shake my feelings about this Ava thing and go with it but I am just disgusted that we have to sit back and watch once more while Kayla endures another take on the “other woman” storyline. I am hopeful it’s a child from the 90s (or better yet that it isn’t Steve’s child at all) but not confident of it yet. It was an interesting take to have Steve and Kayla switch roles a bit but it actually makes me more nervous that there has been a more recent Steve and Ava encounter. It’s bad enough that I find myself wishing she would just go ahead and bang Joey and let’s go that route instead of their being another kid out there.

    The bullet ring? I do love the sentiment of it and the reference to history even if it doesn’t exactly make sense. That was a clean shot clean through his shoulder. I guess he went back later and picked up the bullet just to hold on to it for all these years? Even when she thought he was dead and he didn’t have a clue who he was. I guess Nick Stockton just carried that random bullet around? Why remind Kayla of a time she thought she was gonna lose him and didn’t when she did in fact lose him for over a decade? OK I will stop being snarky about it now and just say it was…cute.

    Phillip once again seems to be spoiled, immature and totally superficial to me. I guess it comes off as true to character for when I have seen Phillip on screen in the past…but I am going to need some kind of growth or depth in this character if I am going to tolerate him.

    Theresa and Brady are growing on me but it’s still not about me seeing chemistry between them but I do think they have some sweet moments. It’s good to see that she is working on her designs instead of them telling us she is working hard but making it look like everything just magically happened overnight.

    • Yeah, Steve still having the bullet doesn’t make sense at all. I was fanwanking a bit and saying it stayed with his things that Kayla kept when he “died,” rather than having to believe Nick Stockton was carrying a random bullet around. But yeah, pretty unbelievable. But cute.

      I am liking Phillip, though I agree with what you say. I like that they made it pretty clear on Christmas that he’s being this way to curry favor with Victor, and differentiate himself from Brady. They’re clearly setting up a rivalry between the two of them.

  3. Love your blog! I was a reader of your blog back when S/K were on in 07ish, and once I realized S/K were back the first thing I looked for was your blog. I’ve been lurking, but appreciate the work you put into this space! I wanted to pipe up and say that I believe the book Ava’s baby photo was in is called ‘The Optimist’s Daughter’, which is from the late 60’s. I have not read the book, but after a bit of web searching I’ve found that the book appears to be about two women. One a shrew who does not change over the course of the book and the other a good woman who becomes an even better woman as the book progresses. According to the NYT book review on the novel, the shrewish woman cannot understand family or values such as friendship and love, while the good woman has always understood those values and lives them. The women find a common bond in the end of the book, however, as they both end up childless widows. (Let’s hope that’s not the case here!) I wonder if that’s intentional on the writer’s part or if it just happened to be a book they had lying around. (Or maybe they just used that book for the appearance of the word ‘coffin’ on the visible page as a clue to the baby being dead?)

    As to Ava I don’t think she had a baby with Steve. I think she wants Steve to think they had a baby. Or if there was a baby I believe it was born and died in the 90’s. Maybe Ava was knocked up when Steve left her at the alter, but I just don’t buy it. (‘Patch’ left her at the alter, right? It’s been so long I can’t clearly remember.) We’ll see, I guess. I’m hopeful that this story will resolve and S/K will be stronger than ever, and that we’ll have a remarriage at the end to cement their bond.

    • Thank you, Amanda! It’s nice to be back watching the show again.

      Nice detective work on the book! I did notice the word “coffin” on the facing page and wondered if it was a hint. But this is very cool that it is about two women, one good, one not so good. Very appropriate! And yes, let’s hope the “widowed and childless” part doesn’t come true. 🙂

      I am thinking the child is from the 90s and is missing or dead. Or she thought it died back then, but recently found out the baby lived. And she wants Steve’s help to find out what happened, as I said above. But it’s definitely also a possibility that it’s a big con on her part.

  4. I have to admit I was surprised at how much I liked the decorating the tree scenes. As I haven’t watched in 20 years, I remember the holiday tradition of the Horton tree, but don’t remember loving it or feeling sentimental about it. Well fast forward 20 years and I found it oddly touching seeing it again after all these years, even if I didn’t know who some of the people were.

