This will be a quick post because I’m drowning in Christmas preparations. Don’t you hate it when life interferes with your Days watching?

Nothing much happened today but I thoroughly enjoyed the show. I found Phillip and Theresa’s argument very satisfying somehow. I never enjoy Victor’s brutal insults toward Theresa, but Phillip snarking at her being a “ray of sunshine” for Brady, well worth leaving his job and home, was very funny. I also liked Theresa’s “So why are you still here?” More sparring between these two, please!


Then, Brady and Theresa argued over Theresa asking Belle to invest in Basic Black. This is a good, organic conflict because Brady is keeping the secret of Belle’s money (which makes him come down harder than he otherwise would), and Theresa is being immature in not wanting to deal with Kate (so he’s right to shut her down).

And, I’m starting to get sucked in to this brainwashing story.


Abby broke my heart today defending Chad, and everything she said made perfect sense. The dialogue was spot-on. When she called herself a mess, and said she’s not really relationship material right now, it rang true because they didn’t overplay it. The only thing that was missing was a brave statement that she feels the same way, she knows she’s not ready for a relationship either.

(And, as I was talking about in my last post, her doubt wouldn’t work as well if they had been together and happy for a longer time.)

I have to admit, it was fun watching Chad be so debonair and charming trying to woo Belle.  But the best part, of course, was the flash of Abby and the way he nearly passed out. That’s what we need to keep us hooked in, those little moments where his feelings for Abby come through.

Then, I fell a little bit (more) in love with JJ when he confronted Chad at TBD. “That sucks, and so do you!” Ha!


As for Steve and Kayla, WHAT IS AVA DOING THIS IS KILLING ME NOT KNOWING Oh, sorry. I think Kayla being more willing to believe in Ava’s illness is in keeping with her character.


As a doctor, as someone with a deeply ingrained sense of justice, she wouldn’t let her personal feelings toward Ava prevent her from giving her treatment. Remember this?

(I’ve always loved this scene because it’s so complex. Steve is trying to protect Kayla, but Kayla feels a little excluded by the obvious bond between Steve and Britta (even if it’s a negative bond). That makes her stand a little harder on her medical ethics than she otherwise would, and she throws out that line about how she doesn’t need some thug coming around and scaring away her patients. Which of course cuts Steve to the quick. Ah, great stuff.)

At the same time, I liked that they agreed that Ava’s basic nature was not changed by her illness. And, in fact, being near death might make her more dangerous, because she has nothing to lose. Of course we know she’s not really near death, but it’s good that Steve and Kayla are on their guard. Together.


7 thoughts on “Confrontations

  1. As I watched the old clip,( I love it too), it occurred to me what a weird combination Britta is of Jo and Duke.
    I remember back when they were first introducing Adrienne and I was dreading that it was somehow going to be Britta brought back from the dead. So Britta’s resemblance to the Johnson women is obvious. Now, I’m sure the writers didn’t intend this, but it worked out perfectly.

    Here we have little Stevie who loved his beautiful battered Mama and hated his physically and verbally abusive Father. They eventually abandon him and even though his Mama always said she loved him, when he was given up, it was to him as if everything his father said about him was true. He was nothing, a loser, no one would ever really love someone like him.

    Then comes Britta, a women who resembles his Mama, so subconsciously he make a connection to her.
    Since deep down there would be nothing more that Steve would want than to get back his mother’s love, it makes it all the more easy for Britta to rope him in and manipulate him in Stockholm. She tells him she loves him then abandons him, after a violent fight with Bo, so the abusive pattern is repeated in Steve’s mind only reinforcing all the lies his father spewed at him.

    Again, years later in Salem, Steve gets sucked back in again by Britta, still craving to get back the love he lost as a boy. Repeat of abandonment pattern and more reinforcement of no one could ever love him.

    Which brings us to this wonderful scene. Here’s Britta, desperate enough, to flat out repeat the same kind of garbage Duke used to say, It must be for Steve, on a subconscious level, that Jo and Duke have morphed together in a Twilight Zone hell. Then Kayla, his angel, calling him a thug. It’s enough to get anyone to doubt if they can really be loved. But of course, Kayla does come through. So why wouldn’t Steve always be true to Kayla, she is the first one who broke the pattern and showed him he could be loved.

    Side note: based on my own rambling theory, when Steve was reduced to Nick, it would make sad sense that he again would be subconsciously attracted to beautiful abusive women like Ava.

    • This is why I love Steve. His character and the way they wrote his history is so rich that we are still dissecting it 30 years later. That is good writing that holds up this long. I love taking a scene and picking it apart.

      Current day, I just HATE Ava!!!! I’m still nervous, but I’m enjoying them on my screen again. They are writing soooo much better for Steve and Kayla this time around. Also, I have to say that I love their house. Hoping to see the bedroom soon!!!

    • Nice analysis, blpmich. 🙂

      I like your take that Britta can be seen as a combination of his mother and father — both the damsel in distress who needs to be rescued (not here, but many other times he stands up to protect her), and who repays that by betraying him, and the father who tells him he’s not worthy of love, etc. Britta plays on those feelings really well in this section of the story, telling him Kayla could never love him and (essentially) she’s the best he can do. And it does work, sometimes. Great stuff.

      I agree, Kathy, it’s such a testament to these characters and this story that we keep coming back to it to analyze it and pick it apart!

  2. They’re hitting the right notes with both Chad/Abigail and Steve/Kayla. The brainwashing is stupid, but as of now, it’s being used the proper way. And I honestly enjoyed both Chad/Belle and Chad/JJ yesterday. It’s about time JJ was involved in his sister’s life like this.

    Same with Ava. I’m not dying for another wackadoo interloper, but this is drawing out the characters in interesting ways so far. I loved the contrast with how Steve wanted to toss Ava out on her ass, but Kayla insisted on helping her — but then refused to say, “I forgive you” at the hospital later.

    • The JJ and Abby storylines were so separate during all the Ben stuff and JJ was preoccupied with Paige’s death. It was strange! Come to think of it, why don’t Abby and JJ talk about the fact that Ben killed Paige? I guess because no one else is, either. This show!

      I’m totally on the same page with the brainwashing story. Stupid premise, starting to be an interesting story anyway.

  3. I am so behind. I just watched Chad and Abby in the hotel. So sweet. I do know that we need more angst for them, but brainwashing? Oy vey. Well, at least it sounds like it’s not sucking as much as it should. Brady and Theresa? What the what kind of soap opera is that crap? It’s not interesting or angsty or payoff or anything.

    • Wellllll … the actual brainwashing part is pretty sucky. It’s in “so bad it’s good” territory. But it’s a bit hard to swallow after their really excellent story with Ben and the baby.

      But, I’m starting to get into it, as I said above. Sometimes with stuff like this, if you can get past the ridiculous setup you can find stuff to enjoy.

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