Happy holiday

What do you want for Christmas, Mary Pickford? Oh, how about some fantastic Steve and Kayla scenes?



Oh, and could I also get a 1980’s Christmas flashback while you’re at it?


And finally, a shout-out to Patchy Claus?

Thanks, Santa!

These were some great scenes, so sweet and funny and sexy. I don’t know how they went over to non-shippers, but I loved them. Some of the lines were borderline cheesy, like Kayla saying having him back was all the gift she could have ever wanted. But, hey, give Stephen and Mary Beth some banter about elves and toy instructions and just let them do what they do best. Isn’t it what soaps are all about?

At the risk of repeating myself, it’s just so refreshing that Steve and Kayla’s scenes are about them, instead of Ava. Steve even said today, do you want to waste our Christmas Eve talking about Ava? THANK YOU STEVE.

On a side note, I was surprised to see Kayla doing so much Christmas shopping on Christmas Eve, because even I am not THAT much of a procrastinator. But then I realized (with some help from Erica) that it’s only been three days since Thanksgiving. Three days. And one of them was her brother’s funeral. She was also busy with some other not-insignificant events, like shagging Steve and inviting him to move back in. Soooo, not a lot of shopping time.

Okay, let’s say I’m a 16 year old boy, and I have a crush on a hot cougar. If I find out she slept with my dad, does that give me pause?



I suspect that Joey and Ava will not sleep together. But, that will not be from Joey’s choice, it will be because Ava has bigger fish to fry. She will keep playing on his emotions and leading him around by the, er, nose. Honestly, I think this is being handled in a realistic way — soap realistic, that is. The scene where he fastened her necklace, and she had to prompt him to look at it (and her cleavage), nicely showed her manipulation, and his innocence. Poor boy.

The Basic Black story had some moments today, notably Theresa’s crack about Kate dressing like David Bowie — but it all felt a little over the top, and too focused on Theresa. I do like that Theresa’s designs have problems, and Kate was right about that. They should have led with that and left out the new mommy vs. work commitment bs. That put Kate too much in the wrong, in my opinion. And I hope Nicole gets some more to do soon.

Also, we got to see more of Claire, and I think she’s going to be great! I enjoyed her singing, and she seemed very relaxed, with a natural screen presence. I would have enjoyed her scenes with Eve more if I didn’t know Kassie was leaving. Eve was obviously thinking of Paige when she looked at Claire – very bittersweet. But I did have to giggle at Eve bursting into song at the end of the episode. Hey, I’ll take a music montage any way I can get it. And it’s better than Clay Aiken, right? 🙂

Screencaps Forever Safe

6 thoughts on “Happy holiday

  1. It’s funny but i didn’t even remember that Steve and Kayla Christmas flashback but I loved it. And I loved it when Kayla called him Patchy Claus.

    I’m having a hard time believing that Steve and Kayla’s son would be this naive but I guess we are just supposed to believe he isn’t thinking with his brain. I still don’t really see what Ava is trying to do but my initial intrigue is already turning back into annoyance.

    So at the end of Tuesday’s show Rafe and Lani (who suddenly made detective) found the phone records for Dr Malcolm indicating he had been talking to someone in Greece who is now is Salem…so I guess this is going to be Victor’s brother? I had been theorizing that Phillip might be involved but I hadn’t thought about Victor’s brother since I wasn’t exactly sure when Vincent Irizarry would be showing up. I think they kept his hiring under wraps until well after he had started filming so I guess he is coming onto the canvas soon.

    • I agree that it must be the Vincent Irizarry character who was talking to Dr. Malcolm. That’s a good setup too, since he will probably be introduced as a rival to Victor, and maybe complicate things with Phillip. I’m interested to see him.

      Ava is annoying me too (I had my fill of her and TB’s acting style last run), but I’m still hoping her scheme amounts to more than just wanting Steve back. I kind of think that’s what it is, though.

  2. I’m glad you liked it, marypickford! I thought you would, and thanks so much for the blog.

    Isn’t it terrific how Steve and Kayla are coming together? I have so many NEW favorite scenes from this run that I’m hard pressed to pick a favorite.

    I mean, consider…

    We have, “If I could just have you back….If I could just have you back…and the slowly approaching kiss.

    We have “We could pick a fight. But what could we find to fight about? Let’s see…there’s your drinking. Your self-absorption. Your LEGENDARY immaturity” and as she’s giving him a hard time, she’s laughing and he’s smiling, like…”Okay!” But then he says, “It would never work. Anyone could see that you’re on cloud nine now that I’m back.” Banter. Fun!

    And he follows her around as he did in the old days when he was always underfoot. But now, instead of being unhappy and guarded about it, Kayla’s cheerfully resigned…more, she’s laughing about it. She’s charmed.

    Then there are the supply closet scenes. She’s being influenced by fumes a bit, but really, that’s just allowing her to relax. She’s just enjoying listening to him play the harmonica and she’s singing along and having some fun, reminiscing about the book club meeting where she, Julie, Jennifer, Nicole, and Adrienne got stoned out of their minds. He warms her up, and she turns, and with a smile, kisses him. So fun. I think I smiled the rest of that day just thinking about those scenes.

    Then there are other moments too. Don’t you just LOVE when he approaches her from behind? He remembers a favorite spot of hers…one that gets her going. You just know it.

    She’s still cautious, but she loves him, and he’s there and it’s so clear that he loves her…she’s having to fight herself so much when she pulls away. Then she “follows her heart.”

    But even after making love, she’s cautious. She’s unsure of so much. It made me sad when he asked her if she knew how much he loved her and she shook her head no. But then when he told her all he could think about after she divorced him was getting her back, my heart was lighter…and when he told her there was “a woman” and her name was Kayla. I was a goner for sure!

    So many favorites.

    Now Ava’s here to mess things up, and I’m sure she’ll have an impact…but I feel at least a little bit sure that they’ll get through it. He loves her a lot…and she loves him too.

    Days gave me a gift this year. I sure appreciate it.

    Sorry for the book. So many thoughts. So little time.

    • Great recap, Kris. So many wonderful moments this run. There were good moments last run too, but they were overshadowed by the less than stellar stories they had overall.

      I’m so glad they came back again. 🙂

  3. Remember S&K’s first Christmas when Steve gave Kayla the ruby necklace and had to help put it on her. Some twisted parallel to do the same think with Joey and Ava.

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