    The Ava scenes are just bugging me and yes, I feel it was too quick to forgive her. Wasn’t it just yesterday that they were both completely against her? Then the next conversation Steve wants to forgive her. Not quite buying it but at least it may move the story along a bit. As of now the Ava scenes just annoy me.

    As far as the ring, I like they are bringing up their history, I thought there were so many more “sentimental” gifts Steve could have given Kayla. Remember on their wedding day he gave her an anchor necklace? I thought that would be a nice touch that she is still his anchor and keeps him in place?

    How about some yellow roses? How has he not given her yellow roses yet?

    I like that Abby is showing some signs of not believing Chad and confronting Andre and Stefano shows some guts that she is going to fight for Chad – she also states the obvious one day he says one thing and the VERY next day he makes a complete 180

  5. The forgiveness beat didn’t feel out of character to me for either of them, exactly, but it didn’t feel well motivated either.

    Steve’s Stockholm ring was interesting to me, because it was a memory about how much Kayla loved him and fought for him… not really about how his love for her. Obviously he does love her, but he’s giving off a lot of insecurity about Kayla — but instead of making him defensive, it seems to be motivating him to secure his place in her life again. Which is different.

    Steve saying that he “admired” her was interesting, too, and made me think of SN’s comment about Kayla, that women get tired of being put on a pedestal. It makes me a little hopeful that all of this is going somewhere interesting for S&K, but you just never know with soap storytelling.

    • Interesting point about Steve “admiring ” her, coupled with the pedestal remark. They could some really interesting stuff with that.

      I agree that the bullet ring represents a time when Kayla fought for Steve and I think it’s telling that he wants to remind her of that. We’re definitely seeing some insecurity from Steve and a really like that. But Kayla’s reaction is telling too, because when Kayla was fighting for Steve she got hurt a lot. It’s not fun banging your head against a brick wall and Steve inadvertently reminded her of that too.

  6. Love this blog and reading the comments of others, getting different perspectives!

    I just love Chad! But I’m not crazy about the whole thing with Belle, though I am enjoying this new version of her! Chad and Abbey kind of remind me of another Patch and Kayla. The bad boy and the good girl. The way Chad was searching for her relentlessly while Ben had her captive, reminded me of several different P&K storylines. The poisoning storyline where they were in the cabin and of course Chad and Abbey in their cabin, Chad bursting in to save her, and her waiting for him to mimicked Steve alwas being Kayla’s hero. When Chad was on the run and Abbey helped him was like when Steve was accused of shooting Harper Devereaux and went to Kayla for help. She also was the only one who believed his innocence. (Both confessed their love for their ladies during that time as well) And Chad’s hypnosis is similar to when Steve was under EJ’s control!! I could go on but maybe that’s just the romantic in me 😄. For me, this is the only other couple besides Steve and Kayla that I truly enjoy.

    Along the Steve/Kayla/Joey/Ava storyline, I had a thought jump into my head. Maybe the reason Ava is trying to get so close to Joey is to steal a sample of his DNA if there is a baby and an inevitable DNA test which will “prove” the baby is Steve’s. The woman stole a leukemia patients blood so this wouldn’t be too far fetched. I’m hoping their isn’t really a child but just another scheme on her part. And by the way, why the heck would Steve leave on his first Christmas Eve back with Kayla to go and see Ava?? Didn’t he say earlier that they shouldn’t waste the night talking about her, then stays out til 2am seeing her? I was like “are you crazy!?” But of course, it’s all part of soaps and the suspense and drama and the rattling of emotions 😄. Can’t wait to see what’s ahead!

    • That 2 am line was strange. What could be have had to say that would take that long? It seemed pointless – at least, I hope it was pointless!

      Good idea on the DNA test. I suspect that whatever Ava is up to won’t be as interesting as the scenarios I’ve seen fans come up with!

      I agree there are some parallels with Steve and Kayla and Chad and Abby. Some classic supercouple situations. I loved seeing Abby’s faith in Chad against the odds. I like Chabby a lot but not in the same shipper way that I like Steve and Kayla. So I can enjoy Chad with Belle even as I look forward to seeing Chad and Abby reunite.

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